Does Coffee Cause Wrinkles or Can It Slow Down the Skin Aging Process?

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Nothing quite beats the instant mental boost that can be experienced after a cup of coffee in the mornings. Add to that the fact that coffee offers up numerous health benefits, from stroke prevention [1] to improved memory [2], and it’s easy to see why so many people make coffee a prioritized part of their daily routines.

However, when it comes to preventing wrinkles and skin aging, is your morning cup of Java a help or a hindrance? Does coffee cause wrinkles or can it prevent those dreaded creases from forming on your skin? Let’s find out!

Coffee Effects on Skin: What Does Coffee Do to Your Skin? Does Coffee Dry Out Your Skin & Does Coffee Make You Look Older?

Multiple studies have confirmed that coffee is jam-packed with antioxidants [3], which play a significant role in slowing down the skin aging process. However, some dietary experts believe that the large amounts of antioxidants in coffee aren’t utilized by the human body to their full extent. Plus, only fresh-ground coffee boasts antioxidants in high concentrations, whereas instant blends contain very few.


So, while the jury may still be out when it comes to determining how useful the antioxidants in coffee are for the human body, there have been plenty of studies that focus on coffee’s other primary component; caffeine.

Caffeine Will Dehydrate Your Skin & Slow Down Collagen Production…But Will Also Reduce Chronic Inflammation 

When it comes to wrinkles and skin aging, caffeine provides both pros and cons.

Studies have found that caffeine is a superstar at protecting against inflammation in the body [4], which is one of the main contributors to aging skin. In fact, the more caffeine you consume, the better protected you’ll be.

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However, caffeine has negative consequences too…

Drinking too much coffee can dehydrate the skin, which then leaves it more susceptible to sun damage and accelerated aging. Even worse, caffeine slows down the skin’s natural wound healing function, which reduces the amount of collagen it’s able to produce [5]. With collagen being one of the main proteins that give your skin its firmness and smoothness, this decline can quickly lead to the onset of wrinkles.

What Happens to Your Skin When You Stop Drinking Coffee? Here’s What You Can Expect to See in Your Skin Before and After Quitting Coffee

So, with coffee offering up both advantages and disadvantages, what actually happens to the skin when a person stops drinking coffee?

For starters, you’ll be countering the dehydration that coffee causes, so your skin should start to look fuller, plumper, and brighter. In the long-term, collagen production will start to climb again, which will give you firmer and tighter skin.

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If you usually drink your coffee with sugar or dairy products, then cutting back on these will also bring positive changes to your appearance.

The lack of caffeine will encourage better sleep too, which will go a long way in keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful.


Q: Does coffee age your face?

Coffee can have an aging effect on the face, although it does also provide anti-aging effects to the rest of your body.

Q: Does coffee make your skin sag?

Coffee dehydrates the skin and interferes with collagen production, which can result in sagging skin.

Q: Can coffee make you age faster?

In some ways, coffee makes you age faster. However, it also reduces inflammation in the body, which can slow down the aging process.

Q: Does coffee slow aging?

The way in which coffee prevents inflammation in the body can slow aging.

Q: Does caffeine age you faster and does caffeine give you wrinkles?

Caffeine has both aging and anti-aging effects, but in the short run, yes, it can give you wrinkles.

Q: Are there any side effects when using coffee grounds for face wrinkles?

If the coffee grounds that you’re using have particularly jagged edges, then they could cause micro-tears in your skin.

Q: What are the disadvantages of coffee on skin?

There aren’t many disadvantages of using coffee topically, so long as you’re using finely ground powder rather than abrasive pieces.

Q: Can too much caffeine cause swelling or does caffeine reduce inflammation?

Caffeine reduces inflammation in the body.

Conclusion: Is Drinking Coffee Good for Your Skin or is Drinking Coffee Bad for Your Skin? Most Importantly, Does Coffee Give You Wrinkles?

When it comes down to it, there isn’t a simple answer. In some ways, coffee is great for your health – it drastically cuts back on inflammation in the body, which can help to slow down the aging process. It offers up several other health benefits too. However, caffeine also affects moisture and collagen levels in the skin, which can accelerate skin aging and cause wrinkles.

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The best way to enjoy the skin-boosting benefits of coffee without the downsides is to drink freshly-ground coffee without any sugar or dairy products added in. Limit your intake to just one or two cups a day so that your body experiences its anti-inflammatory properties, but drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day to counter its dehydrating effects.


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