Vivexin Review – Does it Really Erase Fine Lines and Dark Circles?

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If you are getting tired of always looking tired, you’ll probably love to try one of the best eye creams like Vivexin that promises to get rid of those dark circles and bags under your eyes. They can be embarrassing and unsightly.

We know how you feel, because some of us also have circles under our eyes, and they always seem to be there, regardless of what we try to relieve them. You may try hydrating the skin around your eyes, or sleeping more, or giving yourself natural and well-formulated under-eye treatments, but daily under-eye applications are the best they could come up with.

So you can understand our excitement when someone said that Vivexin is made for getting rid of dark circles under your eyes. We included it in our top eye cream comparison, too. It’s ranked #4 right now.

If there truly is an under-eye circle solution, we want to use it. We searched the Internet to find out all we could about Vivexin. Here’s what we learned…

What Is this “Miracle” Cream?


Did you know that those dark circles beneath your eyes are not brought on by stress or tiredness? They result when capillaries near the eyes leak blood, fairly near the surface of your skin. As it oxidizes, it turns dark red and looks like a bruise. Under-eye skin is quite thin, so those bruises show up easily.

As we did our research, we discovered that Vivexin uses a formula with botanical extracts and clinical ingredients to solve under-eye circles. It helps with microcirculation and in maintaining the strength of capillaries near the eyes.

Basically, Vivexin diminishes dark circles under the eyes by treating the basis of the problem, within your skin. Like many products that work on under-eye circles, Vivexin contains ingredients that will make the area look less puffy. It also uses Matrixyl to promote the production of collagen, which purportedly helps in filling in wrinkles and fine lines [1]. See our recommended product for fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does this Product Work?

Vivexin includes several powerful ingredients to lighten dark circles and help in erasing wrinkles and fine lines. They also eliminate puffiness under your eyes. The main ingredient for reducing dark circles is Haloxyl, which is similar in performance to Hydrolyze. Haloxyl strengthens your capillaries to reduce the amount of blood that leaks. At the same time, it utilizes enzymes from natural sources to ease away any dark pigmentation you already have beneath your eyes. This leaves you looking more awake and refreshed.

Vivexin also includes Eyeliss, which helps in reducing puffiness under your eyes. It accomplishes this by the strengthening of capillaries and veins under your eyes that might otherwise leak fluid. It also promotes proper drainage of fluid that could otherwise collect there. Its properties include those relating to reducing wrinkles and fine lines, too. But not much testing has thus far been done to tell whether that’s actually true or not.

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Vivexin’s final ingredient is Matrixyl, as we noted earlier. This gives your skin proteins that encourage collagen production. This is helpful in erasing any remaining wrinkles and lines under your eyes.

When you read them, these ingredients sound like they would be very effective, although there hasn’t been much testing to ensure that you will get the desired results when all these ingredients are combined.

This brings us to some problems associated with Vivexin …

What Can’t it Do?

Dry facial skin

We scoured the Internet for Vivexin reviews, in order to determine what types of issues with skin couldn’t be corrected with the product.

In one recent review, the user stated that Vivexin treated the puffiness and dark circles well, but it also dried out her skin. Other people have mentioned similar side effects.

This has led us to determine that the ingredients combined in Vivexin do cause some skin dehydration, and you should only use it sparingly. Supplementing it with a moisturizer will also help [2].

We Saw Positive Reviews, Too

I use it every day

“I found it by accident, but it turns out to be some great stuff – my eyes look much better now! It also fights wrinkles really well without any no sides effects, this is way above my expectations. I use this in the mornings and when I want to refresh my eyes from fatigue or lots of reading. I have also tried some other products but they didn’t work overall as good as Vivexin – just love it!” –

CATom, February 14 2012

Dark Circles are gone!

“I was using another way too expensive eye cream before and had good results but I was tired of spending so much money on each bottle. My friend told me about this product as she was liking her results so. I switched to try it out. I was very impressed with the serum and how smooth it went on and dried. This did everything the more expensive cream did and was a fraction of the cost. Very happy with eye revival and will continue to use it.” –

“Social”, February 28 2012

What’s Our Conclusion?

While there is no such thing as a perfect serum or cream for everyone, we found Vivexin is effective overall in fighting problems with the skin under the eyes. We read a lot of reviews, and most people saw positive results after only a relatively short time period. But most people also noted that the skin around the eyes became dehydrated, which may be a consistent side effect.

Pen and I agree checkbox

There are so many products circling the market making it difficult to find the perfect one for your skin. This is why you need to review creams and serums thoroughly to at least have an idea if it would be a good fit for you.

Just like any new product you try for the first time if you notice a negative reaction stop use immediately. We recommend trying on a small patch of your skin before making it a part of your everyday routine.

Eye creams don’t work overnight but you will notice results if you use it consistently and properly – keep this in mind! Whatever eye cream you decide to go with – whether it’s Vivexin or another brand – be patient and committed to using it as instructed.

Where To Buy?

If you wish to give Vivexin a try, there are a few ways you can get your hands on this product. Going directly to Vivexin’s official site will give you access to this product among hundreds of others. You can also browse other retailers like Amazon. Here you’ll be able to read more customer reviews and sometimes even score a lower price.

Where ever you decide to buy from, make sure they are a reliable source. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this eye cream! Was it a success? Did it live up to your expectations? We want to know as we’re sure many of our viewers would too!

Would We Use Vivexin?

We think there are other options that will work better right now for treating the problems in the skin under the eyes. You can also find products that are less expensive than Vivexin. Rumors circulate online about people having problems if they want a refund.

Two ladies smiling

It appears that some individuals have a good experience with Vivexin while others don’t. We’re not 100% sure where the discrepancies are, however, sometimes it’s a matter of failing to review return policy guidelines.

Everyone does it! They buy a product without knowing exactly what the refund process is if it doesn’t live up to their expectations. Of course, Vivixen could be clearer about their return policy as it would save them from some negative reviews!

The company also doesn’t make it clear enough that if you pay with a credit card, that information will be kept and you’ll be billed $80 a month unless you call and cancel the billing. If you decide that you want to try Vivexin, call them first to see how the 90-day return policy should work. Get specific information about the way to exit their auto-billing program if you don’t see good results.

Overall, we feel that Vivexin is an eye cream of good quality. We ranked it at #2 on our 2019 top list of eye creams.

Rating: 4 stars!

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