Our Honest But Factual Firma Face XR Review!

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We haven’t found a woman yet who likes her facial lines. Who would like them? Sagging skin, deep wrinkles, even fine lines. None of them are good! As a result, women often spend much of their time either trying to prevent these wrinkles and lines from forming or getting worse or trying to diminish their appearance once they have formed.

Sometimes, it seems like all the women in the world are on a never-ending mission to look on the outside as young as they feel on the inside. After doing research online, many women believe that Firma Face XR might be the solution they’ve been searching for over the years. But is it really all that their marketing makes it out to be? Here is our honest review:

Our Thoughts

I’ve been hunting for a stronger anti-aging cream for many years since I turned 34 and really started to notice the negative skin changes. Nothing I’ve tried ever seems to work the way I hope it will – or at all.

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My girlfriends have sworn by weekly facials, injections, and eating foods rich in Omega fatty acids. None of these ideas ever worked for my skin. I wanted one cure for my individual type of skin, without spending hundreds of dollars just to get rid of years’ worth of lines and wrinkles on my face.

Then one day I decided “what the heck?” and went with a girlfriend to a spa, for a facial with special attention to anti-aging. The woman that did my facial had gorgeous skin. I asked her what her skin secret is.

I thought she’d sell me on some pricey regimen for skincare, but she instead told me that she used Firma face XR for the past eight months. I’d never heard of the product, so I asked her a lot of questions about it. I couldn’t believe it when she told me that she’s 57 years old! She looked about 30!

That moment, I knew I wanted to try Firma face XR. I went online as soon as I got home, and ordered six month’s worth of product.

Product Claims

You can expect a few things from Firma Face XR. This all-in-one product will make skin tighter, and you’ll notice an improvement instantly. Not only does it improve fine lines and wrinkles, but it also diminishes crows’ feet appearance and those lines that appear between your mouth and nose. However, the creators of this product claim that it offers temporary results. It also should be used on a clean face.

So, what’s all the hype about if the results are only temporary? Firma Face XR gives you a more youthful look in a short matter of time. While the company claims that their products work, many people are left wondering if it truly does. I mean it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Surprisingly, many users have noticed instant results with this skin tightener. I would say it’s a great option for those who need quick results. Maybe you’re going to a family event like a wedding or attending a high school reunion. These are all great times to pull out your Firma Face XR. As such, it’s ideal as a temporary solution, but it won’t bring long-term skin results.

Firm A face XR product

Active Ingredients

There are 2 active ingredients that play an important role in achieving firmer skin. They are caffeine and retinol. If you didn’t know, caffeine has great antioxidant and anti-aging properties. As for retinol, this ingredient is found in many skincare products that boast of offering younger-looking, more radiant skin.


The Benefits

So many people are going crazy over this product. Here are a few benefits that you’ll achieve by using this all in one solution:

  • Your skin will instantly appear younger and healthier
  • It can shrink pore size
  • It works instantly
  • It’s convenient as a short-term solution
  • Because it’s only one product, it’s easy to use
  • It does not interact with other medications

All these advantages contribute to its hype and popularity. It’s perfect when you’re looking for something quick and easy!

What about the disadvantages? We haven’t found any downfalls to this product so far. Perhaps one drawback is that some users find it to be a little on the pricier side. Also, if you have sensitive skin it’s best to speak to your doctor before using it! It hasn’t been found to have adverse effects, but people with sensitive skin must be extra careful. If for any reason, your skin reacts negatively upon use, quit using it immediately.

What We Like

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I’d found that many skin creams, even good ones, always have lousy odors. I don’t know if it’s from the ingredients, but I don’t like products that leave my face smelling. When I opened Firma Face XR, I only smelled a soft and refreshing scent, and it wasn’t at all overbearing. Which is especially nice, because after you rub this stuff under your nose, who wants to smell an overwhelming perfume for the next several hours? Not to mention that those scents are often brought on by harsh chemicals which you really won’t want anywhere near your face. As far as smell went, I was very satisfied with Firma Face XR.

In addition, I was glad that I didn’t need to use a lot of products when using Firma face XR. A thin layer is all I needed to use, and then after three minutes, I washed it off. After the mask was rinsed off, I could apply my usual moisturizer and my make-up. But what’s really amazing is that by applying my moisturizer and then make-up, I was actually triggering the firming formula to work!

The instant anti-sagging and wrinkle-smoothing activity can be attributed not just to GABA, which is a natural type of muscle inhibitor. It’s also due to the presence of aminopropane sulfonic acid since it has properties like that of GABA.

After these ingredients work on your face, along with the tiny bit of caffeine in the formula, you’ll see that your skin looks firmer, younger, and tighter, with fewer wrinkles. Even my eyes were improved – they looked more alert and wide open! I was extremely happy with the results I saw in the mirror and felt on my skin.


What We Don’t Like!

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Usually, whenever I test a product, I find something that will bother me. I just expect it. The only aspect that bothered me about Firma-face XR was the length of time it took the post office to have it delivered to me.

I filed a complaint after I didn’t receive the product in two weeks, and was told simply that the post office had “misplaced” the order. I told one customer service representative at Firma Face XR that I wanted a refund, it only took them five minutes to send another package to me, via priority mail.

The package arrived in two days, and I was on my way to younger-looking, tighter skin. The only downside was the fact that I did have to ask for my refund before I received the product. That will help in keeping me a serious skincare customer of Firma Face XR for life! I’m very pleased with my skin now, and also happy in remaining a customer of this company that values good customer service.

How To Use

Part of obtaining the best results is knowing how to use them correctly. The instructions are very straightforward since this is an all-in-one product. Users love this because it’s quick and easy to use instead of having to follow a rigorous process that involves more than one solution.

To use, you simply wash your face and then apply this cream. Let it sit for about 3 minutes keeping a firm face so that it has time to set. Then, rinse it off and you’re set!

While I could not find anything that confirmed this, the brand itself claims it’s meant for temporary results, so I wouldn’t count on it too much. You can, however, use it every day to keep up the overall appearance of your skin!

How To Buy

FirmA Face XR cream

There are many ways to get your hands on this product. Firma Face XR can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Simply visit their official website and make a purchase. Although it is over the counter, it’s not in all pharmacies or drugstores. As such, your best bet is to find the product online. While prices may vary, you can expect to buy Firma Face XR for about $50.

Now, What’s Our Conclusion?

Lydia, we are so happy that you enjoyed success with the product, and you have so much enthusiasm and energy! But we don’t really agree with regards to this product. It certainly gave you good results, but we don’t think it’s the best of the anti-aging creams available right now.

Our decision has been based on many other customers’ opinions, and our own breakdown of the product’s ingredients. We looked into the number of people who found success thanks to Firma Face XR and saw that many people were disappointed with the results they got if they got any at all. The average success rate for this product is below 70%, which is much lower than that of our most favorite anti-aging solution. It ended up being our #7 favorite anti-aging skincare cream. That being said, we are very happy to hear that you had such good results!

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