Smoothing Over the Stretched with Skinception Stretch Mark Cream

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Have you ever wondered what the most hated skin problem could be? I have. What is the problem that people dread discovering on their body? What makes people’s hearts drop at the thought of living with them?

I mean, I don’t spend hours pondering over it, if that’s what you’re thinking. But I have spent enough time considering the contenders that I do have an idea of what it could be. And I think you’ll agree that I’m definitely on to something here.

The most hated skin condition is stretch marks.

Oh stretch marks, those lovely little things that can just suddenly appear all over our bodies with no prior warning or intention of ever leaving again. Don’t you just love them? No? Well neither does anyone else.

I’m yet to meet any one person that doesn’t mind them or isn’t bothered by them. Everyone, even men, aren’t that keen. And I can completely see why.

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They’re something we all have, well most of us do, and they aren’t all that pleasant looking. They can be pretty painful at times. Plus, from what I hear, some are more severe than others.

Although I know it isn’t all that possible to be rid of them forever, I’ve hear that giving certain lotions and potions a go can really help.

I was always so skeptical of this at first. A lotion that could get rid of something that seems so permanent? It’s just hard not to be wary of promises like that.

But after hearing good things about a certain stretch mark remedy, I’ve decided it’s high time I gave it a go.

Skinception has long been known as a manufacturer that creates products that work. They make products that are specifically developed to target the skin’s problem areas. This company is best known for creating successful anti-ageing creams in particular.

So, with such solid science behind what they do, not to mention a trail of rave reviews, I knew I’d be silly not to give them a try. I researched the ingredients and theories behind the products and then tried them myself in this complete Skinception Stretch Mark Cream Review.

So What Can Skinception do for Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks

We all know that skin care manufacturers make claims of impressive results just to make us purchase their product. So, sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe. As jaded as we might be, there are still some declarations that peak our attention.

I’m sure the thing you’ll care about the most is the same thing that pretty much hooked me. With the opening statement to the Skinception Stretch Mark Cream description saying ‘Fade Your Stretch Marks In Time For Summer By Up to 72.5%.

I tried hard to not have high hopes. However, to me 72.5% seems a lot. If my stretch marks heals anywhere close to that much, I would be thrilled. No, it may not make them invisible, but that’s pretty close in my eyes.

Skinception knows that women particularly suffer with stretch marks in the same old areas. Stomach, breasts, thighs and buttocks are of course some of the most common areas (thank you childbirth). Notably, the manufacturers also claim that it works wherever you use it, not just in those areas.

This is particularly promising to me, because I also have a couple of deep stretch marks across my lower back [1]. To be frank, I think they’re the ones I’m most self-conscious of. I’m looking forward to seeing how Skinception stretch mark cream works to decrease them.

But Why is it the One?

To understand why I went with this product, it’s important to first understand some background information. Like many other Skinception products, the real science looks at regeneration for our bodies. The Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy was designed to stimulate the production of both collagen and elastin naturally, which we all know gives our skin life!

Within two months, the therapy aims to fade the angry red and purple discoloration that comes with stretch marks and switch it for a more natural complexion. It also looks to smooth out the grooves and to give the skin overall resilience and vibrancy! It accomplishes this by helping the body to use its typical processes.

Hearing this alone definitely sounds promising. Although I will admit that most of my stretch marks are a fairer colour than they could be, they are still quite pronounced. I feel like I need a little magic wand that will just fade them away and it seems that Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy could be it!


What’s the Secret?

Ok, ok. There’s not actually a secret. Nothing magic. No mysterious red flags.

Even if there isn’t one as such, but there is a key ingredient: Regestril [2]. Regestril is an active ingredient that does all the hard work. During their clinical trials, it saw the 72.5% improvement in the depth of stretch marks.

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To decrease the length of stretch marks, the second active ingredient Darutoside is used. After four weeks, this stuff saw a reduction in the length of stretch marks by 52%. With all this solid data, you could say I’m even more excited to apply it to my body blemishes.

To top off the fact-based results claim, like with the rest of Skinceptions great line of beauty products, they also offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results. Now that’s saying something in their confidence, isn’t it!


So How Did it Go?

Before I got to reporting on my results, I wanted to make sure that I’d given it enough time to really get to work. I know that I’ve mentioned two milestones here, both 4 weeks and two months, so I’ve started this after using it for 6 weeks, just to be fair.

As a reminder, everyone will experience different results. Your skin type, lifestyle, and stretch marks will affect the speed of your improvements. Consistency is key. I firmly believe if you use this product as directed, you are bound to see results. But, back to my experience.

I use it daily, before I go to bed. Just to that you can compare the results fairly, I’ve been using a small amount on my stomach and lower back and then probably double the amount on my thighs as the stretch marks are larger, deeper and longer on my legs.

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After around 3-4 weeks I started to notice a significant difference. Staying true to it’s word, the Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy did target the coloration [3], depth and length of my stretch marks. At this stage they definitely looked less angry, even though I hadn’t thought they were before. The ones on my lower back had definitely started to blend better with the rest of my skin and the same is starting to happen with my stomach.

On my thighs, the marks are less deep and seem to be shrinking in length which I just did not know was possible. I definitely have some great expectations for the next few weeks to see how I progress, but for now, I’m happy.


And the Overall Verdict?

I can’t fault it. Quite the contrary. I really like it. I didn’t think it would be this possible to make such an impressive difference to my stretch marks. But then again, seeing as Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy isn’t just a standard product, I should have known better.

I’m just about to buy myself another jar and can definitely see it becoming a regular purchase. Especially as my family starts to grow – Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy will be in my pregnancy beauty bag for sure!



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