Our DHC Skincare Review and Why We Love it – Almost

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This isn’t just another review – I’m excited about this review because I am in love with the anti-aging cream DHC Skincare. Plus, I want to help in getting the word out about this great skincare line. After I do my part, then more women with embarrassing or annoying skin conditions can get their life back, feel better and look younger!

DHC skincare

I hate the feeling of looking in the mirror, staring at my face, and finding new wrinkles forming and cropping up – but I can’t help but analyze my face for them. Every time I find a new sign of aging, I feel frustrated to watch my skin’s youthful glow ebb away. I also know that I am far from the only woman that feels this way – that’s why I was so determined to find a product to help slow the aging process and keep my skin feeling firm and looking young and healthy!

My Story

My most recent “ah-ha” moment came at the dermatologist last month. I felt terrible about the way my skin felt and looked. I’d tried all kinds of products, and nothing was working. I felt like I was fighting a decidedly losing battle.

After all the skincare products I had tried, my skin was red and acne-ridden, oily, and it had been that way since I was a teenager. I am 41 now and felt it was time to put a stop to the problem once and for all.

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My dermatologist could certainly be forgiven for being caught off-guard by my melt-down, but he was still understanding and kind. I had become so frustrated and at a loss, and didn’t know what my next move was to get the skin I’d been trying to achieve for what felt like my entire life. He told me he’d seen many women with skin in the same shape as mine, who had found younger skin and relief by using DHC Skincare on a daily basis.

He showed me the website and told me to check the product out. Excited and filled with a renewed hope that I may have finally found something to work for me, I spent the whole evening reading up on anything I could find about DHC. I read lots of reviews on other websites, too. I found out that DHC Skincare is a preferred product in Japan for skincare and anti-aging. I also found that it uses only all-natural olive oil, without adding fragrances or colorings that could be irritating to the skin, especially the sensitive skin of the face.

Buying My First Kit

I was so excited about the prospect of DHC Skincare that I bought my first kit that same night and called to thank my dermatologist for the next day and thanked him for bringing DHC Skincare to my attention. I jokingly told him that I would let him know whether I’d end up hugging him for helping to cure my skin woes, or strangling him for making my problems worse.

Two months after I started using DHC Skincare daily, I went to my dermatologist’s office as virtually a different person. I can’t forget, nor would I want to, the look on his face as I entered his office. He stared first, and then he smiled. I’ll always remember that moment as a great moment of relief and victory for me. My skin was clear, youthful, wrinkle-free, healthy, and glowing! I had never felt or looked better. I was finally proud to look in the mirror and go outside and show off my new beautiful skin!


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Thanks to the DHC Skincare program, I feel so much better about myself. I’m a more social “animal”, and I feel like I can be “out there” and meet the perfect someone that’s out there for me. I won’t have to worry anymore about what they think when they see my skin.

My family and friends all say that I radiate happiness. I never thought I’d hear that. I believe them, too – I can see in the way that they tell me that they mean it, and anyone can see the difference in the change in my skin. It’s not just in the way I look, either. It’s in the way my skin feels; I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin!

As a result, my confidence has spiked, and anyone who knew me before my discovery of DHC Skincare can tell what a profound difference it has made in my life. After all those years of problem skin, now I feel beautiful. I owe it entirely to DHC Skincare, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

The Benefits Of DHC Products

It’s no surprise that DHC products are popular picks among consumers. They claim to bring forward many benefits for your skin. Personally, I was very impressed with the results and had noticeable improvements. However, it’s important to note that their products may not work for everyone.

A few benefits of DHC products include the ingredients. The creators believe strongly in virgin olive oil as it’s rich in nutrients [1]. They claim to use the best technologies available and nothing less than quality ingredients that are paraben free. Moreover, they don’t add colorants or fragrances to their products.

Olive oil, berries and lavender

This is not necessarily an advantage, but I did want to mention that DHC is not cruelty-free. They do test their products on animals.

Their Skincare Routine

If you decide to purchase from DHC, make sure you follow their 4-step skincare routine. The routine consists of the following:

1. Remove Your Makeup. You can do so with DHC oil-based cleanser, which breaks down all traces of cosmetics.
2. Facial Cleanser. You’ll now want to lather your face with a deeper cleanse, leaving your skin feeling extra fresh.
3. Toner. Next, go ahead and use their Japanese lotion toner to hydrate your skin.
4. Moisturize. Lastly, you want to moisturize your skin.


DHC moisturize extra nighttime moisture

If you’re using additional products like a special cream for your eyes or in this case, an anti-aging cream, follow the instructions to learn more about how and when to use them throughout your skincare routine.

Taking care of your skin can be a tedious process, but DHC makes it easy. Plus, after you see the results, you’ll be more motivated to continue your skincare routine. Again, if your skin reacts negatively to any of the products, we suggest you stop immediate use, get your money back, and speak to your dermatologist about other available options.

What’s Our Conclusion?

Well, we don’t want to be the sticklers, but we’re not convinced that DHC will offer the amazing results they claim for everyone. We think it’s effective in some ways, but if you compare it to the better creams made for anti-aging, this product doesn’t quite cut it.

While it was very helpful in clearing up one of our reader’s red, acne-ridden and oily skin, we’re not sure it will have quite as amazing results in the prevention of wrinkles and the anti-aging qualities that it claims. It’s a great transitional product or something to use in the meantime while you’re in search of something higher-end to prevent the effects of aging from making themselves known on your skin long-term, but it might not be enough to get the job done on its own.

We are very happy that one of our long-time readers got excellent results, but we haven’t found that DHC can compare favorably to products like Revitol or LifeCell. We rated it at #10 on our top anti-aging cream list.

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