DRMTLGY Review (2024) Medical-Grade Skincare – Fad or Fab?

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Chances are that, over the years, you’ve purchased a number of skincare products that have made absolutely no difference to your skin. You’re not alone – this is extremely common, and it’s the reason why more and more people are now seeking out stronger, medical-grade skincare products.

Enter DRMTLGY – a brand that’s striving to meet this new demand. While the products that they produce definitely look ultra-professional, do they actually work, and are they worth the higher price tag that they come with? We’ve put this DRMTLGY review together to find out exactly that.

How each product is reviewed

Each and every product mentioned on our site has been tested by one of the team members of Pierre Michel Beauty. We do not receive any sponsorship from the brands and all comments are our own. From time to time, we also refer to online reviews and include information about how other people use the products.

Hot Take: I tried the DRMTLGY Gentle Acne Cleanser and I loved how effective it was. Within days, there was way lesser redness on my face as the ugly spots started to clear up. Read on as I share my detailed findings.

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A relatively new, independently-owned skincare brand that was founded in 2017, DRMTLGY’s mission is to create targeted anti-aging and acne solutions.

They pride themselves on being able to provide medical-grade results.

This is all down to the high concentrations of active ingredients within each of their formulas, put together in a way that allows them to penetrate into the skin quickly and effectively.

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drmtlgy products


The DRMTLGY Products You Need to Know About

From cleansers and toners to serums and creams, DRMTLGY offers up a wide range of high-end products.

That said, there are some that look to be far more promising than others.

Our DRMTLGY skincare review is going to focus on some of the brand’s best sellers…

Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Aging Skin

If you’re looking for a way to minimize the signs of aging on your face, then these are the DRMTLGY products to look into:

The Needle-less Serum

drmtlgy needle less serum

Many would say that the Needle-less Serum is the product that shot DRMTLGY into the limelight.

Designed to be used twice a day, this serum targets fine lines, while also strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier to give the skin a plumper, fuller, and more hydrated appearance.

If you’re familiar with anti-aging treatments, then you’ll know that this is a promise that many products make.

However, what sets the Needle-less Serum apart is the fact that it contains the brand’s signature blend of peptides and ceramides.

There are numerous studies proving the anti-aging benefits of both [1, 2], and this is a formula that you won’t find in any other product.

It also contains vitamins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, as well as sodium chondroitin sulfate for its softening effect.


Vitamin C, E & F

drmtlgy vit c e and f

While antioxidants are already powerful ingredients on their own, research shows that they work even better when combined [3].

This makes the Vitamin C, E & F serum from DRMTLGY look very impressive.

It contains some of the most potent antioxidants in the industry, in concentrations that are high enough to actually bring about changes deeper within the skin.

You’ll find 15% ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in this formula, along with vitamin E and ferulic acid.

This combination not only gives the serum the potential to turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles, but it can also lighten and brighten dark spots.

Surprisingly, DRMTLGY claims that this product is suitable for all skin types.

With such high levels of vitamin C, those with skin sensitivities will rightfully be worried about irritation.

Fortunately, the brand has countered this by incorporating peptides, hyaluronic acid, and pea extract into the formula. These key ingredients give the product the ability to soothe, protect, and hydrate too.


Age Reversal Eye Cream

drmtlgy age reversal eye cream

The skin around the eyes is tricky to deal with.

It’s extremely thin, meaning that it develops fine lines much faster than other parts of the face, but it’s also highly sensitive, making it easily reactive to ingredients that are too strong.

The DRMTLGY Age Reversal Eye Cream seems to offer the perfect balance.

It contains several skin-brightening and de-puffing vitamins, peptides, and botanical extracts, from vitamins E and K to grape seed and avocado seed oil.

It’s gentle enough to be used twice a day, which is exactly what you should be doing if you want to fade those fine lines for good.


The Anti-Aging Kit

drmtlgy anti aging kit

While each of the anti-aging products above can be added individually to your existing skincare routine, those who are looking to completely overhaul their skin can purchase the brand’s Anti-Aging Kit. In addition to the two serums and eye cream, the Anti-Aging Kit also includes the Essential Cleanser, which you’ll learn more about further on.

If you’re looking to buy multiple anti-aging products from DRMTLGY, then the Anti-Aging Kit offers good value for money.

Skin Texture & Tone

Problems with skin tone and texture are common with age, but they can also occur due to acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.

While it’s always important to treat the root of the problem, DRMTLGY offers a few products that are able to rejuvenate and resurface the skin, therefore improving skin tone and texture.

Peptide Night Cream


Just like the other products from DRMTLGY, the Peptide Night Cream is packed with ceramides and peptides. Since it also contains shea butter, which could potentially clog pores, this product is aimed at those with sensitive or dry skin, rather than oily.

This cream is designed to be intensely hydrating.

The way in which it plumps up skin cells also means that fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable, while visible sun damage starts to fade away.


Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

drmtlgy Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Pumpkin extract is a common ingredient in natural exfoliants.

It contains enzymes that work just like a chemical exfoliant but in a far gentler way.

This is a big deal for those who have skin sensitivities, as well as for those who want to exfoliate more frequently – product specifications state that the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask can be used up to three times a week.

It’s not just the pumpkin in this formula that exfoliates the skin.

The mask also contains kaolin, a clay known for its detoxifying effects.

To ensure that the skin remains soothed while being exfoliated, DRMTLGY has included colloidal silver, glycerin, jojoba esters, and vitamin E in this formula too.

In fact, the vitamin E is contained in tiny micro-beads that release the ingredient upon contact with the skin.

This keeps it active and as potent as possible until the last possible moment.

In addition to improving texture and tone, this mask also reduces pore size and has skin-lightening properties.


Microdermabrasion Scrub


Face scrubs have a bad rep.

Many of the scrubs available on the market are made with overly-abrasive ingredients, such as nut shells and fruit pits.

While they do exfoliate, they also scratch at the skin.

This creates micro-tears that not only damage the skin’s protective barrier, therefore interfering with moisture retention and wound healing, but all of those tiny openings then allow bacteria and toxins to enter the skin.

Fortunately, after reading through the key ingredients in this scrub, any concerns that we had were eased.

The abrasiveness of this Microdermabrasion scrub is all down to pumice granules, which have rounded edges.

However, the scrub also exfoliates chemically via sugar cane extract.

This botanical is a natural source of glycolic acid, a popular AHA.


Daily Care & Protection

While everyone’s skincare routine will be different, there are a couple of products that are a must for daily usage.

Essential Cleanser

drmtlgy essential cleanser

As mentioned, the Essential Cleanser can either be purchased individually or as part of the Anti-Aging Kit.

Suitable for all skin types, this cleanser both cleans and hydrates the skin. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and 11 botanical extracts.

You’ll notice that this formula only contains one peptide, unlike the multi-peptide blends present in the brand’s other products.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – cleansers remain on the skin for a very short period of time.

Most peptides take longer to work, meaning that you’d end up washing them off before they’ve actually absorbed into your skin.

It makes much more sense to go with a single powerful peptide in a cleanser, saving the multi-peptide combos for serums and creams.


Broad Spectrum SPF 45 (Suitable for Sensitive Skin)

drmtlgy broad spectrum spf 45

Everyone needs a good sunscreen.

While SPF 30 is usually sufficient, going with SPF 45 means that this formula provides enough protection for all skin types.

Unlike other mineral sunscreens, this one is surprisingly lightweight, making it impressive that it packs so much SPF power.

It doesn’t leave you with that dreaded white residue either and is both oil-free and fragrance-free.

What makes this sunscreen even more appealing is the fact that it’s not solely about sun protection.

It’s also a great addition to your anti-aging arsenal, thanks to its vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate.

Interestingly, it also contains knotweed extract.

The brand claims that this ingredient protects against infrared radiation, which is believed to be just as damaging as UV rays.

Although not factually inaccurate, the only real studies that have been carried out on this have been by manufacturers of the extract.


Acne-Prone Skin

If you’ve been battling with breakouts for a while, the acne products from DRMTLGY look very promising…

Gentle Acne Cleanser

drmtlgy gentle acne cleanser

Keeping the skin cleansed is key in breakout prevention.

Ask just about any qualified medical professional and they’ll point you to salicylic acid.

This beta hydroxy acid is a popular and effective acne-fighter with multiple studies from academic research institutions to confirm this [4].

You’ll find salicylic acid in a 2% concentration in this Gentle Acne Cleanser.

This is powerful enough to banish breakouts, yet gentle enough to be used twice a day without being overly drying.


24 Hour Acne Serum

drmtlgy 24 hour acne serum

In addition to salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide is another go-to anti-acne ingredient.

You’ll find it in the 24-Hour Acne Serum, along with glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin.

The brand claims that this formula is capable of reducing excess oil in just 24 hours, and DRMTLGY reviews confirm this to be true.


Does DRMTLGY Work?

There are so many positive reviews for DRMTLGY out there, which is always a good sign.

These aren’t just on the official DRMTLGY site – just about every independent review website has nothing but praises to sing about this skincare line.

The majority of opinions expressed focused on how these formulas allowed them to treat wrinkles, sagging skin, and acne scars.

The brand’s Anti-Aging Kit was particularly popular, with many customers then adding on any extras that they needed to create a complete DRMTLGY skincare routine.

DRMTLGY customer reviews


Do DRMTLGY Products Have Any Side Effects?

Most DRMTLGY products are formulated to be safe for every skin type, and, when they aren’t, the brand makes it clear.

When used correctly, these products don’t come with any side effects.

The majority of them also look to be safe for pregnant and nursing women, although it would still be wise to check with a qualified medical professional before use.

How Much Do DRMTLGY Products Cost?

DRMTLGY products vary quite significantly in price.

The antioxidant-rich serums are at the higher end of the scale, coming in at around $69.

The cleansers and sunscreens are much more affordable, with both at $23.



Is DRMTLGY a good brand?

Yes, DRMTLGY is a good brand to use, especially if you’re looking to treat acne or wrinkles.

Does the DRMTLGY Needle-less Serum work?

Yes, the DRMTLGY Needle-less Serum has been clinically proven to work, and DRMTLGY reviews back this up.

Is DRMTLGY sold in stores?

No, DRMTLGY products are only available via the brand’s website and on Amazon. This allows the brand to keep their pricing as low as possible.

Is Drmtlgy a good brand?

Are DRMTLGY Products Worth Buying?

Although some of the products may cost more than alternatives from other brands, DRMTLGY products are well worth purchasing if you’re looking for an anti-aging or anti-acne solution that really does work.

In our opinion, it’s better to spend a little more on quality, instead of repeatedly purchasing cheaper products that just don’t make a difference.

If your aim is a complexion that looks smooth, clear, bright, and, most importantly, beautifully healthy, then this is a brand that will help you to achieve all of your skincare goals.

Get an exclusive 20% off your first order when you order through the DRMTLGY official website now, and enjoy free shipping for orders above $40 (get a friend to try it with you!).

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