Do Sunglasses Prevent Wrinkles From Forming Around the Eyes?

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After mass production began in 1929, sunglasses quickly became a must-have fashion accessory. However, not only are they the perfect way to complete a stylish outfit, but sunglasses serve a more functional purpose too – they block UV rays from damaging your precious eyes.

With that said, is there even more to them than this? Could sunglasses work in tandem with your anti-aging skincare products to prevent eye wrinkles from spidering their way across your face? Let’s find out!

The Role of Sunglasses in Preventing Under-Eye Wrinkles

As we mentioned, sunglasses can block both UVA and UVB rays. Since the sun’s UV rays are responsible for causing up to 80% of facial aging [1], including wrinkles, then that makes wearing sunglasses a great way to keep those creases at bay.

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Of course, sunglasses stop you from squinting too. Our eyes are naturally sensitive to sunlight, meaning that, when exposed to bright light, we can’t help but squint or blink repeatedly. This reaction may be normal, but those repeated facial expressions lead to the onset of expression lines, which quickly deepen into wrinkles.

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How to Stop Crows Feet With the Right Sunglasses

In order to ensure that your sunglasses are living up to their wrinkle-busting potential, there are a few things that you should look for:

  • Make sure that your sunglasses block between 98-100% of both UVA and UVB rays – if they do, it will say this on the label
  • Polarized lenses don’t automatically mean UV protection. Again, check the label
  • Make sure that your sunglasses fit properly – this will prevent light from seeping in through the sides. If they don’t, either invest in a pair that fits your face better or, if possible, have your current pair professionally adjusted 
  • When it comes to preventing wrinkles, the bigger your sunglasses are, the better. Oversized shades are great for keeping the skin around your eyes protected
  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors, consider wrap-around styles, which will give your skin even more protection


Q: Can sunglasses prevent aging?

Yes, sunglasses can help to prevent aging in the skin that surrounds your eyes.

Q: Does not wearing sunglasses cause wrinkles?

Yes, not wearing sunglasses can cause you to develop wrinkles sooner than you otherwise would have.

Q: How can I protect my eyes from wrinkles?

Wearing sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from wrinkles, as is using a selection of good anti-aging skincare products.

Q: Why you should not wear sunglasses?

If you’re indoors, then wearing sunglasses can cause eye fatigue.

Q: Does squinting cause wrinkles?

Yes, squinting can cause wrinkles to develop around the eyes.

Q: What should I do if my sunglasses are too big for face?

If your sunglasses are too big for your face, try adjusting the frame.

Q: Is it fashionable to wear sunglasses on forehead?

Fashions come and go, but your skin remains with you forever. If you wear your sunglasses on your forehead, then this leaves the skin around your eyes susceptible to UV damage, the effects of which can last you a lifetime.

Q: Are sunglasses bad for you?

Sunglasses themselves aren’t bad for you in any way, but wearing the wrong type of sunglasses could mean that you’re unknowingly allowing your skin to come under harm.

Q: I wear sunglasses daily, so why do I have a sunspot next to my eye?

The shape or size of your sunglasses could be allowing light to seep in and damage the skin around your eyes.

Q: Where can I find out what your sunglasses say about you?

There are plenty of online guides that describe what different sunglasses say about you, but this is really all just a myth.

Q: Is it possible to get a glasses sunburn?

Most sunglasses offer an equivalent of around SPF 30. This means that, with long enough exposure to the sun, it’s still possible to get a sunburn through your sunglasses.

Q: What’s the best treatment for red nose marks caused by sunglasses?

Massaging the red mark while applying a soothing cream can help to treat the area. Make sure that you also adjust your sunglasses to prevent this from happening again.

Conclusion: Prevent Eye Wrinkles With the Right Sunglasses

When it comes down to it, sunglasses can help to prevent wrinkles in a big way. So, if you don’t already have a pair that you can turn to on a daily basis, even during the winter months, now is most definitely the time to invest in one!


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