Tula Skincare Review: What’s the Deal with Probiotics in Skincare?

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Probiotics have been in the limelight quite a bit recently. They’ve become one of the most popular dietary supplements out there, with millions of people around the world taking probiotics (as well as prebiotics) regularly [1].

While it has been proven time and time again that consuming probiotics is key to a healthy gut, and therefore a healthy body, many have been skeptical about the increasing number of probiotic skin care products out there. Probiotics work well internally, but are they actually beneficial in any way when used topically?

We decided to find out by taking a closer look at a popular skincare line that’s all about probiotics; Tula Skincare. Have a read through our Tula Skincare review to discover whether or not probiotic skincare is worth buying into.

Who is Tula Skincare?

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Tula is a cruelty-free skincare brand that focuses on clean and effective products. Each formula contains probiotics, along with a selection of other superfoods. However, while natural ingredients may be their focus, the brand doesn’t neglect science either. They pick and choose their ingredients based on the latest research, bringing nature and technology together in a very intriguing way.

Free From Parabens, Mineral Oil & Other Nasties

There are certain ingredients that all clean beauty brands will stay away from. Parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol…the list goes on. Interestingly, retinol is another ingredient that Tula avoids, even though most other skincare brands revere it.

This is because, although potent, retinol is usually stabilized with parabens or BHT when it is produced. Truly “clean” retinol isn’t easy to find, so it’s interesting to learn that Tula has shunned the ingredient altogether.

The Tula Products You Need to Know About

From cleansers and masks to serums and makeup primers, Tula produces a huge range of skincare products. For those new to the skincare line, the sheer choice can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, our Tula skincare review has narrowed down your options – here are the products that you need to know about if you’re trying the brand for the first time.

But First…Probiotics

Before we take a look at some specific products, let’s dig a little deeper into the use of probiotic compounds in skincare. As mentioned, Tula uses probiotic extracts in each product, but how do they actually work?

Well, just like in your gut, probiotics on your skin encourage the growth of good bacteria while neutralizing bad bacteria. This not only creates an inhospitable environment for acne-causing bacteria, but it also reduces inflammation, boosts skin moisture, and prevents skin aging [2].

Even better, they’re suitable for all skin types, and really do have the potential to pave the way to healthy skin.

The Cult Classic: Purifying Face Cleanser

The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser

Everyone needs a good face wash, and it seems as though the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser has become a go-to for many. In addition to probiotic extracts, this formula also contains prebiotics in the form of chicory root. This botanical is known for the way in which it can reduce signs of aging, both immediately and in the longer term [3], making it a great one to have in a cleanser.

Turmeric root is another key ingredient in this face wash. Just like probiotics, turmeric is an ingredient that has been taking the foodie world by storm, and it’s now in so many skincare products too. However, again, just like probiotics, science backs up the topical use of turmeric, confirming that it can boost skin health in a variety of ways [4].

Another positive aspect of this cleanser is that it’s easy to use. Simply dab some on a cotton pad and swipe it around your face, enjoying the cooling sensation it brings. It’s safe to use around the eye area too – many use it to remove makeup.

Brightening Treatment Drops: Triple Vitamin C Serum

Brightening Treatment Drops Triple Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C targets everything from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and dull skin, and serums are the best way to deliver this powerful antioxidant to the skin. Most contain a single form of vitamin C, along with other antioxidants.

This immediately helps the Tula Vitamin C Serum stand out – it’s formulated with three forms of vitamin C, resulting in an impressive 10% of this formula consisting of the ingredient. Adding to the serum’s antioxidant properties are three superfruit extracts; mango, lychee, and Japanese mandarin. As you probably know, antioxidants are key for fighting free radicals in the skin. The more antioxidants you’re able to combine together, the better the results.

24-7 Moisture: Hydrating Day and Night Cream

24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day and Night Cream

Moisturizers are another skincare essential, and it’s refreshing to see a brand market a face cream as being suitable for both day and night. This lightweight cream is designed to boost radiance and tighten the skin, and it contains several antioxidants, including blueberry extract and watermelon fruit extract, to help it do this.

You’ll also find squalane in this blend, which is known for its hydrating and anti-inflammatory effects. Although it’s an oil, it doesn’t block the pores, yet will leave your skin looking soft and supple.

The Discovery Kit

The Discovery Kit

In addition to selling individual products, Tula also sells a variety of value kits. These skincare bundles target various skin concerns, but, if you’d like to try before you buy (or technically, try before you buy full-sized products) go for a Discovery Kit. From the Firming & Smoothing Discovery Kit for aging skin to the Acne & Blemish Fighting Discovery Kit, there’s something for all of the major skin issues out there.

Each Discovery Kit features trial-sized versions of the brand’s products. This gives you the chance to see how your skin responds to each formula before making a bigger investment.

Skincare Kits for Acne-Prone Skin

Skincare Kits for Acne-Prone Skin

Tula has several anti-acne kits in their repertoire. For mild breakouts, or to simply prevent acne from returning, the Level 1 Acne Clearing Routine is what you need. If your acne is more severe, then consider the Level 2 or Level 3 kits.

Each kit contains three products that can be used as a complete skincare routine. They make use of FDA-approved acne-fighting ingredients, including salicylic acid and lactic acid.

Does Tula Skincare Actually Work?

Although these products are packed with science-backed ingredients, do they really work?

Just about every Tula Skincare review out there confirms that they do. People seem to absolutely love the results that they’ve been seeing after using the products regularly for a few weeks. Not only are these formulas able to treat the skincare issues that they’ve been designed for, but, no matter which products you use, chances are that your skin will start to emit a soft glow after the ingredients have had some time to work.

Would You Benefit From Adding Tula Products to Your Skincare Routine?

Unless you’re already using products that are perfectly suited to your skin, then yes, you would most likely benefit quite a bit from trying a few Tula products.

Their anti-acne products seem to be among their most popular, but their anti-aging line is also definitely worth looking into. All of their products are designed to be lightweight enough to be worn underneath makeup.

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Is Tula Skincare Safe?

Yes, Tula Skincare only uses safe ingredients. The products don’t contain anything that could harm or irritate the skin. Read our honest review for more ingredient information.

How Much Do Tula Skincare Products Cost?

When it comes to price, our Tula Skincare review found that the brand is on the higher end of the scale. To give you an idea of prices, their cleanser comes in at $28, the eye balm at $30, and the moisturizer at $52. This is what makes their kits even more appealing – they offer great value for money if you’re interested in buying multiple products!


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Is Tula clean skincare?

Yes, Tula is a clean skincare brand.

Is Tula skin care FDA approved?

The ingredients that Tula uses are FDA-approved.

Is Tula good for wrinkles?

Yes, the anti-aging products from Tula are fantastic for wrinkles!

You can also check out our review for this year’s best creams for wrinkles.

Are Tula Skincare Products Worth Buying?

Although they may cost more than drugstore brand skincare products, Tula Skincare products offer more in return. The fact that they’re a clean beauty brand is definitely a plus point, but their products really do hold up to the promises that they make. They’re just as effective as many of the “unclean” products out there, which is how the brand is able to justify its higher price point.

If you’ve been curious about probiotic-based skincare, then this is a great brand to start your journey with.

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