Press Release: Acquires as of June 14, 2021 was a skincare blog that created genuine and honest product reviews. On June 14, 2021, the website was acquired by All of the content from the Monica’s Beauty blog will now be merged with Pierre Michel Beauty.

What Did Monica’s Beauty Specialize in?

Monica’s Beauty was dedicated to finding and testing effective, affordable, and natural skincare products. For a product to be recommended by the website, it needed to meet a strict set of criteria. This resulted in a collection of reviews that were extremely useful to anyone shopping for cosmetics.

What’s Pierre Michel Beauty All About?

Just like Monica’s Beauty, Pierre Michel Beauty also focuses on putting together high-quality skincare reviews. From acne to anti-aging, the website, which is headed up by Megan Foley, provides informational content, product recommendations, and more.

With both websites passionate about finding and sharing the very best skincare products, they are the perfect match for this merger. The reviews from Monica’s Beauty will enrich the in-depth content that Pierre Michel Beauty already offers, allowing the website to provide even more value.

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