Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector Review: How Well Does it Work?

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Dark spots aren’t something that you really think about until you notice your first one. However, at this point, the damage has already been done, and it won’t be long before more dark spots appear to keep that first one company.

Dark spots can develop on the skin for a number of reasons. Sun exposure is the most common, with the effects of this accumulating and only becoming apparent with age. However, everything from hormonal fluctuations to scarring to certain medications can also lead to discoloration.

Keeping your skin protected with sunscreen is key when it comes to preventing more age spots from appearing. However, what should you do about the discoloration that’s already there? Hydroquinone is a common go-to, but nobody really wants to be dealing with the side effects that this harsh ingredient brings.

This is where City Beauty’s Dark Spot Corrector promises to help. It claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots to give you an even and bright complexion. Does it actually work? We decided to test the product and put together our own Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector review to find out. 

What is the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector?

Illuminating dark spot corrector skincare products

The Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector is a concentrated serum produced by City Beauty.

It is designed to target hyperpigmentation on the face, neck, and hands (although, technically, it could be used anywhere on the body) to even out skin discoloration.

It also claims to have instant skin brightening effects. City Beauty states that their Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector is safe to use on all skin types.

How Does City Beauty’s Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector Work?

The Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector works in two ways. Firstly, it contains ingredients that target and disperse clusters of excess melanin in the skin, which is what causes skin discoloration in the first place. The formula also has light-reflecting properties, which immediately give the skin a brighter glow, making brown spots less noticeable.


What are the Ingredients in the City Beauty Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector?

We always pay close attention to the ingredients in all of the skincare products that we review. They tell you so much about exactly how a product works. In the case of the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector, the ingredient list made for some interesting reading…

This particular product contains more than 30 core ingredients which include some of the following:

  • Water
  • Resveratrol
  • Glycerin
  • Oat kernel extract
  • Safflower seed oil
  • Magnesium aspartate

While this is only a handful of the ingredients, we want to focus on a few in particular. Let’s take a look:


One of the key lightening ingredients in the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector, alpha-arbutin works in a similar way to hydroquinone. In fact, many studies have found it to be just as effective as hydroquinone, but without any of the common side effects [1]. As a result, it’s an ingredient that’s been increasing in popularity – just about every dark spot cream, peel, and treatment will now contain it.

Just like hydroquinone, alpha-arbutin inhibits excess melanin production, which is triggered by sun exposure. By preventing the skin from over-producing this pigment, dark spots won’t be able to form. Alpha-arbutin also helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots that are already present, leaving you with a clear and even skin tone.


Illuminating dark spot corrector product

Resveratrol is a polyphenol, meaning that it has extremely powerful antioxidant properties. While research shows that this ingredient does indeed have the ability to lighten skin discoloration and even out the skin tone [2], it’s also famous for its anti-aging powers.

It not only treats sun damage in the form of hyperpigmentation, but it also improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles, making it a useful one to have in the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector.

Amino Acids

Another lightening ingredient in the City Beauty Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector is an amino acid complex.

Again, this has a few different effects. It’s great for fading age spots, but it also provides the skin with the building blocks that it needs to produce more collagen and elastin fibers.

In the long run, this means a smoother, firmer, and tighter complexion.


Mica is the ingredient responsible for the instant brightening effects of the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. It’s a natural mineral that reflects the light.

This means that, when you apply mica onto any areas of skin discoloration, the light around you will bounce off it in a way that makes those brown spots near-invisible.

Oat Kernel Extract

Oat kernel extract is a moisturizing ingredient. While it doesn’t have a direct effect on hyperpigmentation, it’s fantastic for soothing and hydrating the skin. It basically keeps your skin cells healthy, allowing them to function more efficiently. It’s always important to have a soothing ingredient alongside the more potent ones, making it a wise choice for the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector formula.


This ingredient is a third-part proprietary ingredient. It’s an amino acid which this product claims will assist in the reduction of melanin production by at least 24%.

In recent years this compound has been considered to be a breakthrough in the age-spot-fader world. It’s been compared to hydroquinone which is a common ingredient for lightening dark spots. However, unlike hydroquinone, it’s not considered to have the potential for carcinogenic effects.  


This ingredient is all about moisturizing the skin. In the process of moisturizing, it also lightens and tightens the skin making it appear more youthful.  This ingredient is frequently used to assist in the treatment of dermatological issues such as dry skin, scaly skin, rashes, and rough skin. 

The Benefits of Using the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector

We’ve already touched upon the different effects that each ingredient in the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector has, but let’s quickly summarize those benefits:

  • It will fade dark spots and lighten other areas of hyperpigmentation
  • It will immediately brighten the skin, giving it a glow
  • It will help with some of the other visible signs of aging skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • It can help to improve skin hydration
  • It’s safe to be used on all skin types, even on oily, acne-prone skin
List of Benefits while using Illuminating dark spot corrector

What Are The Drawbacks of Using the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector?

Like any product out there, this Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector by City Beauty is not without its drawbacks.

Let’s take a quick look at what some of these drawbacks are:

  • This product can cause you to have irritated skin resulting in red and/or itchy skin.
  • This product contains mica. Now this isn’t a health concern but instead a moral concern. The reason is that mica is often sourced through child labor. There’s no way to confirm or deny if the mica used in this product is obtained this way. 

Does the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector Really Work?

Let’s start with the customer reviews that are already out there. The majority of these reviews are positive, showing that, when used regularly, the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector really does have a lightening effect on age spots.

One reviewer noted that her brown spots were less visible after just a few days of using the product, while another reviewer explained how her new bright and even skin tone gave her so much more confidence. Just about every customer that has tried this product seems to love it –  many customer reviews state that they’ve already purchased a second bottle.

Of course, online customer reviews can only be trusted to an extent – you never quite know if a company has paid for that review to be written! So, in order to keep our own review as genuine as possible, we tested the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector for ourselves.

Turns out, all of those reviews were true. The product quickly works to lighten dark spots, and its overall brightening effect is very noticeable too. It also feels silky and refreshing when applied to the skin, absorbing easily to leave the skin looking brighter, plumper, and hydrated.


Does the City Beauty Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector Have Any Side Effects?

There have been no reported side effects from people who regularly use the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. The only issue would be if you have sensitive skin. Although marketed as being safe for all skin types, a few of the ingredients, like dimethicone (which is used to condition and lubricate the skin), have been known to irritate sensitive skin.

If you’re prone to sensitivities, always perform a patch test before using a product such as the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector on your face for the first time.

How and When to Use the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector

The Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector should be used twice a day – in the morning and at night. Use it as a spot treatment, applying a small amount of the product directly onto each age spot. Use your ring finger to lightly tap the serum into your skin to maximize absorption.

Suggested use for illuminationg dark spot corrector products

To brighten your complexion up even further, apply a vitamin C serum, ideally one that contains ascorbic acid, to your skin after using the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. Reviews show that skincare products containing hyaluronic acid would also be beneficial to use along with the serum – its ingredients will work so much more effectively on skin cells that are hydrated.

Ideally, use this in the form of a cream to lock all of the ingredients from the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector into your skin.

How Much Does the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector Cost?

The Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector costs $72 when purchased from City Beauty’s website. This includes free shipping. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the product, and reviews show that the company stays true to their word on this.



Modern age woman with clear skin wearing eyeglasses

What is the best product to remove dark spots on face?

The Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector from City Beauty is one of the best skincare products available for lightening dark spots on the face.

What do dermatologists recommend for dark spots?

Dermatologists recommend lightening and brightening ingredients to target dark spots. Alpha-arbutin is a good example, which can be found in City Beauty’s Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector.

Does the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector work?

Yes! Just about every review we found, along with our own personal testing, confirms that the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector really does work.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

It can differ from person to person, but in most cases, you’ll find that it takes about 8 – 10 weeks to start seeing the results of City Beauty’s Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector.

When Should I Use Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector?

You should be using your Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector morning and night to achieve the best possible results. Apply this product before any moisturizer and apply it to the entirety of your face. 

What Are Some Similar Products?

There are a lot of other options out there if you’re not interested in City Beauty’s Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. Let’s take a look at some of your options:

  • Ecco Bella Beauty Serum: This serum relies on vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to keep your face softer and more youthful. Branded as an acne scar and wrinkle remover it’s also great for diminishing dark spots. 
  • KissRedE Dark Spot Corrector: This is marketed specifically as a dark spot remover. It relies on a more holistic and natural botanical ingredients.  

Is the City Beauty Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector Worth Buying? 

While it’s true that there are already plenty of beauty products out there designed to treat hyperpigmentation and the effects of sun exposure, most of them contain hydroquinone, a skincare ingredient that’s too harsh to be used on all skin types.

This is where City Beauty’s Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector excels. It can effectively fade age spots and brighten the complexion, yet it’s also free of side effects. Our review has found this product to be far superior to its competition, making it one that we would definitely recommend buying.



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