Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Review: Results, Ingredients & Side Effects

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Want to learn more about this ‘miracle cream’ – also granted the nickname ‘Botox in a bottle’ – from Jeunesse that you have been hearing about? Check out our comprehensive Jeunesse Instantly Ageless review to learn everything you need and want to know about this product. Also, be sure to check out our recommendations for the best wrinkle cream to discover what to look for in your ideal aging solution products.

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Hot take: I spent a few weeks testing out Jeunesse Instantly Ageless and was really impressed by the results. Using a blend of unique ingredients, this boutique skincare company has excelled and satisfied many customers. Read on as we dive deeper into this anti-wrinkle solution.

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What is Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse is an anti-wrinkle solution in the form of a micro cream.

Devised as a safer, less costly, and more effective alternative to invasive procedures such as Botox.

The serum is safe to use on areas on the face that tend to lose elasticity over time such as the forehead, around the eyes (including upper lid), eyebrows, and facial pores.

What is Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

The product was developed by specialized cosmetic chemists within Jeunesse who concocted a safe, wrinkle-fighting mix of ingredients designated to serve as a facial crema capable of temporarily removing wrinkles, lifting up, and firming sagging skin, and skin revitalization.

Earning headline-hitting nicknames such as ‘Botox/Facelift in a Bottle!’ you would think – or hope – that there is little room to be disappointed.

After all, who wouldn’t want to achieve younger-looking skin sans the needles with an instant wrinkle cream that works?

While the effects of the cream are temporary – hence the pack of 50 vials provided within each order – this isn’t your store-brand Walmart eye cream claiming to make your skin as wrinkle-free as a 10-year old’s in thirty seconds or less.


How Does Instantly Ageless Work?

Aging effects on our skin are inevitable as we grow older, and may be accelerated by additional factors such as stress, exposure to the sun, and harsh chemicals.

The skin covering our facial and neck areas lose elasticity, resulting in a sagging effect, and skin may become less smooth.

The most effective anti-aging solutions have typically come down to injection procedures, which inject molecules directly into the skin to improve the skin, remove wrinkles, and eliminate other signs of aging.

However, the ‘miraculous’ results that come from these procedures are only temporary and are also known to occasionally come with unpleasant side effects.

Anti-wrinkle cremes and serums historically have shown even less impressive results, often leaving users disappointed and feeling cheated out of their money.

That is until products such as the Instantly Ageless line entered the arena to not only change the game but one-up the anti-aging results of Botox.

Free from unsafe or harsh chemicals, this facial and eye cream is much less threatening and invasive than a needle, and provides before and after results comparable to injections thanks to its effective chemical makeup.

The firming and revitalizing effects of the luminesce beauty cream, as well as its effectiveness against dark circles, occur primarily through the active ingredient, argireline, which is a peptide that has shown some evidence of entering the skin more effectively than elastin and collagen.

What is the main ingredient in Instantly Ageless?

While the anti-aging serum also only produces temporary firming and anti-wrinkle effects, the near-instant and visible results have nonetheless received a great deal of buzz within the cosmetics community among cosmetic professionals and customers alike.

What Are the Ingredients of Instantly Ageless?

Unlike skincare companies that scam or rip off customers with harsh or cheap chemicals, Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless product line feature high-quality ingredients formulated to offer myriad anti-aging benefits.

The active and therefore key ingredient in this endless ageless product is argireline, which is a non-toxic peptide that is commonly found in many other anti-aging skincare products due to its effectiveness against wrinkles.

Other ingredients that are listed for their micro cream formula include Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Silicate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Iron Oxide, Phenoxyethanol, and both a red and yellow dye for the color.

How to Use the Instantly Ageless Serum?

The application of the cream, as well as what you expose your skin to afterward, can affect the results. If you do not follow the correct application process, you may not reap the benefits or notice as pronounced an effect.

It is recommended you apply the sachet to clean and dry skin, to avoid any interaction with other makeup products or moisture that would affect the cream’s effectiveness.

Some users have reported still seeing positive results after applying the product over a layer of foundation, but this is something you must experiment with yourself.

When applying for the first time, it’s best to attempt on a clean and fresh face.

How to Use the Instantly Ageless Serum?

Apply a thin layer of the cream by putting it on the desired area – such as the under eye for eye bag removal – lightly with a finger.

You want your skin to feel slightly damp.

It’s important to note that you do want to pat the serum onto your face, not rub it in.

Additionally, if you notice a sort of film on your skin after use, then that may be a sign you have used too much.

Once you have applied it to the targeted areas, try to keep your face expressionless for at least 2-3 minutes after.

This will allow the cream to dissolve into your skin and start working its magic through a muscle-relaxing process.

You should start to notice the results within a couple of minutes.

Afterward, you may apply any other makeup as per your usual beauty routine as usual.

How Much Does Instant Ageless Cost?

How Much Does Instant Ageless Cost?

On the Jeunesse Global company website, the instantly anti-aging cream is available for purchase in a trial pack of 50 0.3ml-sachets.

This pack of 50 is priced at $74.95 when bought directly through the manufacturer.

Jeunesse Global cosmetics also offers a Convenience Plan, in which customers may sign up for a monthly subscription of the ageless product at the price of $54.95.

Additional retailers and cosmetic e-stores across the web, such as Amazon or eBay, also post product pages that claim to sell the miracle face lift cream and may be available for a better price.

Due to false product and scam reports, however, it is best to purchase Jeunesse through a reputable website.


How Long Does Instantly Ageless Last?

Once applied, the cream immediately starts dissolving into the skin, producing a visible effect in as little as two minutes after application, as per the label and customer testimonial.

The primary effects of the facial product – including the minimization of fine lines as well as the tightening and reviving of the skin for a more youthful, glowing appearance – will last between six to nine hours.

What are the Benefits of Instantly Ageless?

There are numerous benefits attributed to this magic angel eyes skin care product as compared to other anti-aging products, as well as by its merit.

These benefits have been touted across the web by skincare bloggers, YouTube vlogger videos, Dr. Oz, and other ageless reviews that aim to give customers a good look at what they can realistically expect from the eye cream.

What are the benefits of Instantly Ageless?

The greatest benefits of Instant Ageless include:

  • Its key ingredient, argireline, is non-toxic but most importantly at least moderately effective at fighting wrinkles by creating a skin-tightening effect comparable to Botox injections – hence its nickname, ‘Botox in a bottle’.
  • Less invasive than Botox. Botox can be expensive and evidently involves injections into the skin. Compare this to the use of a facial cream such as ageless by Jeunesse, which shows comparable effectiveness as an anti-aging solution, and you have got a viable alternative for anyone who either doesn’t have the budget for Botox or is skittish around needles.
  • The company offers a 100% money back guarantee if customers should find that they are unsatisfied with the product within 30 days of their purchase.
  • The fast-acting results of this face cream are one of its most appealing benefits for users, providing visible results on the skin within a mere two minutes. Hello, glow!

Disadvantages of Instantly Ageless

No cosmetic product is perfect, and there are a few select concerns that some have expressed with regard to la Jeunesse’s eye and facial creams.

For instance:

  • Although argireline is a commonly-used ingredient within wrinkle remover products, the long-term safety of the peptide has not yet been confirmed. This is not necessarily uncommon among ingredients in even the most renowned cosmetic products, however, and nonetheless is viewed as, for some, a safer alternative to Botox injections.
  • There have been some general complaints about Jeunesse global, including some trouble with the trial and recurring shipping program offered by the company. Customer representatives, however, have been reported by many to be attentive in rectifying any issues with ordering, shipping, or receiving the product.
  • The product is considered on the pricier side for those who plan on making regular use of the so-called omg miracle cream. While the Convenience Plan deal offered by Jeunesse lessens the budgetary burden slightly, this isn’t your average drugstore anti-wrinkle cream, and the price of the product reflects that.
  • The ingredients of the cream can be deactivated by water, according to the company’s chemists. Therefore, you will want to be mindful of your exposure to water as well as any excessive sweating while using the product.
  • Some customers, primarily within customer review sections on retailer sites such as Amazon, have reported side effects of dryness and chalky skin after using the product.

It’s worth keeping in mind that bad reviews of skincare solutions themselves should always be taken with a grain of salt.

pros and cons of Instantly Ageless?

Different skin types may have different reactions to certain chemicals within products, and although the simply ageless cream has been deemed safe for use, there are always exceptions in the review and comment sections of sites like Amazon to give other prospective customers the odd scare.

Jeunesse has held an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau and was developed by a team of qualified cosmetic chemists for safe and effective results that customers across the globe are loving.

Where to Buy Instantly Ageless?

Image of the Instantly Ageless package

Where can I buy Instantly Ageless in stores? As a specialty product, Instantly Ageless is not available to purchase in popular chain stores such as Sephora, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or CVS pharmacy.

Therefore, currently, the only means of obtaining this serum is by purchasing it online through either the official website or another reputable online store.

Where can I buy this product online? Many web-based stores claim to stock the popular simply ageless by Jeunesse line.

However, because there have been some scams and false product claims reported online by those who have attempted to purchase the products, it is best to stick to a reputable online source such as our Instantly Ageless review.

The real product may be purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website, on Amazon, or eBay.

Are you interested in trying a truly game-changing anti-aging product?

Instantly Ageless is an excellent choice.

With a plethora of ingredients formulated together to make you look (and feel!) younger, this is an extremely impressive all-in-one anti-aging product that you will love.

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