True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster Review: Why Does Everyone Want One?

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Vitamin C: it’s sold millions of gallons of orange juice by its sheer immunity-boosting power alone. Those same antioxidants are also miracle workers for your skin. Vitamin C’s popularity in the beauty industry may be well earned, but it also makes finding quality products a challenge.

One brand that stands out among the rest is True Botanicals. They specialize in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation products. One of the company’s best-sellers is the Vitamin C Booster, an all-natural treatment that anyone can add to their skincare routine.

In this review, let’s take a deep dive into this product’s ingredients, benefits, how it works, answers to frequently asked questions, and other information.

What Is the True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster?

This tonic comes in powdered form and contains highly concentrated vitamin C. You can use it on its own to brighten, firm, and de-age your skin or add it to beauty serums to boost their effects.


How Does the Treatment Work? Does it Work?

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Adding this product to your skin care regimen is a win-win. It provides a healthy dose of ascorbic acid while brightening your skin.

When applied topically, vitamin C aids new skin cell formation to repair damaged skin tissues.

This treatment works well with most lotion, serums, face oil, and other beauty products.

The powder comes in a 14g bottle, and you need only put 1 or 2 shakes on your palm for each treatment. Incorporating it into your current daily skin care routine is easy.

What Are Its Ingredients?

This product contains all-natural ingredients that are free from toxins, chemicals, and other dangerous substances. Here’s a quick review of the ingredients and their benefits:

L-ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C

L-ascorbic acid is a potent powder form of topical Vitamin C. This ingredient is water-soluble and easy for the skin to absorb. Skin tissues gain a lot from ascorbic acid, such as increased collagen production and toxin elimination.

Ferulic Acid

Ferulic acid is a plant antioxidant extracted from rice bran oil. On its own, it’s unstable. When combined with vitamin C, its photo-protection power multiplies several times over. This ingredient also triggers cell formation, making it excellent for treating post-sun UV damage.

Organic Tapioca Starch

As one of this product’s inactive ingredients, it has no significant skin care benefits. It creates a fine texture and increases the absorption rate of this product.


Benefits of Using the Vitamin C Booster

Based on product reviews and our time using this skin care product here are some benefits you can expect, regardless of your skin type:

  • Improves skin tissue hydration, leading to smoother and suppler skin
  • Enhances skin firmness and eliminates dark spots over time
  • Increases the production of collagen, causing anti-aging effects, such as fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relieves inflammatory skin conditions and minimizes redness
  • Treats hyperpigmentation caused by melanin overproduction, such as age spots and melasma

Does It Have Side Effects?

Though ascorbic acid is generally safe, you only need a little bit when using potent products like the Vitamin C Booster. Too much topical ascorbic acid use can cause skin irritation and dryness. Before using this or any other vitamin C treatment on your face, do a patch test.

How Do You Use the Vitamin C Booster?

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The powder works well on its own, but it works even better when combined with other True Botanicals products. See the full review of True Botanicals here. The hydrating and repair serum are both excellent choices. If you want to use it that way, put 1 to 2 shakes of vitamin C powder in your palm before adding 2 to 3 pumps of the serum.

You can use it day or night but mix it thoroughly before applying it to your face, neck, and chest. If using the powder alone, dissolve it with an oil-based solution before applying it. Oils are better for mixing as Vitamin C can destabilize when mixed with water.

Who Should Use It?

Everyone!  Based on the ingredient list, this product will work well for all skin types. Even people with sensitive or acne-prone skin can include it in their skin care routine as an anti-aging solution.

How Much Does It Cost?

Straight from the True Botanicals website, the Vitamin C Booster is $90 for a 49 oz bottle.

Where Should You Buy It?

Ensure you get a genuine product by getting the product directly from the True Botanicals website. They offer fast worldwide shipping and a 30-day return policy. Try to shop during a sale to get a discount or use our link to get the best price.


Review FAQs

Is it vegan?

It is 100% vegan and contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Does it contain carcinogens?

All True Botanicals formulas are cruelty-free, MADE SAFE certified, and adhere to a strict safety standard. Only organic, natural ingredients are in each serum or powder with no:

  • Disruptors
  • Carcinogens
  • Parabens
  • GMOs
  • Synthetic fragrances

Is a Vitamin C serum or powder better for skin care?

Vitamin C serums are good, but they aren’t as concentrated as ascorbic acid in powder form. You may find a serum less cost-effective as a result. After production, powdered products also offer extra benefits compared to the average serum. That means more bang for your buck.

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Is it OK to use this skin care treatment every day?

Yes, True Botanicals recommends use once or twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Who owns True Botanicals?

Hillary Peterson is the founder of True Botanicals.

What beauty products can I combine with it?

Other products in the RENEW line pair well with this treatment, such as:

  • Renew Repair Nightly Treatment (Repair Serum) with algae extract
  • Clear Repair Serum – Nightly Treatment
  • Renew ChebulaActive Immunity Serum
  • Renew Pure Radiance Oil Moisturizer
  • Antioxidant Booster with apple peel powder

Should You Buy the Vitamin C Booster?

Based on our experience and the average customer reviews, this treatment does repair and de-age the skin and addresses hyperpigmentation.

While plenty of companies offer Vitamin C products, True Botanicals’ excellent customer service, 30-day guarantee, and easy returns process put them at the top of the industry. If you want a reliable way to integrate ascorbic acid into your current skin care regimen, give this product a shot.

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