InvisiCrepe Body Balm Review: The Solution to Crepey & Dry Skin?

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Although crepiness isn’t technically harmful, having skin that resembles crepe paper, meaning thin, dry, and wrinkled, is never a good look. It’s caused by a lack of collagen and elastin – the proteins that plump and firm your skin up from within.

With everything from sun exposure to the aging process resulting in collagen and elastin degradation, crepey skin is, to an extent, almost unavoidable.

While there may be several products out there designed to target crepiness, most tend to work just like any regular moisturizer. They focus on boosting hydration to plump up the skin cells, and while this does result in smoother skin, the effects are only temporary.

So, when we heard about the InvisiCrepe Body Balm and its promises to lift and firm crepey skin from within, resulting in long-term improvements, we just had to find out more…

What is the InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

Invisicrepe body balm product

Produced by popular skincare brand City Beauty, the InvisiCrepe Body Balm is a lightweight cream that claims to reduce the appearance of crepiness and thin skin, therefore also smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles in the process.

It’s a formula that has been designed for all skin types, and is one that doesn’t contain any parabens, mineral oil, or sulfates.

Just like all other City Beauty products (such as the multi-action sculpting cream), this cruelty-free formula hasn’t been tested on animals.

How Does the InvisiCrepe Body Balm Work?

This formula works in a few different ways. To start with, it strengthens the skin’s barrier function, which helps to prevent moisture loss.

As a result, skin cells take on a smoother, plumper, and more hydrated look.

A thinning skin barrier, which is another consequence of skin aging, also contributes to crepiness. This formula addresses that from within by supporting the skin’s cellular protein matrix. By increasing the rate at which skin cells produce matrix proteins, namely collagen and elastin, this cream can turn back the clock to give you firmer, tighter, and younger-looking skin.


Key Ingredients in the Body Balm

This City Beauty product already sounds pretty impressive. However, for it to actually do as it claims, it needs to contain ingredients that have been proven to be effective. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key ingredients in this formula…

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Otherwise known as aloe vera, this botanical is revered for its soothing, hydrating, and anti-aging properties [1]. However, as amazing as it may be, aloe can be found in so many different beauty products. In order to be persuaded that this one is worth trying, we’re going to need a little more…

Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract

Now we’re talking – this East Asian medicinal plant isn’t often included in skincare formulas, yet it shows huge promise in treating crepey, wrinkled skin. It contains several biologically active compounds that help to reduce inflammation [2] (something that interferes with the skin’s production of proteins) while acting as a skin conditioning agent at the same time.

Invisicrepe skincare

Lactococcus Ferment Lysate

This probiotic has an instant soothing effect on the skin, which is what makes this product tolerable by those with sensitive or allergic skin. It’s also key in strengthening the skin’s barrier, allowing it to better protect itself.

Sodium Lactate

Every good skin hydrating product will contain at least one humectant to plump up the skin, but InvisiCrepe boasts several. In addition to sodium hyaluronate and glycerin, the formula also contains sodium lactate, which is able to hold twice the amount of moisture as glycerin.

Oat Bran Extract

Not only does this natural ingredient soothe the skin, but it’s also packed with antioxidants. It’s been used for centuries to treat dry and sagging skin, and is a botanical that the skin absolutely loves.

Watermelon Fruit Extract

Bursting with vitamin C and lycopene, watermelon fruit extract helps to activate cell regeneration, which strengthens and thickens the skin barrier.

Invisicrepe cream products

Although its effects won’t be visible immediately, you’ll notice brighter and tighter skin in the long run.

Sea Salt

Don’t worry, this ingredient doesn’t give the body balm a grainy texture. Instead, it blends in unnoticed, but gives the cream the ability to detoxify and restore the skin.

Salt is also known for the way in which it boosts circulation – something that can help to immediately counter the appearance of crepiness.

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Does the InvisiCrepe Body Balm Really Work on Crepey Skin?

In theory, this formula should work quite well. It contains ingredients that not only provide instant (albeit temporary) effects, but it also seems to have what it takes to bring about changes deeper within the skin.

We searched through hundreds of InvisiCrepe Body Balm reviews to see if our hunch was correct. It turns out, it was. There are so many true fans of this product out there, with people loving the smoother and firmer skin that it left them with.

The fact that it hydrates without being greasy was another big selling point, while its subtle yet refreshing scent was also appreciated.

Beauty cream for anti aging and wrinkles

Would You Benefit From Using the InvisiCrepe Body Balm?

If you’ve been noticing that the skin on your upper arms, legs, or anywhere else on your body has been looking a little crepey, then yes, you would most likely benefit from using this balm.

It’s also a great product for those who are looking to prevent and delay crepiness, or for those who are simply looking for a lightweight and hydrating moisturizer.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Since it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, there haven’t been any reported side effects from people that have used this City Beauty product. However, if you’re prone to allergic reactions, seek advice from a qualified medical professional.

cheerful medical professional

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How Much Does the InvisiCrepe Body Balm Cost?

The InvisiCrepe Body Balm costs $60.


What is the best product for crepey skin?

If you’re looking for a body balm, InvisiCrepe Body Balm is one of the best products out there for treating crepiness.


Is InvisiCrepe safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, this formula is safe for every skin type, including those with sensitivities. However, the brand still advises that you perform a patch test before using the product on your body for the first time.

Is the InvisiCrepe Body Balm Worth Buying?

Let’s cut to the chase – yes, we would definitely recommend buying the InvisiCrepe Body Balm if you’ve been struggling with crepiness, dryness, or wrinkles.

It’s a fantastic formula that will gradually erase the signs of damage and aging, leaving you with skin that looks younger than its years. Compared to the competition, this product offers both immediate and long-term benefits, which, in our book, makes it a clear winner.

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