No7 Review – Back to Basics with This Product?

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When it comes to my makeup and skincare routine, I can be pretty boring. I don’t mean to make that sound like a bad thing, but I know what I like and tend to stick to that, so I felt like boring was the best word to describe it.

I’ve never been all that keen on breaking out of my beauty regime and while I do like to try new brands, there is definitely a pattern when it comes to what I try and buy. I guess that comes from years of the whole hit and miss thing.

I know that green eyeshadow doesn’t do a lot for me and neither does any orangey-based blushes. I’ll never be the first in line to try any kind of purple or even bright lipsticks and I’m learned that oil-based cleansers and toners are not the products for me.

Boots No7 used by Keeley Hawes

So, maybe I should opt for a different word as boring doesn’t seem to sell it. Maybe experienced is the word for me!

Now, back to the basics. If there is one thing I like about a beauty brand, it’s the basics. I love a good foundation, simple skincare and anti-aging range, colors that are known to suit a range of styles, and eye makeup that isn’t irritating or too complicated to use and apply.

That doesn’t seem like too much to ask now, does it? Or so you’d think! I’ve had far too many experiences where these basics are just not understood or achieved and that’s never a good thing.

Thankfully for me, Boots, and (hopefully, after reading this) you, the No7 range has got it right. I’ve been a fan for a while, so I thought it was about time I got my opinions and overall review out there of the Boots No7 range.

What Exactly Is In Range?

In short, the No7 range is the signature beauty brand. It’s a bit of a treat when you really get into it. It’s mostly known for the makeup and skincare offerings, but it’s really much more than that. Aside from their extensive range of makeup and skincare products for a whole bunch of skin types [1], they also do bath & body products, suncare, products, especially for men and beauty accessories.

Think of it as the perfect all-rounder, without the poor image of a typical own brand beauty range! Because we all know that when certain stores attempt their own ranges in beauty, they can have a certain stigma attached to it and it’s rarely anything of quality, but the Boots No7 is something different in itself.

Women having a conversation

And What Do They Offer?

Now on to the fun part. I’ve been using both their makeup and skincare ranges for years and there is just so much choice, so even if your preferences are different to mine or your skincare and makeup needs are a little different, you’ll still find something you love.

Everything is available when it comes to makeup and it’s so much more extensive than what you’d expect. Not only do they have some really lovely types of foundations, but they offer primers, BB creams, and powder too. It’s the same with their lip range. You’d expect a couple of colors right? No, you get so much more than that. Choose from glosses, liners, stains, and crayons as well as a simple lipstick!

I’ve used their eye makeup for some time too, so you’ll be glad to know they have mascaras, liners, shadows, and even brow products for you to try. I’ve not actually used their nail products yet, but a friend of mine has and swears by them. So I think it’s time I take my first experience, don’t you?

Skincare-wise, they cater to dry, oily and normal skins alike. They’ve even got their own anti-aging range that I love and a range of treatments for problem skin too which, as I’m sure you’ll know by now, is a massive plus in my eyes!


Is There Anything in Particular I Should Try?

Boots No7 products

YES! I’ll start with skincare. Although I have combination skin, I like to mix it up when it comes to products for dry skin and oily skin – as you’d probably expect. So, the Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask for Dry/Very Dry Skin is one of my absolute favorites. It just feels like you’ve put so much back into your skin and had a freshwater facial or something at the same time!

Equally, I love the No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator for Normal/Oily Skin. It’s just such a good cleanser. Because of my skin type, I try to stay on top of the whole oil and skin shedding thing as best I can and this product has been amazing for me.

Makeup-wise, the Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation is by far my favorite from the range. It’s got a light feel to it with a very natural-looking, but still radiant, finish to it. I think the thing that hooks me the most is the medium coverage because you’d expect it to be light, but it still covers my blemishes really well!

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Don’t Know What Skin Type You Have?

Before we go on with our Boots N07 reviews, we want to touch base on skin types. It’s so important to use products for your specific skin type. This brand is very well-rounded and offers something for everyone! But to see results you have to choose the product that’s meant for your skin.

There are 5 basic types of skin:

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Sensitive

Your skin type is determined by genetics [2]. However, once you know the type that you have you can take the appropriate measures to care for it. Here are the main characteristics of each type. Use this quick guide to determine your type of skin:

Woman with normal skin

Normal Skin

First up is normal skin. This means that you have healthy, balanced skin that is not too dry or too oily. A person with normal skin will boast the following characteristics:

  • Fine pores
  • No blemishes
  • Rosy color
  • Smooth texture
  • Good blood circulation

This is by far the easiest skin to keep up with requiring the least attention.

Oily Skin

If you have too much sebum production, you most likely have oily skin. This overproduction is known as seborrhoea and it’s more common than you’d expect. Oily skin is very glossy making pores more visible. It’s caused by genetics, stress, hormonal changes, and sometimes medication. If you have oily skin you’ll usually experience:

  • Shiny skin
  • Visible pores
  • Thicker skin

Dry Skin

Skin that produces less sebum than normal is considered dry. People with dry skin lack the lipids needed to retain moisture. They also lack that protective shield against external influences like germs or bacteria, making it feel tight and look dull. It’s caused by a lack of natural moisture. It is characterized by:

  • Flaking
  • Blotchy appearance
  • Tightness in the skin

Combination Skin

Finally, you have combination skin which is a mixture of skin types. Usually, the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and cheeks will differ. For instance, you may have an oily t-zone but normal to dry cheeks. When this is the case you need to look for products that treat combination skin.

Sensitive Skin

Woman with sensitive skin

Then, of course, there is sensitive skin [3]. You want to be very careful of the products you’re putting on your skin if this happens to be your case. Always try out a new product on a small part of your skin to make sure it doesn’t react in a negative way. After testing out on a small patch and deciding it works, go ahead and apply it to your entire face. Knowing your skin type is important to learn how to treat it – otherwise, the product you buy will give you results you might not desire. Using dry skin products on oily skin results in more oily skin, which is not the look you’re going for.


Do They Have Anything That’s Recently Launched?

Boots No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil

One of their latest products for spring is the No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil which is perfect to encourage moisture in the skin which is so important to keep it looking healthy. I’ve just started using this one myself and so far, so good. It smells lovely and doesn’t leave my pores feeling clogged at all!

They also have the Beautiful Eyebrow Kit which I am excited to try. In fact, writing this has made me want to pop out and pick one up – or maybe I’ll just do an online order instead! It has a few brushes for applying the product and grooming as well as a range of colors, including wax. What more could you want?

And What Do You Personally Recommend?

Go with what appeals to you the most. That is what I’ve always done with the Boots No7 collection and it’s worked for me so far. The ladies in the store are also so helpful with their color matching service for makeup as well as recommending the right products! And don’t forget, there are often amazing 3 for 2 deals on too, so it’s worth trying out new products in threes!

And again, go with products that fit your skin type. For any questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below! We’d love to hear about your experience using the No7 line of products. What’s your favorite product now?

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