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If there’s one thing I want to know when it comes to beauty trends, it’s all about these hot oils that everyone loves right now. Everywhere you look, brands are jumping on board to products highlighting them.

However, it’s slightly overwhelming.

So many oils get talked about for their health and beauty benefits, that it can be hard to know which ones to try for what. As soon as one oil is talked about, it seems like there’s another hot on its heels ready to steal the limelight!

Skinception Argan Oil

From Moroccan to Coconut, I’ve used them all, but the oil that I’m really into right now is Argan Oil. It’s commonly claimed to have hugely beneficial beauty uses on everything from your skin to hair and nails. This is a wonder-oil of sorts, which is definitely something I can get on board with buying into using as part of my beauty routine.

All of the claims and options available, I’ve heard some really great things about Skinception’s Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil. So, this was always going to be my first port of call.

I don’t know how much you know about Skinception, but their products are all natural and use organic ingredients. This for me is hugely important because I do tend to have sensitive skin and I find that using natural and organic skincare products really do stop me from having bad reactions.

In this Skinception Argan Oil review, I’m going to talk you through the Skinception Argan Oil benefits for each beauty treatment that it can be used for and then move on to my very own experiences!

What Does It Claim?

First off, Skinception’s Argan Oil claims for Healthy Skin, Stronger Nails and Sexy Hair to be the results of its use. That definitely sounds like a great starting point for me. Who doesn’t want all of those things?

First things first – skincare.

Skinception says that the oil is a really great natural treatment for problems with dry skin, acne, psoriasis and eczema as well. So if you suffer with any of these, it might be worth giving it a try! Research supports these claims and shows that the oil is an effective treatment for many different skin conditions.

As a natural moisturiser, Skinception’s Argan Oil contains nothing synthetic and definitely no parabens. It actually has more than 200% Vitamin E in it than olive oil does, which definitely sounds like a reassuring fact to me. Vitamin E has long been known for its skincare uses [1]. I guess this is why it supposedly works so well on a whole range of skincare problems.


But skincare isn’t the only beauty area that the oil is good for. Haircare is definitely up there too.

Beauty gurus have been using healthy oils in their hair for years now and Argan Oil is definitely one that can be used too. It’s great for damaged hair.

I’m definitely excited about this because my hair does tend to get really tired at the ends and I could really use some TLC. By simply rubbing a couple of drops into your hair, starting at the ends, and leave it for 30 minutes or even overnight. I love hair masks so the sound of this is perfect to me. They even say it can help with frizziness by scrunching a couple of drop into the ends of your hair.

Healthy hair girl in the field

Skinception also suggest that their Argan Oil can be used to reduce dandruff. So if you have an itchy scalp, you can just rub it in to the roots and let it get to work.

Finally, it benefits hands and nails as well.

Finally, when mixing Skinception’s Argan Oil in equal parts with lemon juice, it’s also meant to work well for nail strengthening, softening cuticles and giving your nails an overall radiant glow. Although this was not my primary concern, I think I’m going to give this a go too. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to improve the health of their nails as well.

How Does It Work?

For a long time, I’ve been shying away from using oils for skin care, but they’re surprisingly effective. In my mind, they would be either too heavy and stay on the surface of my skin or too light and do nothing. However, this was not the case with Skinception Argan Oil. This oil absorbs quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the benefits evaporating away.

This oil works well because Argan oil naturally contains a lot of the ingredients that lead to healthier skin; namely antioxidants, vitamins, and the fatty acids that keep skin looking young and healthy.

This oil helps to retain moisture in your skin effectively and it does so by reestablishing your skin’s own hydrolipid film. Wonder what this film is? It is actually in charge of absorbing hydration and sustaining it in your skin. So, it makes sense that you’d want it to be healthy and doing its job well.

Oil in flask and dropper

You’d love the anti-aging properties of this Skinception product.

It minimizes the signs of aging by not allowing DNA creation and protein from interlinking with one another. This is what causes premature aging and by controlling this aspect, you’d be able to have younger looking skin for longer.

I’m extremely religious about wearing sun protection. As we know, sun damage can lead to harmful skin conditions and wrinkled, damaged, discolored skin. Skinception helps to stop the effects of sun damage through its effective antioxidant properties while helping to multiply the amount of Vitamin E in your skin.

I’ve already mentioned the beauty benefits that this oil provides but in this Skinception Argan oil review, I also want to cover how it provides a plethora of other benefits as well.


Added Benefits

This product is so much more than a single use beauty product. It has a laundry list of benefits that you wouldn’t expect, on top of being great for your hair, skin, and nails. Don’t believe me? Keep reading while I unpack it all further.

Moisturizing your skin has long been known to be an important part of a daily routine. I’m drawn to this natural oil because it doesn’t contain nasty chemicals that I would be concerned about. If you suffer from sensitive skin or skin conditions, this is definitely a huge bonus.

Moisturized skin and face

Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are especially difficult to find products for. This argan oil is safe for these conditions and it helps improve the symptoms and appearance of your skin. As one of the few, all-natural products that are effective for individuals with these skin concerns, people should be rushing to try it.

A main reason this product is so effective for treating challenging skin diseases is because argan oil contains powerful natural healing properties and anti-inflammatory agents [2]. Not only does it work for sick skin, but it also means you can use it on rough, cracked skin, split cuticles, and other areas of your skin that need extra help to heal.

Finally, this product also works wonders for skin with acne. The healing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties make it an excellent solution for relief. Have you ordered yours yet with all of these benefits?

Is It Really That Good?

I also really want to point out that Skinception is an ethically fair company. They work in a fair trade co-operative where their workers are paid competitively with flexible working conditions and offer educational opportunities to the women that produce their products.

This definitely feels very heart warming for me. It’s always great to know that you’re not buying from or using products produced by a company that doesn’t have any responsibilities when it comes to the environments and communities they operate in!

So I’d say yes, before I’ve even started to use it, it really does seem that good.

I’m also reassured with their 90-day money back guarantee. 90 days is definitely a long time and gives you the chance to try it properly to make sure it does exactly what it says on the tin! Let’s get to testing now, shall we…


But What Did You Find?

To start with, I used Skinception’s Argan Oil on my skin. I wanted to see if it really did all it said it would. The company makes some huge claims that almost sounded too good to be true.

So, I was looking out for the anti-aging abilities, first and foremost. This was my primary interest because, although my skin is not overly wrinkly, I do have the odd fine line. I also find that my under-eyes can be quite puffy and I do tend to lose brightness because of this.

Woman with healthy eyes

After just a couple of nights using it, I really did start to see a difference in my skin. It doesn’t feel oily to use at all and absorbs into my skin really well. I started to notice my under-eye skin looked a lot less puffy and my eyes overall seemed brighter. It did take a few weeks before I could see any difference in my fine lines, but these two definitely seemed to plump up a little.

For my body, I also used a little of the Skinception Argan oil on my really dry areas, around my knees and elbows. I did this in addition to my existing moisturizing routine and I definitely feel so much softer! It really is incredible!

On my hair, I definitely have less frizz. It’s been great to use as both a deep moisturising treatment and a serum for the finished look. My hair is not particularly greasy though, which I think might play a role in the experience of others.

Finally, I have also tried it on my nails too. After a few weeks of use, I found that my cuticles are feeling softer. As someone with already soft hands, this is hugely impressive.

At the end of the day, Skinception Argan Oil really is a great all-around beauty product. I love something that I can use to pamper and care for multiple body parts. There wasn’t a single place I used this oil that left me wanting more.

And Would You Rebuy It?

Yes, definitely yes. As I’ve mentioned in this Skinception Argan Oil review, I love that it’s natural and doesn’t contain a whole bunch of other ingredients that other oil or oil based products do.

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