Piona Strong Bleaching Cream Review: Pros, Cons, and Side Effects

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The search for a good skin lightening product can be daunting – so many promise amazing results, but very few actually deliver noticeable improvements. What makes things even worse is that many formulas contain ingredients proven to be harmful and damaging to the skin in the long run, yet people unknowingly slather these products over their faces day after day.

So, when we heard about the Piona Strong Bleaching Cream and its claims to have the ability to quickly remove dark spots, we were dubious. Is this just another formula set to leave its users disappointed, or could it really lead the way to a bright and even complexion? We put this review together to find out just that:

What is the Piona Strong Bleaching Cream?

The Piona Strong Bleaching Cream is a rich cream that’s designed to lighten discolored skin. By evening out the skin tone and fading dark spots, it promises to grant a brighter complexion, with results visible in just three weeks.

How Do Bleaching Cream Products Work?

piona bleaching cream

Bleaching creams work in different ways – it all depends on the ingredients used. Some, like the one from Piona, contain ingredients that inhibit melanin production. Melanin is the pigment that your skin produces when it’s exposed to UV rays – it gives your skin its color. The more melanin you have in your skin, the darker your skin tone will be.

Dark spots form when excess melanin is produced in certain areas of the skin, which happens when skin cells are damaged (again, often through sun exposure). By inhibiting melanin production and evening out the excess melanin clusters that are already in your skin, melanin inhibitors can reduce the appearance of dark spots to give you a lighter skin tone.

Other bleaching creams have more of an exfoliating effect. They contain acids and extracts that speed up cell turnover, which encourages your dark spots to fade naturally at a much faster rate. Immediate results reveal a brighter skin tone, with this continuing to improve over time.

That said, formulas containing melanin inhibitors, just like this one from Piona, provide results much sooner, especially when combined with other skin lightening products.

Key Ingredients: The Good & the Bad

An ingredient list tells you a lot about a product, and the ingredient list for Piona’s bleaching cream certainly made for some interesting reading. Here are some of the ingredients in this cream that caught our attention, for both good reasons and bad:

The Good: Vitamin C, Evening Primrose, and Glycolic Acid

We were hoping to find a few proven skin lightening ingredients at the top of this product’s ingredient list, which would show that they’ve been used at a high enough concentration to make a difference.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case – there aren’t many skin lighteners in this product, which is surprising. Most brands combine multiple brightening compounds to maximize how effective their formulas are.

What we did find was ascorbic acid – a pure form of vitamin C. Studies show that not only can vitamin C lighten pigmentation thanks to its melanin-inhibiting properties, but it also prevents new dark spots from forming [1].

Evening primrose is another ingredient that is featured in this formula. Although there aren’t any studies to back up its skin lightening benefits, there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence out there that shows that it could potentially fade hyperpigmentation.

Towards the end of the ingredient list, you’ll spot glycolic acid. This alpha-hydroxy acid is capable of lightening the skin when used at the right concentration, but this cream only contains a very small amount of the ingredient.

The Bad: SLS & Multiple Parabens

There are a few known skin irritants in this product that really put us off. From sodium lauryl sulfate to multiple parabens, there are now so many safer alternatives to those ingredients that could have been used instead.

While some skin types may not react to common irritants (although it’s worth noting that parabens can have negative effects on your health as well as your skin), these ingredients would make this cream unsuitable for anyone with sensitive skin.

Does Piona Bleaching Cream Work to Fade Dark Spots? Before and After Results & Reviews

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After learning more about the potentially harmful ingredients in this cream, we were curious to see what other people thought of it.

The reviews that we read were mixed. One positive review stated that the cream helped to lighten 3 skin shades in just a few weeks, while others raved about how it works surprisingly quickly.

However, there were plenty of negative reviews too. Many found that this cream caused sensitivities and breakouts, and didn’t like the strong bleach-like smell that it emitted.

Side Effects To Be Aware Of

As mentioned briefly above, some of the side effects that this cream could trigger are:

  • Breakouts
  • Redness and sensitivities
  • A stinging feeling
  • Excessive dryness

If you notice any of these side effects, stop using the cream. Piona also recommends that people stop using the cream after three weeks if they haven’t noticed an improvement in their skin.

Where To Purchase This Product

Although this product used to be available on Amazon, it seems to now be discontinued. That said, there are still several other retailers, such as Walmart, that sell this cream.

How to Use This Skin Care Cream for Maximum Beauty Benefits

If you’re prepared to overlook the potentially harmful ingredients and would still like to give this cream a try for yourself, you’ll be happy to know that it’s easy to use.

Piona recommends applying it twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. You’ll need to first cleanse your skin (ideally with Piona’s lightening soap), before spreading a thin layer of the cream over the discolored parts of your skin.


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Q: What is the strongest skin bleaching cream?

The strongest skin bleaching cream would be a prescription formula – you would need to speak to a dermatologist about this.

Q: How fast does bleaching cream work?

Some bleaching creams work in just a few weeks.

Q: What is the best product to bleach your skin?

The best product to bleach your skin would be one that contains several skin whitening ingredients.

Q: Which bleach is good for dark skin?

Natural bleaching agents, such as kojic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids, are best for dark skin.

Q: Which bleach is good for fair skin?

The best bleaching agents for fair skin are natural ingredients, such as kojic acid, vitamin C, and licorice root extract. Hydroquinone is also very effective at bleaching fair skin.

Q: Is the Piona Strong Bleaching Cream for sale or has it been discontinued?

The Piona Strong Bleaching Cream has been discontinued from Amazon but is available from other retailers.

Q: Can I buy the Piona Bleaching Cream in wholesale quantities?

Yes, Piona products can be purchased in wholesale quantities.

Q: Can I buy the Piona Strong Bleaching Face Cream Whitening Skin Toning Lotion from Walmart?

Yes, this product is available from Walmart.

Q: Is the Piona Brightening Soap good?

The Piona Brightening Soap has a number of good reviews but contains a few questionable ingredients.

Piona Strong Bleaching Cream Review Conclusion: Does This Cream Offer Good Value for Money?

There are two main questions that you should be asking yourself when shopping for a skin bleaching cream; does it work, and does it contain high-quality ingredients? In the case of the Piona Strong Bleaching Cream – it seems to work sometimes. You probably have a 50/50 chance of seeing results. However, its harmful ingredients will likely cause damage to your skin 100% of the time.

Sure, you may be tempted to take your chances with skin irritants and parabens when it comes to a formula containing ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere. However, this cream isn’t one of those. Its ingredients aren’t anything special and could end up causing more harm than good.

Don’t worry, all hope is not lost! There are other skin bleaching creams out there that are much more worthy of your time and money, with our favorite being Meladerm’s skin lightening cream. Unlike Piona’s offering, this one contains a wide range of tried-and-tested natural skin lightening compounds and hasn’t been formulated with anything that could potentially harm your skin, making it suitable for all skin types and tones.

To find out more, check out our review of the product here!

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[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6415704/

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