Glutathione Powder for Skin Whitening: How it Works + How to Use it

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If you’ve been struggling with dark spots and discoloration, then glutathione is an ingredient that you need to know about.

Why? Because there are numerous studies backing up this compound’s skin whitening benefits, making it a safe and effective way to finally fade your hyperpigmentation. How exactly does it work and how do you use it? Stick with us to find out more…

What is Glutathione Powder & What Does Glutathione Do to Your Skin?

Glutathione powder

Glutathione is an antioxidant. It’s produced naturally by the liver, but production declines with age, which is why antioxidants are always recommended in an anti-aging skincare routine.

That said, glutathione isn’t like many of the other antioxidants out there. This one is a vital part of many functions in the human body, which is why it’s so commonly used for a variety of medical purposes.

Glutathione is available in different forms, with the glutathione powder for skin whitening being the best way to use the ingredient topically.

Once applied, in addition to its antioxidant effects (meaning that it banishes free radicals and reduces oxidative stress in the skin), it also decreases melanin production in the skin. By doing so, it helps to lighten and brighten skin tone, while also fading away dark spots that have developed due to excess melanin synthesis.

The Benefits, Uses, and Effects of L-Glutathione in Skin Care Products

There are two main skincare benefits that come from using glutathione: 

Skin Whitening

As mentioned, glutathione slows down natural melanin production, which is exactly what you need if you’ve been battling with discolored skin.

It takes a few months for results to become visible – the darker your natural skin color is, the longer it will take to see the whitening effects of glutathione.

While that may be the case, it’s worth the wait. Glutathione powder is significantly safer than many of the other skin whitening ingredients out there, which is why you’ll often find it in natural skin lightening creams.

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Most other skin whitening agents simply whiten the skin and don’t do much else. However, glutathione has been shown to also reduce wrinkles in the skin while improving skin elasticity [1].

This is due to its antioxidant properties. Not only do they repair cell and protein damage, but they also encourage the production of new collagen and elastin fibers, which gives your skin its firmness and bounce back.

How to Use Glutathione Powder for Skin Whitening: Should You Buy a Serum, a Face Cream, or a Body Lotion?

The best way for your skin to directly benefit from the skin whitening effects of glutathione powder is if you apply the ingredient topically. You’ll find it incorporated into a variety of different skincare products, from serums to creams to body lotions.

Which is best? They’re all equally worthy, so long as glutathione has been used in that formula in a high enough concentration. Check the ingredient list and make sure that it features somewhere near the top, rather than as an afterthought at the end.

Another option would be to purchase the pure powder on its own and then mix this into the skincare products that you use daily.

However you choose to apply glutathione powder, you’ll need to use it regularly. Once you stop, so will its skin lightening benefits, and you may start to develop discoloration again.

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Q: Can I use glutathione powder on my face?

Yes, glutathione powder for skin whitening is safe to be used on the face.

Q: Which glutathione is best for skin whitening?

L-glutathione is the purest form of the ingredient, making it the best one for skin whitening.

Q: Is glutathione effective for skin whitening? 

Yes, glutathione is an effective skin whitening ingredient.

Q: Can glutathione make you whiter?

Yes, regularly using glutathione powder, or taking the ingredient as an oral supplement, will make your skin whiter.

Q: Will glutathione change my eye color?

Topical use of glutathione is unlikely to make a significant difference to your eye color. However, taking the antioxidant as an oral supplement could result in lighter colored eyes.

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Conclusion: Is Pure Glutathione Reduced Powder a Good Solution for Whitening the Skin?

When it comes to skin whitening ingredients, glutathione is not only effective but, since it’s a naturally-produced antioxidant, it is completely safe when used topically too.

Whether you mix the pure powder with your favorite serum or cream or you purchase a product that has been formulated with glutathione, this is an ingredient that’s definitely worth trying if you’ve been looking for a way to lighten and even out your skin tone.



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