Mustela Stretch Mark Cream Review – Is Double Action the Answer to Your Stretch Mark Woes?

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I don’t know about you, but stretch marks are one of the only skincare issues that invoke terror in me. They really do. There’s just something about the idea of my skin physically stretching that just completely creeps me out. I hope I’m justified in saying that? Doesn’t sound the best, now does it!

When I got pregnant, apart from the overwhelming joy of actually being pregnant, the whole stretch mark thing took over. Now I’ve done my reading and I’m relatively clued up on all things health and nutrition, so I’m more than aware that if I’m going to get these annoying marks, there isn’t really anything I can do. I’m going to get them, full stop.

But, there is a really big part of me that’s prepared to do just about whatever I have to to keep them at bay.

I try to keep myself hydrated, I’m quite active and follow a relatively healthy lifestyle. So (as I often tell myself), I am doing pretty much what I can to not develop them in life, let alone pregnancy. But now that I am with child, I really do feel like I need to kick it all up a notch.

Moisturizing is something that comes naturally to me and I know it really helps to keep the skin hydrated. And when the skin is hydrated it functions properly. And when it’s functioning properly, things like collagen do a good old job at preventing them from forming whenever they’re inclined to most.

One of the things I can’t control on this front, however, is genetics. I have heard a whisper or two about the genetic makeup of the skin and the inevitability of getting rid of these marks and this, this I don’t like so much. But, I’ve always tried to be a bit of an optimist, so, I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear about that and continue on my stretch mark free mission.

The first step along my journey towards a life without stretch marks is Mustela! I’ve heard a mix of things about Mustela, but all in all, they’ve only encouraged me to want to find out about it for myself.

That’s just what you have here. I’ve put together all of my research and personal product experience for a complete Mustela Stretch Mark Cream review. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

Product Overview

Stretch Marks Double Action

Mustela Stretch Mark Cream is a creation of the mother & baby skin care brand Mustela. They have a range of these products developed with this vulnerable demographic in mind. This fact, I like a lot. I love that they are formulated especially for expectant and new Mums.

So many products seem to be aimed at anyone and everyone that’s ever had a stretch mark and my guess is, that’s a lot of people! However, what you put onto your skin and into your body while you’re growing a new life is extra important. I was ok with a lot of products before that I’m now not ready to pass along to my child.

Mustela’s Double Action cream is the one for me right now. Having done a little research online, it just seems like the product that’s most appropriate for where I am now. Not only is it advised for any marks that occur during pregnancy, but they say that it works against existing problems and works to prevent any from actually developing.

Read on to see if what I learned applies to you too and how my personal testing of the lotion went.

What Results does the Company Promise after using their lotion?

The Mustela Stretch Mark Cream comes with science and clinical testing to support their promise to heal existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming during pregnancy. For me, the knowledge that they have a clinical trial to back up their promises is worth a whole lot. I do love to read all about new products and see how I get on, but when you see actually scientific facts, figures and statistics, you know it’s good.

Mustela trialed the Double Action stretch mark lotion on 26 pregnant women over the course of six months. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know (because I so was) that they were all at different stages in their pregnancy and had varying levels of existing (or not previously occurring) stretch marks before the tests began. I think this is extremely important because I know everyone is different and will experience different things during their pregnancies. This has been one of my concerns with other skin care product testing. You find a product that seems too good to be true, and it is unless you’re experiencing a very specific problem at the exact right point in the development process. Quite frankly, I’ve always hated about hearing great stuff about something working at one stage and not the other – it really does suck.

Back to the trial! Not only did they regularly check the progress and development of stretch marks, but they even had a gynaecologist assess the health of the women and babies at 8 months and then again 30 days after they had given birth. For me, this adds so much validity to the safety of this cream.

After using this treatment plan, an amazing 96% of women didn’t develop a single stretch mark during their pregnancy which is just amazing. 92% of the women said themselves that it definitely prevented any and all of them said it got to work in the way it should!

And Why’s it so Good?

Girl in red in city lights

Well, by the looks of it, Mustela Stretch Mark Cream keeps the skin moisturized and working as it should. This added hydration and nutrient support creates an environment in which collagen can produce at its most efficient rate. This process keeps cell renewal going and healthy skin forming, all to prevent damaged skin and blemishes from taking over – sounds great doesn’t it?

These results are possible if you use it twice a day for the duration of pregnancy and then for a little longer too. Remember, with all skin treatment plans, it’s crucial to follow the directions exactly. Skipping a day or only applying when you remember is better than nothing, but won’t give you the results you’re after.

To make this great lotion even better, it’s Paraben, Phthalate and Phenoxyethanol-free. Especially for a pregnancy-specific product, the lack of these ingredients is just so important to me.

It’s also hypoallergenic which I’m sure most of you will be glad to know. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, I always like the fact that something is suitable for it – then you know it’s gentle and not harmful in anyway.

What Do You Think?

So far, so good. Just like I’m supposed to, I’ve been using the Mustela Stretch Mark Cream twice a day. I rub the cream into my stomach, breasts, back and thigh area – all of those that I feel could be affected. I’ve been applying the lotion in circular motions, as they suggest, and kind of make sure I’m massaging lightly as I go. For some reason, I feel like it gets the blood flowing nicely, which always helps!

I must have been using it for around 20 weeks now and I’m happy. I’m yet to develop a stretch mark and continue to hope that I don’t. Having said that, my Mum didn’t have any during her pregnancies. However, I already do have a couple of really light ones on my thighs – so who knows whether I’m predisposed.

Thinking about those little marks developing on my thighs, it’s probably worth noting that they have got better since I’ve been using the product. They weren’t all that noticeable to start with, but they’re barely even visible now.

I’ve not been sensitive to the smell of the Mustela Stretch Mark Cream and I find it goes on quite easy. It has that lovely luxurious feel that I love in lotions, like you’ve been pampered during a full day at the spa. I know this didn’t go down well with everyone, but for me, I like it!

Overall, I’m impressed with the Mustela Stretch Mark Double Action and couldn’t give it any less than 5 out of 5!

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