AngelLift Review: A Safe & Non-Invasive Facelift Alternative?

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With the anti-aging skincare market being so vast, it’s surprising how ineffective so many of the creams and serums out there are. What’s not so surprising is the fact that, as a result of this, injectable fillers and facelifts are on the rise, especially among younger generations [1].

While they may produce dramatic results, there’s no denying the risk that comes with cosmetic procedures. Surely by now, with all of the progress that has been made in dermatology over the years, someone would have invented a safer and more natural way to lift and firm the skin?

That’s where AngelLift comes in. Rather than being a cosmetics brand, AngelLift is a medical group that has really made a name for itself recently. Why? Because they claim to offer a natural and non-invasive alternative to the traditional facelift, but with comparable results.

If you’re thinking that this sounds like yet another skincare gimmick, we don’t blame you. However, before we judge, let’s dig a little deeper to find out how this unique product works, and whether or not it actually produces results.

Who is AngelLift?


If you watch Shark Tank or Ellen, then you may already know of AngelLift. The company gained attention for how they’ve used a revolutionary subdermal technology, which was first discovered during nerve damage research, to create special, surgical-grade hydrogel strips.

Known as DermaStrips, these strips promise to apply just the right amount of pressure to stimulate collagen production in the skin, which adds volume. This then smooths away fine lines and wrinkles on the lower facial area.

How Do the AngelLift DermaStrips Work?

Here’s where it gets interesting – rather than wearing DermaStrips on your skin, these strips are designed to be placed in the mouth, attached to the rear molars. By placing a small amount of pressure underneath the lips, the strips stimulate skin cell and collagen production. This then firms and plumps wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, giving the skin a facial lifting effect.

They’re designed to be worn for 10-30 minutes every day. After one month, you can drop your usage down to once per week.

Unlike creams and serums, which work from above the skin, or cosmetic fillers, which work from inside the skin, DermaStrips apply their pressure underneath the skin in the lower facial area, which is what produces its results.


The Most Popular AngelLift Products, According to Customer Reviews

DermaStrips are AngelLift’s main product. They can be purchased individually, or you can also buy them as part of a set. However, there are also a few other products in this line worth knowing about.

The AngelLift Starter Kit

Angellift starter kit

This set provides everything that you need to get started with DermaStrips. In addition to containing two reusable DermaStrips, it also includes the brand’s MicroFibre PH Towelettes.

These linen towelettes have been compressed into a tablet. Add water and it’ll expand to over 100 times its original size. You can then use the towelette to cleanse, exfoliate, and tone, all at the same time!


The AngelLift Essential Kit

Angellift essential kit

The Essential set from AngelLift is a set that contains two Derma Strips, 16 towelettes, an anti-wrinkle facial serum, and a lip serum.




This moisturizing serum is unlike anything that we’ve seen before. Considering the fact that AngelLift is the first medical group to produce oil-free skin care moisturizers suspended in solution spheres, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

That’s right, this serum consists of tiny spheres that each contain a rich concoction of peptides, sunflower extract, wheat germ extract, and glyceryl monostearate.

The company goes to great lengths to ensure that this product remains completely oil-free (they use a vacuum technique to manufacture it), enabling it to offer its wrinkle reduction effects to all skin types.

Customer reviews show that people love the instant topical filling and lifting effect that this skin care serum provides. It immediately plumps up wrinkles and nasolabial folds, making facial lines so much less visible.




Designed to be used at the same time as DermaStrips, this lip serum contains ingredients that will boost the skin’s production of collagen ever further. In addition to collagen peptides, this formula is brimming with vitamin E, babassu oil, sunflower seed oil, and white mustard extract.

Unlike the face serum, the lip serum is packed with nourishing oils. This allows the formula to hydrate dry lips as much as possible, which enables the DermaStrips to work to their full effect.

We spent a long time looking through DermaStrip customer reviews to find out if the product works (we’ll talk to you about this in more detail further down). However, one thing that really jumped out to us in all of the AngelLift reviews we read was how much people praised this lip serum.

Not only did it feel exquisite on the lips, but it also seemed to improve overall lip health. Just about every reviewer gave this serum five stars, loving how it felt on their skin.


Solution pH

angellift solution pH

Solution pH is AngelLift’s specialty makeup remover and cleanser.

It contains 15% antioxidants, along with a peptide blend, to detoxify pores and boost skin health as it cleans.

Just about every reviewer on both the company website and third-party review sites found that their skin felt significantly more hydrated just one month after using the cleanser regularly.

Facial skin also appeared brighter and smoother, while aging lines were less visible.


AngelLift Reviews: Do AngelLift DermaStrips Really Work?

After reading every review that we could find, it looks like the AngelLift DermaStrips not only work, but they work extremely well. One person stated that “using AngelLift changed my life”, while another exclaimed that the “smoker lines around my mouth dramatically reduced in number after just a few weeks of use”.

AngelLift receives five stars from customers and professionals all over the world. This is a product that truly does seem to have the potential to reverse the effects of skin aging.

Does AngelLift Have Any Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects from using any of AngelLift’s products.

How Much Does AngelLift Cost?

On the AngelLift website, the anti-aging sets, which include the DermaStrips, range in price from $72 to $114. Individual products come in at less, but our review found that the sets offer great value, with the Essential Set in particular being very beneficial for skin health.


What makes this company even more trustworthy is their 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product in this time, they’ll give you a full refund.

Woman applying face cream


How long does AngelLift last?

The AngelLift DermaStrips will last for between 4-6 months if looked after properly and used correctly. This means 30 minutes a day for the first month, followed by once a week.

Does AngelLift work for wrinkles?

Yes, AngelLift works well to lift the skin and erase facial lines and wrinkles.

Are the Products From AngelLift Worth Buying?

Let’s face it – the ability to safely give your skin a voluminous lift, in a way that not only improves its health but also fades away facial wrinkles, is near-priceless. When you consider the cost of all of the other serums, creams, and potions in your daily anti-aging routine, the DermaStrips offer fantastic value for money.

They’ve been proven to work quickly and effectively, providing a truly unique way to tackle aging skin. Complement these products with a good anti-aging cream and you’ll have yourself a combination that’s more than capable of keeping wrinkles away. In our eyes, that’s worth five stars at least.

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