Best Wrinkle Creams for an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

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Editor's Choice#2nd Best Choice#3rd Best Choice
Editor's Choice
XYZ Smart Collagen
Rating: 5 Stars
#2nd Best Choice
True Botanicals
Rating: 4 Stars
#3rd Best Choice
LifeCell All-In-One Treatment
Rating: 4 Stars

It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that 2020 was the year that revolutionized anti-aging creams.

You may already have used, or at least heard about, some of the products on our list of the best retinol correxion deep wrinkle cream; advances were made so quickly that it seemed almost as if they were made daily!

There’s a wealth of material available on the benefits of anti-aging creams and serums.Use the links to direct youto the areas you find most apply to your skincare needs.

Here are some of the best wrinkle and eye cream products on the market today.

1 – XYZ Smart Collagen (Editor’s Choice)

We feel that XYZ Smart Collagen performed the best under our intense scrutiny.

XYZ Smart Collagen cream uses revolutionary light-reflecting technology.

The cream is a herbal anti-aging cream that helps firm up your skin and smooths wrinkles by increasing your skin’s collagen and elastin production.

What’s more, this cream also lifts and contours sagging skin and reorganizes your skin’s tissue structure to reduce signs of aging. In a nutshell, the cream’s ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, help smoothen out wrinkles and make your skin firmer and more elastic.

These active ingredients include:

  • Bulbine Frutescens

Bulbine Frutescens is a South African plant whose sap has properties that increase collagen and elastin production and slows down disintegration. The plant also promotes wound healing.

  • Knipholone

Knipholone is a chemical compound found in the roots of Kniphofia Foliosa plants and also slows down the disintegration of collagen. The chemical also prevents the synthesis of leukotriene, ultimately preventing an uncontrollable overload of collagen.

  • Acetylated Polymanose

The final active ingredient in XYZ Smart Collagen is Acetylated Polymanose, an Aloe Vera extract. This substance is responsible for stimulating fibroblasts, which increases your skin’s collagen production. The substance is also an excellent moisturizer.

How to Use XYZ Smart Collagen

This product works perfectly when you use it twice every day, in the morning immediately after you wake up and at night before you go to bed.

Start your skincare routine by cleansing your skins as you usually do, patting your skin dry with a clean towel. Spread the cream on your face and neck. Ensure your skin fully absorbs the cream by using circular motions to rub it in gently.

Also, remember to apply the cream around your eyes. Take extra care not to get any cream in your eyes to avoid causing irritation.

When you get to the point in your life, as we all do, where you need a little more help maintaining your youthful appearance, you can forge ahead boldly because anti-aging and skincare products are in extreme demand right now and getting better all the time.

Make sure you check out our detailed XYZ Smart Collagen Review as well.

Pros and Cons


  • The product makes your skin firmer
  • It lifts and contours your skins, reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • The product eliminates fine line and wrinkles and improves your skin’s texture
  • Smoothens, levels, and refines skin texture for a younger look


  • It only has three active ingredients, which is somewhat limited and lacks other vital ingredients, such as peptides and retinol
  • It is quite costly
  • Though the product is generally safe, it could cause rashes, irritation, or trigger allergic reactions

Before using the product, always make sure to approve them with your board-certified dermatologist to ensure that that product is safe and suitable for your skin cells.


2 – True Botanicals

If you are looking for a healthier, greener skincare product to act as a good retinol alternative, you are in luck.

There are currently more natural products that help users provide their skincare routines with effective options.

True Botanicals prioritizes your skin’s health, offering you natural, clean, green, 100% non-toxic skincare products that are safe for you to use.

The brand combines cutting-edge scientific research and botanical extracts expertise to create solutions to skin problems such as fine lines, blemishes, and aging.

The brand has a wide range of products that cater to everyone, dividing its products into three main lines, which include:

  • Renew

This line is dedicated to normal skin and focuses on anti-aging and anti-wrinkle solutions. The products here contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that are great for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Calm

The Calm line is perfect if you have highly sensitive skin. The products in this line contain soothing, all-natural ingredients.

  • Clear

True Botanicals designs its Clear lines for oily skin or skin that is more prone to breakouts and acne. The products it offers contain natural and purifying ingredients that help to regulate your oily skin and offer nourishment.

If that wasn’t enough, the company also has a Pregnancy line that combines products from the three lines mentioned above, offering expectant mothers products that are safe for them and their unborn child.

These lines further contain various types of products ranging from cleansers and face oils to skincare serums and aromatherapy products. Some of the more popular options include:

True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil

true botanicals clear pure radiance oil

This product is an anti-aging moisturizer that tends to the surface of your skin and dead skin cells and provides the deeper layers with essential nutrients.

Made with hyaluronic acid, algae extract, passion fruit, chia seed, papaya seed, and kiwi seed oils, it increases your skin’s hydration levels and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

True Botanicals Clear Pure Radiance Oil

If your skin is prone to breakouts, this product will help you maintain smooth, healthy, and clear skin.

It has grape, hemp, and pumpkin seed oils that unclog your skin’s pores and balances sebum, reducing aging effects and preventing breakouts.

Pros and Cons


  • Rapid wrinkle repair and softens your skin tone
  • The products contain ascorbic acid that brightens complexion, removes dark spots, and improves the appearance of your skin
  • Most of the products have a sweet floral scent
  • Quick to apply


  • Most of the products are pricey
  • Some of the products could irritate various types of skin
  • A few products could be too intense for sensitive skin, sensitized skin, and skin types prone to acne

See the full review of True Botanicals here.


3 – LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream

Over the years, LifeCell has received endorsements from several celebrities because of its nature-based ingredients and anti-wrinkle results.

The product uses cutting-edge stem-cell technology that the company models from a rare Swiss apple known as the UttwilerSpatlauber apple.

Scientists noticed that this apple could stay fresh significantly longer than other types of apples and fruit.

They studied how the apple’s stem cells work, replicating that behavior in a formula that LifeCell harnesses for human skin rejuvenation.

Not only does LifeCell offer multiple products that cater to different types of skin, but it is also a brand that caters to both women and men. Here are some of the best anti-aging products the brand sells:

LifeCell Cooling Under-Eye Treatment

This eye cream product reduces discoloration under your eyes, smooths the wrinkles under your eyes, and reduces under-eye inflammation. It is designed for nightly use.

LifeCell BB Cream

The BB Cream moisturizes your skin and prevents sun damage thanks to its 30 SPF and vitamin c content. The coverage it offers also smooths fine lines and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes.

Collagen Anti-Aging Supplement

This product is high in vitamin c and vitamin b3 and is designed to improve your body’s natural production of collagen. This creates plumper skin, preventing the appearance of discoloration or sagginess.

See our full LifeCell Review here.

Pros and Cons


Because of LifeCell’s wide range of products and various skin types, this product’s benefits will vary greatly. The benefits you are, however, likely to experience include:

  • LifeCell’s advanced light reflection technology removes the shadows that give wrinkles and fine lines their thicker, unpleasant appearance
  • The eye cream minimizes dark spots
  • It is a fantastic regenerist micro-sculpting cream, creating firmer skin and reducing sagginess
  • It has a natural formula that is free of paraben, is non-greasy, and absorbs quickly


  • Its anti-aging cream tends to be more expensive than most of the other market options
  • Over application can give your skin a yellow hue
  • There have been users who have reported zero or lackluster wrinkle-hiding results
  • Though this could depend on your make up routine and skin type, LifeCell’s anti-aging cream can be drying


Who Needs Wrinkle Creams?

YOU do. We can’t do much about aging – it happens to all of us.

Woman hiding her face in a scarf

But more youthful-looking skin is something anyone can have, especially in this day and age.Unfortunately, our mothers didn’t have access to the same dermatologist or technological advances we have.

Many new treatments are targeting various areas,such as protection from sun exposure. With additional guidance from a board-certified dermatologist, every woman today can achieve remarkable results in these areas:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles usually appear first around the eyes because the skin is thinner in that area. As we age, our skin becomes even more delicate and dry and loses elasticity.

Fortunately, you can use new skincare products like wrinkle creams combined with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and hydration to achieve better, faster results than previously possible.In many cases, the look of wrinkles and fine lines can be removed instantly!

Dry Skin

As you age, the dermis (the skin layer that controls moisture, elasticity, tone, and firmness) can no longer hold moisture as deep as it once did. Increasing the moisture level creates a healthier dermis, resulting in a younger-looking appearance.

Age Spots (aka “liver spots”)

Most of us know enough to limit exposure to the sun, but no matter how much you stay indoors, and no matter how compulsive you are about applying sunscreen, age spots will appear sooner or later.

They’re not harmful, but they can be embarrassing, especially when they show up on the face. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use products that can quickly reduce or remove the appearance of liver spots.

It’s essential to include an excellent anti-aging product in your skincare routine that contains lactic acid to combat the signs of aging identified above.

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Other Creams We Have Reviewed (which did not make it to the top):

Are you wondering how these new, advanced creams work? Read on!

What Should My Wrinkle Cream Do for Me?

Wrinkle creams that work the way modern researchers intend should do all of the following (and more!) for you:

1. Increase moisture in the dermis

The primary goal of wrinkle creams is to moisturize. Moisture is what helps the natural functions of the dermis to work on other age-related issues.

The most revolutionary ingredient in modern anti-aging creams is D3PA (Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid). It works by stimulating your body to produce nitric oxide in small quantities naturally.

The nitric oxide then, in turn, encourages a veritable torrent of more natural skin nutrients. Simply stated, it’s the absolute best way to increase skin’s moisture content and reduce signs of aging!

2. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

One method of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is having a dermatologist perform Botox injections, which encourage collagen production and strengthen the muscles under the skin.

An anti-aging product such as a night cream can also work quickly to protect your skin from free radical damage, reducing and even eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There have also been advances in “brightening” products, such as XYZ Smart Collagen, a new product that reflects light, instantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

More anti-aging products that use this exciting technology are on the horizon.

3. Combat the appearance of age spots

Age spots result from UVA exposure, which causes the skin to over-produce melanin, creating dark spots and sometimes causing skin irritation (particularly around the nose). Sometimes the irritated patches can even result in Melasma, which is more serious.

There have been remarkable advances in stem cell therapy that can help fight these conditions.

There is a new type of apple in Switzerland that produces an extract that promotes new cell growth. Though it is still in its infancy, it could become the treatment of choice for skin.

Several different anti-aging creams alleviate the previously described issues to some degree.

While one night cream may work better than another, exciting advances are being made to improve and revolutionize these products every day.

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How Do the Best Anti-aging Creams Compare?

First, here are the comparison criteria:

Moisture retention: How well does the night cream keep the deep skin layers moisturized?

Wrinkles: How effectively do the anti-aging products remove wrinkles?

Ability to combat age spots: How well does the anti-ager reduce the appearance of existing age spots and remove new ones as they appear?

Price factor: How well does the night cream perform in relation to how much it costs?

What Do the Best Anti-aging Creams Do?

You can’t start taking care of your skin soon enough, so don’t waste any time. Here are the things your cream should and should not do.

The best anti-aging products SHOULD:

  • Provide your skin with alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin c, and vitamin b3, moisturizing, and replenishing the dermis layer of your skin.
  • Contain hyaluronic acid, which almost instantly erases wrinkles.
  • Minimize existing age spots and remove new ones as they appear (this can take a bit of time).

Sounds simple enough, right? But watch for the following because your wrinkle cream SHOULD NOT:

  • Irritate even sensitive skin.
  • Take more than 24 hours to work (the best ones work in mere seconds to erase wrinkles).
  • Cost too much.
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If your skin is sensitive or if you have allergies, you should see your dermatologist before trying new products.

Once you have their approval, then you should go with products that you know will give you the best, most consistent results every time you use them.

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, be sure to consult your dermatologist before trying new products on your skin.

Our #1 Recommended Wrinkle Cream Is…

Despite the disadvantages, we feel that XYZ Smart Collagen is the best wrinkle cream option on the market today.

With almost-daily advances in anti-aging technology, a new skincare product could appear on retailer sites that would blow away the competition altogether. But for now, our opinion is that XYZ Smart Collagen dramatically out-performs other wrinkle creams.

You may want to check it out!

Editors Choice

XYZ Smart Collagen

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts sagging skin and reduces stretch marks
  • Significantly improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Smooths, levels, and refines skin texture for a younger look


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