Is Lumagenex the Answer to Anti-Aging?

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Our Lumagenex Product Review

Anti-aging – it’s the worst, isn’t it? I bet if I asked all of my girlfriends what their biggest skincare concern was, this would be the very top answer. And none of us even feel like we’re really aging. Ironic isn’t it.

You see, I wish I cared a little more for my skin when I was a bit younger. I’m certainly not old, but I think there was a little more I could have done in my younger years (I’m even talking teen here) to prevent visible signs of aging on my face.

I have a really great skincare routine and seem to have mastered what responds well to my skin type. It may have changed over the years, going from oily to dry to somewhere in the middle, but I’ve kept on top of it and have never let it get the better of me. But, I still could have done more.

Lately, I’ve been learning about a little thing called collagen. I used to think it was just one of those fad buzzwords that beauty buffs liked to throw around. You know, that kind of cool new skincare ingredient that gets talked about and suddenly everyone should try. I didn’t actually know that collagen was actually the protein in our skin that keeps it look plump, glowing and youthful.

Now don’t I feel the fool!

So, now that I know, I’ve been doing a little research. The natural collagen that our skin contains decreases as we age, hence the lack of elasticity and vibrance in more mature skin (in some cases). It’s important to use products that either contains collagen or encourage its production. And here I am, on my hunt for a whole lot of collagen.

I say hunt, but it is sort of over. That’s right, I’ve found my friend in Lumagenex. Well, at least I think I have.

What’s the Low Down?

After reading up (as well as know I love my research) on the product, it’s easy to see that these guys are just as serious about collagen as I am. They’re just as aware of how vital it is and so they should be, seeing as their the professionals.

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Their anti-aging cream aims to boost our bodies into collagen production and considering I’m a little bit worried about the lack of mine, this is just what I wanted to hear. It’s completely safe to use and works to reduce both fine line and wrinkles. Likewise, it gets moisture back into the skin to keep it vibrant and moisturized.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my research, it’s that moisture is oh so important when it comes to skincare and preventing visible aging. And what goes hand in hand with moisturization? Hydration. So, this little fact is a winner for me.

By keeping the skin hydrated, Lumagenex brings back elasticity and suppleness that used to come so naturally. I’m definitely excited at the prospect of a non-surgical solution to my skincare woes and I’m hoping you guys will be too.

So What’s Its Secret?

I don’t know if it’s that much of a secret, but Lumagenex does have four key active ingredients that claim to make it as good as they say. These are Trylagen, Argireline, Collagen Plus and Moisture Balance. When blended together they work in a much more powerful way to combat signs of aging.

Together their active ingredients work to get the collagen going (as well as a little addition of some itself to help) as well as bring moisture back into the deep layers of the skin and plump them all out. This sounds like heaven to me. It really does.

So far, so good. Lumagenex seems to have just the direction I’m looking for. I won’t pretend, I’m more than excited to get this trial started.

And their results? As if I wasn’t excited already, I spotted that after their trials (which saw visible improvements in as little as two days in some cases – crazy right!?), an improvement of 45% was seen in fine lines and wrinkles and while mine aren’t all that bad, this definitely gives me hope!

How Did You Find It?

So, I want to start by saying that my lines are around my eyes and also my smile. I guess years of happiness and laughter comes back to haunt us all eventually hey. They’re not bad, but they could be and will be soon if I don’t do something about them that actually works.

I’ve been using Lumagenex twice daily for around 10 weeks now. That might seem like an odd time to do my review but it feels right for me. I knew I wanted to give it at least 4-6 weeks before I made any judgments and I wasn’t going to write about it until after 8 weeks, but now feels right for me.

It’s been so easy to incorporate into my morning and nighttime skincare routines. I simple cleanse my face as I normally would and then apply the cream. I can definitely feel it getting to work right away and it’s really quite refreshing. I love products that do this, it gives me some reassurance that it’s actually working.

Then after a few days I did notice that my face felt revitalised. Which was truly amazing. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was a definitely improvements. At 4 weeks, I could feel that my skin was plumped up compared to before and then the visible difference were more than apparent at 8 weeks.

And Your Overall Verdict Is?

Now that I’ve been using the Lumagenex cream for 10 weeks, I’ve not looked back. Not only is my skin glowing but my friends and family compliment me too. It’s great! I have no doubt in giving this one a 5 out of 5 and I hope you’ll give it the chance too!

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