SiO Beauty Review: Do Medical-Grade Silicone Patches Treat Aging Skin?

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The average anti-aging skincare routine consists of serums, creams, and other potent formulas designed to be absorbed into the skin. Some work, but most don’t, leaving many to turn to Botox and other professional treatments instead.

The problem lies with the fact that most anti-aging skincare products target the surface of the skin, rather than the cells deeper within. Sure, this will improve the appearance of your skin for a few hours, but it’s not going to actually clear away those fine lines and wrinkles in the long term.

So, when we heard about SiO and their unique approach to treating aging skin, we were intrigued. Has this brand finally found a non-invasive wrinkle solution that really works? We decided to take a closer look at these unusual skincare patches – keep reading our SiO beauty review to find out what we discovered.

Who is SiO Beauty?

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Founded by Gigi Howard, a model, publicist, and entrepreneur, SiO Beauty is a skincare line that makes use of medical-grade silicone to produce special patches that adhere to the skin and smooth away wrinkles. The brand started after Gigi’s personal struggles with chest wrinkles, which started appearing in her 20’s. After being introduced to medical-grade silicone by a doctor friend, Gigi spent four years developing 180 prototypes, until she finally managed to perfect her creation. This led to the founding of SiO Beauty, and the rest was history.

How Do the SiO Beauty Medical-Grade Silicone Lift Patches Work?

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The patches from SiO Beauty are completely different from most of the other anti-aging products out there. They’re designed to be placed onto specific areas of skin, such as the face, neck, chest, and hands. They contour and adhere to the area of skin you place them on, creating a unique microclimate in that small space between your skin and the silicone.

This means that the moisture in your skin can’t evaporate into the air in the way that it usually does. Instead, it remains where it is, which provides some serious hydration. Moisture retention is key to skin health, especially at night. This is the time during which your skin cells are healing and regenerating, meaning that overnight is when they need water the most. Wearing these patches at night gives your skin cells the hydration that they need. You’ll not only wake up to a plumper and smoother complexion, but your cells will be truly healthy too.

If that’s not impressive enough, these patches do even more. The way that they’re designed allows them to compress the skin, keeping it taut and flat. It physically smooths those wrinkles out, preventing the skin from creasing again. When you first start using the patches, you’ll notice that each wrinkle returns a few hours after each patch is removed. However, over time, the results become longer-lasting, giving you skin that looks permanently smooth and wrinkle-free.

Even better, the patches from SiO Beauty are reusable. They can be used up to 15 times before they need to be thrown out, making them much more eco-friendly than the many single-use products out there.


How to Use the Skincare Patches

The patches need to be used on clean and dry skin. This is the point at which just about every other brand out there would try to push their own cleanser, but, interestingly, SiO Beauty doesn’t produce a cleanser. It’s refreshing to see a beauty brand stick to what they specialize in, rather than over-diversifying and creating poorer quality products.

Each of the patches is wrapped in a plastic film. Simply remove this and then place a patch onto the part of your skin it’s designated for. Leave it on for 6-10 hours (or overnight), and then remove each patch and place them into the supplied storage shield. You can then use a facial cleanser to clean your patches, before using them again as needed.

The SiO Products You Need to Know About

SiO Beauty produces a range of patches. Each one is designed to be used on a specific area of skin. Technically, since they’re all made of the same silicone, you could use these patches anywhere on your body, not just on the designated area. However, they’ve been cut in a way that allows them to contour to certain parts of the face and body, which is exactly what makes them so comfortable to wear.

SiO FaceLift

SiO FaceLift

The SiO FaceLift is one of the most popular products in the brand’s patch range. Unlike a traditional face lift, this one is completely non-invasive, yet the results of both are comparable!

This SiO Beauty pack consists of four patches; one for the forehead/brows, one for the neck, and two that can be used either underneath the eyes or around the mouth.

What Do the Reviews Say?

This is the bestselling pack from SiO Beauty, and just about every review we could find was positive. Women noticed a big difference in their wrinkles, and also found that long-term scars finally started to fade. Many started off with a single patch from the brand (our review covers those below), but then moved onto the full pack after seeing how helpful the products are.


SiO NeckLift

SiO NeckLift

While this neck patch is included in the SiO FaceLift, it can also be purchased individually. It sits across the neck, in the same way that you would wear a choker.

What Do Customers Think?

Reviews on its effects were all positive. However, there were a few women that struggled to properly adhere this mask to their skin. While it worked well for treating wrinkles and giving neck skin a lift, those with deeper creases found that their patch ended up with a fold in it. This doesn’t make it uncomfortable to wear, it simply means that the area of skin you’re treating is smaller.


SiO BrowLift

SiO Browlift

Another patch that’s included in the main pack, the SiO Beauty BrowLift is for the eyebrow and forehead area. It targets forehead wrinkles, including the inevitable 11’s, giving them a plumper and softer appearance in just a few hours.

What are the Results Like?

Those who reviewed the product are all thrilled with their results. While most women noticed a difference immediately after use, others found that it took about five applications, or three weeks of use, for their wrinkles to noticeably diminish.


SiO Eye & Smile Lift

SiO Eye & Smile Lift

The SiO Beauty Eye & Smile patches are a little different from the rest. Rather than being designed for one part of the skin, these contour well to two. You can either use them around your eyes to target fine lines and crow’s feet, or you can apply them around your mouth to fade those smile lines away.

What Do Customers Think of it?

Reviews on both the company website and social media all indicate that this SiO Beauty product really works. Smile lines, along with wrinkles on the chin and upper lip, start to blur away after just a few uses, as do lines in the eye area. Women who wore them to sleep found that they woke up with eyes so smooth that it looked as though they were wearing makeup.


SiO ChestLift

SiO ChestLift

Now onto the product that triggered the birth of SiO Beauty – the ChestLift. This one targets chest wrinkles, and there are two reusable patches included in the set.

What are the Results Like?

While chest wrinkles are partly inevitable with age, people who favor sleeping on their side find that theirs are noticeably worse. However, reviews showed that these patches were able to give people smoother and firmer skin, something creams just don’t seem to be able to do.


SiO HandLift

SiO HandLift

The hands are often the first part of the body to start wrinkling. Why? Because they’re frequently exposed to UV rays, water, and skin-drying products. Each time your hands move your skin is pulled taut and then released back again, all of which degrades the protein fibers that are holding your skin up from within.

Do These Patches Produce Results?

These SiO Beauty hand lift patches are worn on the back of the hands, stretching from the top of the wrist to just above each knuckle. Just about every review that we could find found that these patches made a long-term difference to the appearance of hand wrinkles. Many customers choose to wear these while they’re sleeping, before removing and moisturizing their hands in the morning. This routine seems to provide the most noticeable results.


SiO Energy Serum

SiO Energy Serum

Now onto a more traditional product from SiO Beauty – the SiO Energy Serum. While traditional in a sense, it’s unlike most of the other serums on the market. This one is made from polymers that break open on the skin to release potent droplets of water, hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides, amino acids, and botanical extracts.

Every review we read found that this formula was refreshingly cooling, while also able to minimize age lines and wrinkles. However, for best results, this serum shouldn’t be used on its own…


SiO Cryodrop

SiO Cryodrop

Designed to be used with the serum reviewed above, this SiO Beauty skin-toning tool makes use of massage and science-proven cold therapy to help tighten and lift the skin [1]. It also makes use of a process called diamagnetic action. This improves the way in which the ingredients from the serum are absorbed by the skin.

It’s an intriguing product for this skincare line to produce, but it’s one that their clinical trials have shown successful results with. The brand recommends using this tool daily. Ideally, use it in the morning, after you’ve spent the night sleeping in one (or more) of the SiO Beauty patches.


Do the SiO Beauty Patches Actually Work on Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Pretty much every review that we’ve found unanimously agrees that the lift patches from SiO Beauty definitely do work. They visibly smoothed away fine lines and deeper creases, with many noticing results just hours after using the products for the first time.

Can these patches from SiO Beauty really replace Botox? Some say yes, but others disagree. However, even those that don’t find these patches a suitable replacement for cosmetic procedures still found improvements in their skin after regular use. When it comes to beauty, SiO really knows what they’re doing.

Do the SiO Skin Care Patches Have Any Side Effects?

Since SiO’s beauty patches are made from medical-grade silicone, side effects are rare. The adhesive is gentle – it has been FDA-approved for use in medical devices. All of the patches have also been clinically tested, allergy tested, and dermatologist approved, ensuring that they’re safe enough to be regularly used on all skin types.

How Much Do SiO Products Cost?

The most popular SiO Beauty product, the face kit, costs $49.95 on the brand website. If you would prefer to purchase the patches individually, then these come in at $29.95 each. You can purchase all of their products on their website. Unfortunately, SiO Beauty doesn’t offer free shipping, but their shipping rates are reasonable.



Do silicone patches really work for wrinkles?

Yes, whether you’re dealing with smile lines, crow’s feet, forehead creases, or anything else, silicone patches really do work for wrinkles and other beauty concerns.

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How many times can you use SiO?

The patches from SiO Beauty are reusable. Each one can be worn 15 times.

Can you wear SiO patches overnight?

Yes, it’s safe to wear SiO’s beauty patches overnight. In fact, the brand recommends that people wear them while they sleep for best results, with six hours being the minimum.

Are the SiO Silicone Patches Worth Buying?

The patches from SiO Beauty will be unlike anything else in your skincare routine. Our review found that yes, these patches are well worth buying. They may seem a little pricey individually, but the FaceLift offers great value for money. Plus, the fact that these patches can be used multiple times makes them more than worth it.

What’s most important is the fact that they really work. Compared to serums, creams, and all of the other beauty potions that you may use on your face and body, this line of skin care patches produces visible, long-lasting results after just a few applications. Since you can wear them while you’re sleeping, they’re pretty much effort-free to use. Not only will they give you skin that looks younger, tighter, and brighter, but your complexion will be healthier overall too.



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