Our Review of NuBrilliance: Does this Machine Have Suction Problems?

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This has been a week of exciting reviews, as we head back for another look at microdermabrasion machines available today. We posted a recent video of the machine that’s #1 on our list currently – Microderm MD. We showed you ladies the right way it should be used, and gave our opinions as well.

Today we’ll review a microdermabrasion machine that is very well marketed. It’s the Nubrilliance machine. We’ll tell you about its pro’s and con’s and share a review that has circulated about the suction issue this device might have. Remember, just because a product is well-marketed and popular does not mean it is a success or high-quality!

Let’s get along to our NuBrilliance review, then!

Where To Begin … ?

This NuBrilliance machine is another of the diamond tip devices, like most machines for microdermabrasion sold for at-home use. Like the rest of those machines, it works the same way. You can find a lot of NuBrilliance reviews online for this product. For our NuBrilliance review, we really wanted to target the good just as much as the bad. Unfortunately, we were not very impressed with what we found.

Close up dry skin of a woman

This machine uses diamond-like tiny crystals on a wand that is used to scrub off your top dying or dead skin layer, to reveal healthy skin below. Here’s the most important part.

If this machine can remove all of the bad skin layer [1], it needs to use its suction power in two ways:

  1. To increase the direct pressure on the top skin layer, allowing that regular or fine diamond tips to fully scrape away essentially the whole top layer of skin.
  2. To suck out the dead cells of skin that are being removed due to the action of the diamond tips, so that it doesn’t re-enter any pores of your skin.

Several other things we should note about this machine:

  1. You have five levels of suctioning power from which you can choose from.
  2. There are two diamond tip types – fine, to be used for your neck and face and a regular type for other body areas.

The machine is simply designed for everyday ladies to have for home use, and it usually takes about ten minutes for you to treat your whole face.


After looking at several NuBrilliance reviews from users, we realized that we shared the same likes and dislikes. It’s one of the most popular products circling the market. That’s why it was a surprise for us when we found out that this system is not a good option for women seeking an at-home microdermabrasion machine. It just goes to show that there is a big difference between a product that’s well marketed and one that actually works!

Complaints About the Product

Without wasting words, we have seen many recent complaints about the NuBrilliance machine. The main problem is a failure of the suctioning motor after using the machine for six weeks or so. This is an expensive machine to only use for six weeks before it starts giving you problems, so this is a serious complaint!

As the reviewer mentions below, (there are other people who back her up), the largest problem is that the machine starts failing after the 30-day trial has ended.

“COMPLETELY frustrated. This product works for six weeks and the return time is only 30 days. The motor is TOTAL junk and quits the suction as soon as you can’t return it.”

Fmccowen, Amazon

Negative user review of NuBrilliance

We figured out the most significant reason for the machine’s failure is a clogging issue with skin after just several uses. This is not a great design, especially since the cost is $240!

And the clogging issue is a significant one. Some users of the product mentioned that they went into the machine and tried to remove a few of the areas of clogs in the tip where they were able to. However, even after expending this effort, most users said that they were still never able to regain the suction power they had when they first started using the machine.

What We Like

NuBrilliance machine

Okay, we’ll grant you that this isn’t the worst machine for microdermabrasion available today – that is, when it still works at its full power. When it is at the height of its performance, it does a very good job at what it is meant to do. We like the diamond tipped wands, since they offer good results as compared to micro-crystal machines. However, we still feel like the price is very steep for only 6 weeks of use and therefore recommend looking for another more reliable model. This way, you can find a microdermabrasion product that will last the test of time and serve you well for years to come.

The NuBrilliance machine does come with some extra items, and we like that:

  • Pre-treatment preparation cleanser
  • Post-treatment collagen re-generator
  • Post-treatment moisturizer

That doesn’t discount the serious issues this product has.


What We Don’t Like!

To start with, the website pictures don’t reveal to the consumer that this product is very poorly made. (Why would they? No one would buy it, right?) It feels like your kid’s toys when you hold it, and the flimsy feel is only a precursor of the poor functioning to come. Once you see the flimsy construction, it’s no wonder that the machine only holds up for around 6 weeks.

Secondly, there has been a lot of documented proof that this machine has suction power issues after a series of treatments. Skin will clog up in that tip, and you can try to clean it somewhat, but you’ll never have the suction you had when it was new. And then at that point, you’ll pretty much need to buy a new machine to get the functionality you once had.

Woman holding back on her online shopping

And then that brings us to the price.

Nearly $240?


It’s very much over-priced. We’re not sure if these machines are expensive to have made, but we think they’re making an absurd profit on each one.

If these people had focused less on profit and more on performance, they would maybe have a better machine.

What’s Our Conclusion?

It’s unfortunate that a device that could have so much potential and offer users so many benefits falls short. It disappoints in both quality and affordability. If they are going to sell it at almost $240, the makers need to fix these glitches first. As of right now, it is expensive. It’s made from flimsy materials and does not live up to the hype!

If you want a good machine for microdermabrasion at home, this is NOT the one for you. You’ll wonder where the heck your money went. And then, after just a few weeks, the suction becomes non-existent. Talk about adding insult to injury! And it won’t quit until AFTER your 30-day guarantee is over.

If you want some more feedback on this product, we encourage you to look at other NuBrilliance reviews. See how their reviews compare to ours. Part of getting the most value out of your money is taking the time to review a product and do your research.

The company did think ahead when they included the extra products, since they will help to keep your skin healthy, which is necessary after any machine microdermabrasion treatment.

NuBrilliance sits at our #5 spot on our favorite microdermabrasion machines list.

Score: 4 stars !

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[1] https://www.verywellhealth.com/dead-skin-5090522

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