Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Review – What is The Deal With This Anti Aging Cream?

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Dr Dennis Gross Skincare

It seems these days as though the more desperate we are, the more we are willing to believe just about anything that seems to point in the right direction, anything that gives us the faintest bit of hope. And definitely, the older we get, the more desperate we can be to find some solution to the problems of our aging skin.

There are literally hundreds of products out there, all designed to hit that desperation nerve in us, all designed to persuade us to hope they might work.

Dr. Dennis Gross’ skincare is certainly no exception to this; its well-known line is expansive and addresses all the major skin issues out there, ageing or otherwise.

And let’s face it, the name itself might make us a little more apt to believe in the promises. After all, a doctor is involved, so there must be something to it, right? Or is that just that desperation in us reaching at straws again? Let’s take a closer look…


Brand Overview

According to the www.dgskincare.com website: Dr. Dennis Gross began his career as a dermatologist in New York City, spending time conducting free skin cancer screenings in and around NYC, and educating the public about skin cancer. Dr. Gross also began researching the importance of sun protection and the possibility of reversing sun damage, both of which could be adapted as beauty treatments. The result of these studies was seen in the demand for Dr. Gross’ time and attention as a respected dermatologist.

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As his practice grew, he began to notice clients coming to him suffering the effects of over-exfoliation due to overly-harsh peels. And it was in an effort to improve upon those harsh and ineffective treatments that he formulated the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel, the first product of the now extensive line of Dr. Dennis Gross skincare.

The site also provides information on the brand as a whole:

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare was established in 2002 as a line of multi-tasking products that help skin meet its most beautiful potential – providing dramatic results within days and a long-term transformation with continued use. Inspired by his loyal following, Dr. Gross formulates every product himself, combining a blend of the best natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals with the most scientifically advanced delivery systems.

Products and Claims

As found on the Dr. Dennis Gross website, there are 4 main factors that differentiate this line of skincare from others:


Dr. Gross’ background as a skin cancer researcher and product formulator, coupled with daily patient interaction in his NYC practice, gives him experience and foresight to develop stellar formulas that permanently improve any complexion.


Multiple, concentrated ingredients instilled into each formula alleviate various concerns, fight again and repair. High concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals enhance penetration and performance. The only skincare line with an exclusive Chelating Complex™ to detoxify skin from free radicals found in water.


Visible results, such as a noticeable difference in skin health and clarity, will be apparent after just 3 days of use. Long-term, cumulative benefits will be achieved after 30 days. Skin will continue to improve over time. Like exercise, best results are achieved through consistent and/or daily use.



Formulas are multi-functional gender neutral and benefit all skin types and ages. Many products achieve more than one purpose, such as a cleanser that doubles as a toner and makeup remover.

Ingredients and Regimen Recommendations

As listed on the website, there are over 35 products in the Dr. Dennis Gross skincare line, including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, SPF, exfoliants, serums, eye treatments, and masks.

Though we cannot list each product, ingredients list, and application recommendation here, each of the products does have detailed ingredient info and application recommendations on the website. In addition to the full and detailed list of ingredients, each product also includes info on the description of that product and instructions on usage.

For example, here is the full cited info on the Alpha Beta Peel – 60 Application Jar:

What Is It? Dr. Dennis Gross’ iconic original formula, a daily peel formulated to treat the three most common signs of aging: uneven tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and enlarged pores, with five acids – without causing irritation.

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What Does It Do? Resurrect radiance, reduce wrinkles and refine pores with Dr. Dennis Gross’ iconic renewing peel, an easy and safe for at-home use version of peels he uses for patients at his NYC practice – without requiring recovery time. Step 1 is packed with rejuvenating powerful yet gentle exfoliating acids. Step 2 controls the alpha hydroxy acid activity and delivers anti-aging actives, nourishing skin, keeping it balanced, smooth, and radiant – perfectly prepped for a more effective skincare routine. Skin immediately looks refreshed and glowing. This universal formula contains a combination of five acids, ideal for first-time peel users and those of all skin types.

How Do I Use It? Once a day, apply step 1 pad to clean, dry skin, using circular motions. Continue application until pad feels dry. Wait two minutes. Follow with pad in step 2 using the same technique as step 1. Do not rinse after either step. Avoid contact with eyes. Make sure to use sunscreen daily to help prevent photo-aging.


Once a day, apply step 1 pad to clean, dry skin, using circular motions. Continue application until pad feels dry. Wait two minutes. Follow with pad in step 2 using the same technique as step 1. Do not rinse after either step. Avoid contact with eyes. Make sure to use sunscreen daily to help prevent photo-aging.

Key Ingredients:

Step 1: Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Genistein, Chamomile Extract, Green Tea

Step 2:   Green Tea Extract, Phospholipids, Sodium Bicarbonate, Vitamins A, C, E

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While there were many positive reviews to be found on the website, there was a surprising lack of reviews for many products. So we took to the outside internet for information on reviews.

We did indeed have luck elsewhere. A good portion of reviews we found were all very positive with the Dr. Dennis Gross skincare across the board. No matter what the product, most people swore by its effectiveness. Customers reported that acne was cleared, skin texture was greatly improved, and there appeared to be a lessening in wrinkles.

The number of negative reviews found, however, was surprisingly high. Of those found on Amazon, most seemed to center around either poor or incorrect packaging, or even questionable authenticity of product (people who had used the products prior to ordering on Amazon noticed that the items they received from Amazon seemed to be completely different).

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Elsewhere on reputable beauty sites, though, the negative reviews focused more on the actual performance of products. Many people found that they did not live up to the claims of “maximum results” promised on the Dr. Gross website. There were also those who cited increased skin problems with use of the products, such as breakouts and extreme dryness and sensitivity. And of course, there were the expected reviews that claimed there were no visible results, and certainly none worthy of the steep price tag of most items.

Overall Rating

We were very pleased and impressed with the Dr. Dennis Gross website. It offered a large amount of information not only on each product but on the brand and Dr. Gross himself. The page also contained tabs for an ingredient glossary, a “click to chat” feature, and an area to submit a question for a “skincare expert” (we were unsure what qualifies someone as such, and would have appreciated more info on that). And, happily, the “Contact Us” page was very complete, including links for mail, phone, and email customer support.

We did have a couple minor concerns with regard to the line of Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products, though. Despite the Dr. having a background in dermatology, there was a surprising lack of AHA and BHA products. We know that those are safe and proven ingredients, so why not use them? Also, there were a few ingredients, such lavender oil and sulfur, that might be problematic for some skin types.

Overall, though, the bulk of products in the Dr. Dennis Gross skincare line are very impressive. The cutting-edge technology, along with years of research and practice, have created state-of-the-art products that, by all accounts, seem to produce visible results. Mind you, no line of skin care will be able to actually compete with what you receive in a doctor’s office, no matter what the claims…but Dr. Dennis Gross products might just be worth the price tag.

Our rating: 4 (out of 5)

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