Post Menopause Skincare Recovery with our Murad Resurgence Review – How Safe and Effective is This Product?

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The Founder of Murad Resurgence

Sometimes I envy my younger self.

Don’t get me wrong, I do look back and think phew, I don’t miss the middle school drama or the stress of beginning life on my own.  The one thing I do miss? The opportunity to better prepare my skin to age as gracefully as possible.

Specifically,  I wish I had the chance to improve my understanding of the hormonal influence on skincare.

I thought that eventually, I would be done dealing with acne. However, I’ve recently learned that it’s not enough to just be wary of skincare woes from your teens and be done with it. As we grow up, we all seem to get to a certain point where, try as we might, prevention and care alone is no competition for what mother nature has in store.

I used to handle skincare and anti-aging quite well and to some extent I still do. Cleansing and moisturizing have always been second nature to me and I’ve been known to throw in a face mask or two every couple of weeks, but lately, it just doesn’t seem enough.


I have to say, I’m lucky enough to have hung on to my clear, youthful skin for as long as humanly possible. But at the moment, nothing seems to help. I’m either having huge breakouts as a reaction to my usual products or, god forbid, attempting to try something new, or nothing seems to happen. Either way, I’m clutching at straws.

I understand skincare enough to know that there’s rarely a one size fits all solution. It takes a whole lot of trial and error to find the perfect answer for yourself. Recently, I tried a new product line that I hoped would help me and might work for you too. It’s called Murad Resurgence.

In this post, I’ve done all of the work to help you decide if it’s a worthy investment of your time and skincare budget. Scroll through my entire Murad Resurgence review for background information, product specifics, and my overall impressions.

But Why This Product?

Murad Resurgence was first introduced to me by a good friend. Not just any acquaintance, however, but one who seems pretty keen on all things skincare and beauty-related. Going into my research and testing phase, I had a feeling that using this system could be a breaking point for me, based on a combination of her advice and what I’ve read online.

The Murad Resurgence line was developed taking into account the extensive research and scientific knowledge surrounding normal aging skin issues. As shared on their website, Murad researchers explain to us that “Studies show that skin can lose up to thirty percent of its firming collagen in the first five years after menopause.” This, to me, just seems like a treat in itself and an explanation for a lot of things!

Woman skin changes

Collagen is a naturally occurring ingredient in your skin that keeps it firm and strong. So, without it, the skin will appear saggy, brittle, and, consequently, wrinkled. After so many years of fighting this, it’s nice to know that my struggles are no fault of my own!

It appears that our lovely friend oestrogen is a huge problem and aids a reduction in the amount of collagen we’re able to produce. Brilliant! Because we all know how important collagen is for our skin. If only we could buy it by the bucket full – I’d be first in line!

Now that we know that we’re lacking in collagen after a certain age, it makes sense that our skin seems to just lose firmness completely and wrinkles appear almost overnight – not to mention that dreaded loose skin. Yes, I’m talking to you bingo wings.

This product line takes the lack of naturally forming collagen into account and treats our faces accordingly. It’s not just another system that hides symptoms or provides cover-ups and temporary fixes. The research behind it explains the root causes of the problems, then this kit swoops in and helps your face begin to heal and thrive again.


So What Does it Promise?

The Murad Resurgence product line aims to target loose skin and wrinkles that have purely come about due to the hormonal influences on aging. Their special secret comes from the Science of Cellular Water that was developed specifically for this system. Basically, by boosting and repairing your skin cells from the inside out, these products revive your face and give it a more healthy, youthful appearance.

In addition to consistently applying the skin care products to your face (remember, consistency is crucial if you want results), the company researchers recommend some lifestyle changes as well. Specifically, they advise that a combination of product usage with living an Inclusive Health Lifestyle really will make the biggest possible difference with your skin. By committing to both the routine and healthy living, you are most likely to experience firming and tightening of the skin on your face for a more youthful appearance – even as collagen production decreases.

The Murad Resurgence system has so many products to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for, what you like in a skincare product and what problems you’re having. There are creams and serums for different usages are available as well as cleaners, toners and even a firming mask (I am partial to a mask, after all).

For my own little test, I actually went for their Youthful Skin Renewal pack which contains the Renewal Cleaning Cream, Age-Balancing Night Cream, Age-Diffusing Serum and Renewing Eye Cream.

Products of Murad Resurgence

How Did It Go?

So, I’ve been using the Murad Resurgence set for almost five weeks now. The kit I have was for 30 days. So, I wanted to make sure that I gave it at least that time before reviewing the system. I’m now onto my next kit. So that gives you a bit of an idea of how this review is going to look, doesn’t it?

Here’s a closer look at how I felt about each product in the line:

Products in our Murad Resurgence Review

Starting with the cleanser – I definitely like this product. It’s so gentle which is important to me. As someone with sensitive skin, I hate anything that feels so harsh and this face wash definitely doesn’t. I’m left feeling clean and smooth after use, even on my 30th use (well, I suppose that 60th really, isn’t it!).

I also love the night cream. It’s so luxurious. I know some people aren’t keen on heavy creams and that they’ve gotten a bad reputation as a result. But, considering I’m looking for moisture and to plump out my skin, I take all the concentrated moisture I can get. So, this cream works for me. I wake feeling all silky and smooth in the mornings!

The serum is one product that I don’t love as much. Overall, however, it’s not bad at all. I wouldn’t say it’s remarkably better than anything else I’ve used, but it works. I think in conjunction with all of the other products it does its job and you just can’t fault it. I don’t know if I was expecting it to be some amazing wonder serum or something, so maybe that’s why I’m a little underwhelmed. Even with my slight disappointment, the Murad Resurgence serum is definitely worth rebuying.

The eye cream, on the other hand, I love. I’ve got a bit of a weakness for eye creams and this one is definitely up there with the best. It doesn’t irritate me, leave me feeling sore, or anything that other eye creams might inflict. Instead, I wake with brighter eyes! It’s incredible.


And Overall?

I guess I’d say I’m impressed. I definitely like the kit as a whole, even though I’ve never been keen on using one brand for all of your skincare needs. I have rebought the kit and will continue to use it, but mixed in with my other most loved products.

I am, however, so interested in trying a couple of other products from the range. Based on my friends recommendations and a couple of other reviews I’ve read, I think I just had to try out the hydrating toner and that age-diffusing mask has my name all over it!

Skin Score: 4 / 5

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