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Hi there! Welcome to the Pierre Michel Beauty blog, where we provide all our visitors a top-quality resource for expert skincare product reviews and professional beauty tips. Every employee here has had their share of acne breakouts, unsightly wrinkles, or damaged skin from incompatible products, and we’re dedicated to preventing you from experiencing the same!

At Pierre Michel Beauty, we believe that taking care of your skin shouldn’t be a complex task. Finding the skincare products that work best for you should be as easy as 1-2-3, and we’re here to make that a reality no matter what your skin type!

Our founder Megan Foley, with several years of experience in the skincare industry, have seen every mistake in the book and how they can affect a person’s mental wellbeing. So, she started Pierre Michel Beauty to ensure that anyone can find their perfect beauty routine.

Pierre Michel Beauty’s Editorial Guidelines

At Pierre Michel Beauty, we take our content seriously. Here’s a little more information about our team and what we stand for.

Our Focus

When it comes to the content that we provide our readers, integrity is everything. It would be easy to fill our pages with lots of fluff, but that’s the opposite of what we believe in. We want our articles to provide you with the information you need to elevate your beauty game. We aim to inspire, educate, and stimulate your mind – we hope to be right beside you each step of the way as you diversify your skincare journey.

The Science Behind the Facts

New science is constantly emerging, pushing the skincare world into different directions. Our content always incorporates the latest in industry research so that you can make your decisions based on facts, rather than fiction. Whether it may be advice from board-certified dermatologists or tips from highly-regarded medical experts, our articles aren’t just opinion-based – they’re filled with industry knowledge that you can trust.

Our Writing and Editorial Team

We’re extraordinarily picky when it comes to choosing the writers and editors that represent our brand. Our team isn’t just good at spinning words – they have genuine experience and qualifications in the skincare and beauty field, enabling them to produce authoritative pieces that tell it like it is.


We sometimes collaborate with various beauty brands to help support the content that we provide. However, we will never join forces with a brand or product that we don’t believe in. Any specific treatments that we promote are formulas that our team has personally tried and tested. Bigging up a sub-par brand wouldn’t do our reputation any good, which is why, in addition to promoting the products that we’re passionate about, we’ll also be completely honest about those that fail to meet the mark. Any product-related thoughts and opinions you read about on our website are our own – we wouldn’t compromise the integrity of our brand by encouraging you to purchase anything that our editors wouldn’t personally use themselves.

The Pierre Michel Beauty Team