Lor Da Vie Review: Can It Support Its Anti-Aging Claims?

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Growing older can be frustrating! Not only are there new aches and pains and more health issues to keep an eye on, but there are also significant changes in your appearance. It’s one thing to feel older, but it’s another issue altogether to look that way!

As most women know, your face is often the first place to show signs of aging. Fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles can begin to creep in as early as 30! In fact, research shows that skin begins to lose natural elasticity and its youthful glow as you enter your fourth decade on the planet.

Luckily, with attention and a solid skin care regimen, it is possible to keep skin looking healthy and youthful as you grow older. The secret to successful anti-aging protocols is beginning early. Prevention is always easier than reversing!

Finding an effective anti-aging cream is more challenging than you might expect with the extremely saturated skincare market. You want something that works on wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and sagging skin. Plus, it also needs to work for your particular skin type.

It may seem as if you’ll never find something that works without costing your entire paycheck. At that point, why not just go ahead and have injections or surgery? For starters, unnecessary pain is not fun. Secondly, there has to be some perfect product for everyone out there. Right?

We believe that you can have a youthful, vibrant, smooth complexion without a visit to the doctor’s office and taking out a loan.

One of the most affordable, new anti-aging skin care products on the market is Lor Da Vie. Its low price point, researched ingredients, and rave reviews had us itching to try it out for ourselves.

Keep reading for the full scoop on this face cream, its ingredients, and, most importantly, its effectiveness at reducing wrinkles and uncovering your most young, glowing face possible.

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What Exactly is This Product?

In general, this is a serum that focuses on anti-aging. It is primarily designed to help reduce age spots, wrinkles, and lines. Its ingredients also work to increase the firmness and elasticity of your skin. The goal is to leave you with skin that is younger looking, healthy, hydrated, supple, and soft.

Specifically, Lor Da Vie cream is made to reduce the visibility and depth of wrinkles by adding to the hydration levels of your skin. Healthy, hydrated skin is key in helping your face appear younger.

Not only does this serum hydrate your skin and its many cells, but it also adds important ingredients to nourish them. Nourished skin often appears more smooth and elastic. As an added bonus, the ingredients in this cream prevent further signs of aging from occurring. Who doesn’t want a face cream that reduces signs of aging and then keeps your face back at that new normal of youthful, vibrant skin?

Unlike many anti-aging products that make big claims without backing them up, this company has done studies on the effectiveness of their products. Recently, a study has reported that about 95% of the people who have tried Lor Da Vie did in fact experience firmer, tighter skin. A whopping 90% of users said that they noticed visible changes in wrinkles and lines on their face. 87% of those surveyed felt that after using this serum, the symptoms of their age-related skin conditions cleared up and that, overall, their faces looked and felt younger.

These are some large, impressive claims! We questioned them, too, so we followed up on the research. Keep scrolling for the full scoop on the reliability and reality of these study results.

How Does it Work?

As with any skin care system, it is important to understand both the ingredients and how they are applied. You can have all of the best ingredients in your products, but if they are not used in ways that your skin can handle them, then you’ll never see results. We discuss both the ingredients and application methods in this section.

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Lor Da Vie works by harnessing the power of peptides to keep your skin looking young. Peptides are compounds made up of two or more amino acids. In skincare, peptides help the skin begin to regain some of its lost elasticity and improve thickness. Anti-aging creams like Lor Da Vie use these peptides to specifically target wrinkles and plump the skin to reduce the depth and severity of the lines across the face.

This serum uses a type of peptide called collagen biopeptides. According to numerous scientific studies and reports, the collagen biopeptides that make up this anti-aging cream are delivered in a unique, advanced manner to enhance effectiveness.

Basically, the collagen biopeptides in Lor Da Vie trick the skin cells into thinking it needs to produce naturally occurring collagen in greater amounts. The greater amounts of collagen encourage your skin to grow more quickly.

The skin most often receives this message to produce more collagen and reproduce rapidly while experiencing environmental damage or during exposure to UV rays. However,  using these collagen biopeptides as an ingredient in your skincare is a safe way to work around the system and cause your skin to produce more collagen without doing it any harm.


To further increase this product’s effectiveness, these peptides are combined with botanicals, antioxidants and essential nutrients that will further enhance your skin’s natural beauty, radiance, and firmness.

Application Method

Some other anti-aging creams are applied in layers, which can clog your skin and pores. Lor Da Vie uses nanotechnology to provide an excellent delivery system, that lets your skin be penetrated by the active ingredients, instead of waiting for it to work its way down from the surface. This method makes it possible for your skin to look younger in a bit over a month, which isn’t a very long time to create a new and younger looking you.

The method of application is one of the most notable benefits of this entire anti-aging system. Instead of layering this product on like you may have to do with some other brands, you can apply a small amount once over on the skin. Even with the light application,  you will still experience the full strength and capability of the product without wasting volume and money. Who doesn’t want a skin care regimen that requires fewer steps and saves money?

What CAN’T it Do?

This is a good serum, but will it really accomplish everything it purports to? Big claims are hard to fulfill, and Lor Da VIe does fall short of their promises.

This is a good serum, but will it really accomplish everything it purports to do for your skin?  Unfortunately, at the end of the day, Lor Da VIe falls short of their big claims and promises of impressive results on a remarkably short timeline.

The primary features of this product work by increasing the levels of moisture in your skin. However, that’s all it really does. Through hydration, the cream helps to create an environment in which your skin will regenerate and begin to heal. All of the other claims to reduce wrinkles or signs of aging may occur minimally as side effects but are neither encouraged nor enhanced.

While it is a lovely cream that hydrates the skin and plumps it upon application, it’s not as transformative as it makes itself out to be.

It’s no surprise that people are attracted to this cream with its claims of being a miracle product. Coupled with a low price, it’s almost hard to resist a product with such broad claims.

Pure Argan Oil

Because every anti-aging product can add hydration to some extent, we wanted to find something unique, an X-Factor, like LifeCell or Essence of Argan that would make Lor Da Vie different from the others. Unfortunately, this product can’t deliver upon its promises, making it fall short of our high expectations.

Our Conclusion

At the end of the day, this product has an excellent low price, but nothing about it is all that special. The intense hydration and moisturization helps to some degree long-term; it just isn’t different enough from everything else to wow us. That’s why we ranked it as #6 on our list of anti-aging solutions for the year. While it’s not the worst cream we have tested, it indeed isn’t our top choice when it comes to anti-aging.

If you’re looking for a powerful anti-aging serum that does everything it claims, we recommend looking elsewhere. Among the best products we’ve seen in 2019 is one called LifeCell. This product is a powerful cocktail of antioxidants combined with Vitamin A to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging.

This formulation also fights free radical damage as well as restores and renews firmness and elasticity. Vitamin A boasts a long list of anti-aging skin benefits to restore your skin to a more beautiful, youthful look. Some of these ingredients include minimizing redness from rosacea, improving hydration, decreasing sebum production and repairing the cellular structure.

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