Can Straws Give You Wrinkles?

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Skin wrinkles are among the first, prominent signs of aging. Creases and folds naturally develop in the skin as we age, and wrinkles on the face tend to be the most noticeable. After all, the face is the most expressive part of the body, and repeatedly using our facial muscles contributes to wrinkled skin.

With these facts in mind, could sipping beverages from a straw accelerate wrinkle formation? Keep reading to find out.

Do Straws Cause Wrinkles?

There’s a muscle that surrounds your lips called the orbicularis oris that contracts when your lips are pursed. To drink through a straw, you must purse your lips. But, repeatedly pursing your lips over an extended period can break down the collagen in the skin surrounding your mouth. [1

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Now that we understand the effect of frequently pursing your lips, we have the question of whether or not using straws can significantly add to wrinkle formation. Generally, drinking from a straw won’t cause any harm if it’s done occasionally. Regularly using straws, however, may exacerbate the formation of wrinkles around your mouth. [2

Another factor to consider regarding wrinkles around the mouth is genetics. Certain individuals with thinner or less hydrated skin are more prone to developing wrinkles. Besides genetics, other factors that are detrimental to skin aging include smoking, an unhealthy diet, and sun exposure, which may all deepen wrinkles for frequent straw users.

How To Fix Wrinkles from Sipping a Straw

If you’ve developed skin wrinkles from sipping a straw, it’s not too late to correct the problem and rejuvenate your skin. There are options that you can use to plump and smooth your skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The steps you can take to fix straw-related wrinkles include:

  1. Avoid using your facial muscles.

As human beings, we communicate with our words and expressions. Using facial expressions helps us emphasize our words, but adds to the formation of skin wrinkles. So, avoiding repetitive facial expressions and using straws, within reason, can help keep your skin taut.

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  1. Consider Botox and dermal fillers.

Botox is a popular injectable used to relax facial muscles and diminish the appearance of wrinkled skin. It’s a quick procedure that doesn’t require any downtime. Results may take one to two weeks to appear and can last for three to four months.

Fillers are an injectable form of hyaluronic acid that can restore the fullness and elasticity of the skin around your lips. [3] Unlike Botox, fillers make an immediate difference in the appearance of lip wrinkles.

  1. Stick to an anti-aging skincare regimen.

Many different ingredients included in skincare products, such as retinoids, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, can help fight lip wrinkles. While you’re carrying out your daily skincare regimen, make sure to keep the area around your lips hydrated with a rich moisturizer.

If you’re interested in creating an effective anti-aging skincare routine, check out our review of today’s Best wrinkle creams.


Does using a straw age you?

Occasionally using a straw won’t cause any damage to your skin. However, repetitively using straws can contribute to the formation of wrinkles around your mouth. Other environmental and genetic factors impact the extent of the wrinkling caused by straws.
Additionally, our skin naturally loses elasticity with age, which is the main contributing factor to developing wrinkles.

Is it okay to use a straw every day?

Using a straw every day results in repetitively pursing the lips. These repetitive movements can lead to creases or wrinkles in the skin.

How do you get wrinkles out of a straw?

Drinking from a straw requires contracting a muscle that surrounds your mouth (known as the orbicularis oris). Repetitively pursing the lips and using this muscle causes folds and wrinkles in the skin.

How can I drink water without wrinkles?

The best way to drink water without adding to the development of wrinkles is to use a cup or glass. Drinking through a straw or water bottle accelerates the development of wrinkles around the lips.

Is there a method for how to drink from a straw without getting wrinkles?

Drinking from a straw requires the pursing of the lips. However, occasionally pursing your lips won’t result in a noticeable increase in facial wrinkles. If you’d like to drink from a straw and avoid wrinkles, make sure not to use a straw every day and drink from a glass instead.

My lips are wrinkly – can I get rid of lines and creased skin around my lips?

Wrinkled skin can be corrected using various treatment methods. Anti-aging creams, Botox, and lip fillers are some of the most popular ways to get rid of wrinkles around your lips.

What causes wrinkles around the mouth?

Wrinkles around the mouth are caused by repeatedly using the muscles that trigger facial expressions. The orbicularis oris is a muscle that surrounds the mouth. This muscle contracts every time your lips are pursed, and repetitively using it can cause wrinkles around the mouth.

Is drinking through a straw bad for your stomach?

When you place a straw in your drink, the air gets trapped in the upper portion of the straw. Drinking through this straw causes the air to travel down your digestive tract. Although the occasional use of a straw isn’t bad for your stomach, using a straw can result in gas and bloating due to ingesting excess air.

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How can I know how to get rid of wrinkled lips and frown lines?

Using anti-aging creams, Botox, and fillers are popular treatments for getting rid of wrinkled lips and frown lines.

Does frowning cause wrinkles?

Repetitive frowning contributes to wrinkles. This is due to the repeated use of muscles that cause facial expressions, which crease the skin over time.

What does pursing your lips mean?

Bringing your lips together tightly to form a rounded shape is pursing your lips. It’s a motion that results from drinking through a straw.

What’s the best treatment for smokers lines?

Injectable fillers are a popular treatment for superficial smokers’ lines. These fillers provide instant results by adding fullness to the skin and decreasing the appearance of creased skin. [4] Anti-aging skincare products, such as retinoid creams, can also help decrease smokers’ lines over time.

Is drinking out of a straw bad for you?

Drinking out of a straw isn’t bad for you unless it’s a repetitive habit. If you’re drinking through straws every day, the skin around your lips may start to show signs of aging, such as wrinkles and creases.

Does rubbing your face cause wrinkles?

Rubbing your face can add to the development of wrinkles. Vigorous rubbing causes the collagen to break down and skin elasticity to decrease.

Does stress cause wrinkles?

Stress can have a detrimental effect on your body, including the protein in your skin. Specifically, stress can decrease your skin’s elasticity, which increases the risk of wrinkle formation. [5]

Does rubbing your eyes cause wrinkles?

The skin surrounding the eyes is naturally thin. So, rubbing your eyes can break down the collagen in the skin and contribute to the development of crow’s feet, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Conclusion: Does Using a Straw Cause Wrinkles?

Generally, you don’t have reason to worry: drinking through a straw every once in a while won’t cause wrinkles. However, the repetitive and daily use of straws can contribute to the development of wrinkles around the mouth. Keep in mind that the natural aging process and genetics also play a role in the degree of skin aging caused by drinking through a straw. 


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