Our Diamond Radiance Review: Here’s Our Say On The New “At Home” Treatment

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If you’re among the many thousands of folks who want a more youthful vitality in your skin, you’ll need to erase aging signs from your face. You’re certainly not alone. Anti-aging products, creams, and microdermabrasion machines are commonplace and easy to find, but it’s only rarely that you’ll find a product that really delivers on its promises.

There are some products available that will back up the promises they make and deliver positive results. Finding them can cost you a lot of money, though. We’ve been hearing a lot recently about a newer microdermabrasion product named Diamond Radiance which might stand up to our current champion Microderm MD. It seems to be making some waves in the multi-million dollar skin care industry, so we had our team try it out for themselves. What is Diamond Radiance all about?

Here’s what they discovered, all prepared just for you from our official review…

What Is It?

Diamond radiance machine

Microdermabrasion is a commonly sought treatment at salons because of the quick results it offers. It’s great for the face, neck, and hands. It gives you an easy, clinically tested way to achieve younger-looking skin. It’s no surprise that DIY options are now available, and Diamond Radiance is one of the several at-home treatments you’ll come across.

When they were doing their research, our team knew that Diamond Radiance is a microdermabrasion machine to be used in the home. It uses effective and unusual vacuum technology, removing dead skin and promoting the growth of new skin. This helps your skin to look and feel softer, younger, and more evenly toned. It also gives your skin a welcome new glow.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. This is a non-surgical way to remove dead skin cells [1] and reverse the effects of sun damage, scars, and similar skin problems. Of course, you want to use as advised. Starting off, we suggest you use at a low setting and only once or twice a week. Depending on how your skin reacts to it, you can increase the frequency of use.

Until recent years, this type of microdermabrasion treatment could be found only in salons and clinics. Now you can order many of these products for use at home. But which one will work the best for you?

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The Benefits of Microdermabrasion Treatments

There is a reason that microdermabrasion treatments are popular options among both men and women. The results they offer are outstanding. With DIY at home kits, they can be very affordable too.

So, what is all the hype about? What are some benefits of these treatments?

For starters, microdermabrasion deeply exfoliates. This improves the overall texture and tone of your skin. You can use these treatments on problem areas ranging from your face, hands, neck, and even legs. Immediately after one treatment, you will notice a few things like softer skin or a brighter complexion.

After several treatments, you’ll have more noticeable results. These include an even skin tone, decrease in fine lines, and improved acne. It’s also a great option for individuals with acne scarring or sun damage. Many people have stated that this treatment helps with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a result of acne.

The benefits of microdermabrasion are quick, easy and affordable. It’s no surprise that it’s become a common way for individuals to rejuvenate their skin.

Just How Does the System Work?

Actually, it’s a fairly simple process. Diamond Radiance comes with various types of tips that have tiny particles of uniformly sized diamond particles. This abrasive surface is used to comfortably and easily remove dead cells of skin. As the tips glide on top of your skin, there is also a suction working that will help in permanently removing these cells.

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As this microdermabrasion is occurring, the vacuum suction, with its various speed settings, will cause increased blood flow in the area where you’re doing the treatment. This promotes collagen production. The gentle suction on your skin stimulates skin regrowth, which leaves you with a virtually new skin layer free of those dead cells that were suffocating the old top layer.

By using Diamond Radiance regularly, you will see some subtle changes at first, that can surely if gradually erase the problems of your skin. After each individual treatment, as new skin growth occurs, your skin becomes smoother and softer.

Here are some things users have noticed after using this at home treatment for a few weeks:

  • An increase in skin firmness
  • More hydrated, rejuvenated skin
  • Skin texture was significantly improved
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps with discoloration [2]
  • Even improves acne scarring

There are so many different ways this system can help your skin. If you have very sensitive skin, perhaps consult your dermatologist before use. Like any new product you expose to your skin, you want to be sure you’re careful starting off. Only use this product a couple of times a week with a low suction setting to determine if it’s a good choice for your skin.

After treatment, your skin will be pink. Some people have shared that it feels dry and tight for about 24 hours. We recommend you stay out of the sun until the pink color has gone away and wear SPF 30 before going outdoors.


How Long Do the Results Last?

There is no exact answer to this question. However, results can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months after a treatment. If you take good care of your skin, you’ll notice these results even longer than a year. We are happy with what Diamond Radiance has to offer because it’s a great skin rejuvenation treatment.

Moreover, you can use your system as frequently as you’d like. However, we don’t recommend more than 2 times a week. This depends on the state of your skin and what you’re hoping to achieve. Some people use it once a week while others use it every 8 weeks.

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What Things Can’t the Machine Do?

There are some things this kit won’t do for your skin. It’s important to have these in mind prior to spending money on this system. Part of the reason for our reviews is to give our readers the pros and cons of popular products. We don’t want you to waste your time, energy, and money any more than necessary. That is why we make it our goal to deliver quality, unbiased reviews.

A few things that this machine cannot do is treat severe acne. It does help with acne scarring and the aftereffects of pimples. However, it does not treat it. This is a common misconception that can be damaging. Sometimes microdermabrasion can irritate acne, making it feel and look worse.

Yes, this is a great treatment for treating fine lines and wrinkles. However, know that it will not eliminate them completely. Microdermabrasion also will not tighten sagging skin. For treatments that target these problem areas, we suggest talking to your dermatologist to go over your options.

The Diamond Radiance microdermabrasion at-home machine does help in exfoliating your skin, and in promoting the growth of new skin cells. But it doesn’t clean the skin at all. You’ll have to cleanse your skin before you start with microdermabrasion, and use a gentle moisture-rich lotion when you’re done. This will help to add moisture to the new skin layer.

You should always take good care of the skin on your face, and elsewhere, for that matter. Once you use microdermabrasion and your skin is fully rejuvenated, you’ll have healthy, clearer, younger-looking skin.

A few other tips you need to keep in mind to have radiant, glowing skin include:

  • Use sunscreen whenever necessary (at least 15 SPF). Failing to do so means your skin will age more quickly. Sun exposure also leads to age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles – not to mention skin cancer.
  • Avoid smoking! It’s no surprise that smoking leads to wrinkles and aging. When someone smokes, they are decreasing the blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen needed to maintain healthy skin.
  • Moisturize your skin everyday and avoid creams with fragrances or strong chemicals like parabens or phthalates. If possible, go for natural options.
  • Keep your stress at a minimum. We know this is a hard one to follow especially if we live hectic lives. However, find ways to control your stress. This will help you look and feel your best!
  • Eat plenty of veggies and fruits each day. It’s a great way not only to stay healthy but improve the appearance of your skin. To keep your skin hydrated, drink a lot of water.
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These are all great and easy skin care habits that you can start implementing into your daily routine today!

There is no one miracle treatment to combat aging skin, but some treatments work well, and Diamond Radiance is one of them. We gave it four stars out of five.

How Much Does It Cost?

Girl holding money

In the other Diamond Radiance reviews we’ve seen, they haven’t all mentioned this, but you should compare prices before you order your product. We searched the web to find the best deals for you, and the cheapest prices were actually on the main website for Diamond Radiance. It was cheaper there than on Amazon or eBay.

When you place an order at the Diamond Radiance site, you’ll get the machine and a set of diamond tips – two medium and two fine. You’ll also receive 40 hygienic disposable filters and an AC adapter. There are no other sites that give you this many attachments with your machine.

This product will be much cheaper than going to a high-end dermatology salon. But how much exactly does it cost? You can find several retailers all selling for a different price. However, Diamond Radiance’s website usually has promotions from time to time on their products.

We found another great deal on the main Diamond Radiance site, too. You can try it risk-free for 30 days for $14.95. On other sites, you must buy the machine and pay in full before you can try it out. We like the low price for a 30-day trial, and then you’ll be able to make your decision before you pay a larger amount.



As you can see, Diamond Radiance is a great way to obtain smoother, healthier looking skin all from the comfort of your home. Thanks to brands like this one, microdermabrasion is no longer a lavish, expensive treatment found solely at dermatology salons. This company makes it affordable to have radiant, glowing skin.

Finally, we’d like to hear from you, as always. If you’ve tried Diamond Radiance, please leave us a review or comments so we can share them with others.

Score: 4 stars!


[1] https://www.quora.com/What-are-dead-skin-cells
[2] https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322599.php

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