Our Trilastin SR Review – And We Won’t Stretch The Truth

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If you’re like lots of people out there, you probably would rejoice in finding a solution for the stretch marks that affect so many of us. You’re certainly not alone if you have stretch marks. Millions of women and men would like to cover up these unsightly marks, but you’ll need to find a product that will do it well.

However, finding that perfect product is not easy. In fact, it’s really freaking challenging. That’s why we have put together a complete list of all of the best stretch mark creams available today. This is just our latest addition to our series. So, if this one doesn’t resonate for you, scroll through the other articles to find one that seems like a better fit.

In the last several months, we’ve seen many products coming out, one after another. Each one of these new formulas appears and promises to give you stretch mark relief, but most of them just don’t deliver.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find a solution that will work best for you. That’s why we decided to add to our best stretch mark creams series when we began noticing the buzz about a new cream called Trilastin SR.

We decided to research it for you, to find out if it really is what it claims to be. We made some interesting finds. Don’t stop now! Read our full Trilastin SR review to decide if it’s worth a purchase or not.

Just What Is This Product?

Lots of people have lost and gained weight, and many women have had children. These people may have something in common with you – stretch marks. If you happen to have stretch marks, you probably have tried many products to get rid of them.

Before we delve into the causes of stretch marks and the best way to get rid of them, we decided to add a video of other reviewers’ experience in checking out Trilastin SR for six weeks. If you want to see the experience and check out the results, watch this video below.

Trilastin SR Review: Our Results After 6 Weeks

Unsightly stretch marks become more visible when your elastin fibers [1], usually responsible for binding your skin, become stressed and develop small tears. Those tears create scar tissue, as any other muscle or skin injury would. These tiny injuries appear on your body as stretch marks.

We read through many Trilastin SR reviews and found out that skin has an amazing, natural ability to grow, as one might expect. But, like every other part of our body, it does have limitations. Stretch marks are often seen after bodybuilding, gaining weight, or being pregnant.


Our review team discovered that Trilastin SR’s formula works efficiently and quickly to reduce stretch marks’ appearance on the skin. It worked so well for us that the results began to be seen as fast as two weeks after the first use.

Trilastin SR cream is also helpful in providing your skin with plenty of elasticity, to avoid dermal tearing. It accomplishes this by giving your skin all essential elements to produce elastin and collagen. These are the most important aspects of properly binding skin.

Will it work for you? Does it really work that well?

Before we answer that, we want to provide a quick disclaimer. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied since everyone’s skin is unique, but we encourage you to read our review and others available online.

That said, overall, this product works well for many users. Our research team did find that this powerful, hypoallergenic [2], advanced formula helped in the stimulation of cell regeneration, to a degree. It leaves most users with visible and positive changes in the areas of stretch marks.

Girls at a beach

In addition to encouraging cell growth, it works at thickening the epidermal layer. This makes the skin surface even smoother and helps in the fading and repair of existing marks. These steps combine to minimize the stretch marks you see.

We were encouraged also by the fact that Trilastin SR has proven effective for most all users, regardless of age, skin color, sex or length of time they had previously had stretch marks. Typically, the higher quality the product the wider the variety of people can help. Therefore, to us, this is a sign of the effectiveness and power of this formula.


What CAN’T this product do?

This cream is effective for many types of dermal stretch marks. However, it can’t effectively treat deep scars from botched surgeries [3], injuries or medical procedures. Scar tissue that results from trauma is an entirely different scenario than other skin challenges. For that reason, you should never expect one product to treat both.

If you need treatment for these types of scars, which are more severe, speak with your dermatologist and determine what the best course of action will be. Speak to her before you use Trilastin SR, too, until you have her studied opinion.

What do real users of the product say?

Trilastin SR before after

While we found Trilastin SR to work effectively against stretch marks, it’s good to hear what your everyday, average consumers experienced with the product, as well.

We took to the internet to find unbiased feedback to share with you. As a reminder, it’s always good practice to look for product reviews that are not on the company website or part of sponsored or affiliate web pages. You want to make a choice based on facts, but just positive words people share to sell you something.

“I usually don’t do this, but I’m really really impressed with this product. I don’t have endless gripes about my physical appearance, but I was starting to get really down and obsessive about my old and new stretch marks. I received this as a Christmas gift (per my request) and can honestly say, this many months later, that its made a definite noticeable dent in my stretch marks. I think the people who have given negative reviews are looking for total disappearance. Please consider that there is NO product currently out there at this time that can do that, so any product that actually makes a serious difference in texture and color is a true success, which this product does. there is no cure for stretch marks, but trilastin is a proven treatment in my opinion.”
– Melissa McCormick, March 5, 2010, Amazon.com

This product is good but I thought it would have been a little better. My stretch marks are going away but still very much visible after a month of use. My stretch marks are over five years old. But hopefully I will see more results in the near future.”
– The Diva, January 10, 2009, Amazon.com


What’s our verdict?

There isn’t such a thing as a miracle product to remove all stretch marks and other scarring of the skin. It’s unrealistic to hope to experience that any time soon. But, with that in mind, we feel that Trilastin SR will help in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks anywhere on your body.

Before you order Trilastin SR, check the prices online to get the best deal. Some customers have been frustrated that it isn’t available in stores. However, that means that you are more likely to discover great deals online. We found the best prices, not at eBay, Amazon or Walmart, but actually at the official site, where they have prices that are quite competitive, along with a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee.

With a guarantee like that, what’s holding you back? If you’re still not convinced after our Trilastin SR review, remember, you can check out our other favorites on our best stretch mark creams page.

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