DermaWand Review – Does it Provide Consumers with the Facelift They’re Looking For?

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As we age, we’re always looking for ways to keep our skin firmer, while eliminating fine lines. The DermaWand is a non-surgical facelift tool that claims to do just that. It provides some potential facelift-like benefits within the comfort of your home.

Just like many anti-aging products, individuals differ. This product received mixed reviews, as some did not achieve the desired results. If you’re wary of this product, you can try a 30-day free trial through the company. This will allow you to see for yourself.

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Hot take: The DermaWand is a product that does its best work for ladies above 40 as it helps to restore elasticity and helps tighten skin, solutions we need when we get older. Read on as we dive deeper into DermaWand and give you our verdict.

What is a Facelift?

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Our skin begins to sag as we age, and some individuals decide that a facelift is a direction they would like to take. So, how exactly does a facelift work? It’s important to understand this, before looking at the DermaWand technology.

As we get older, the elasticity in our skin decreases. This leaves it looking saggy. While muscle and tissue change, wrinkles surface as well. Surgery will differ from patient to patient, and it’s highly dependant on the shape of their faces. This is generally performed in a hospital or a plastic surgeon’s office.

During a basic facelift, the doctor will make a cut around the ear/hairline. The skin is then separated from the muscle and fat underneath. The doctor tightens the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, which is a layer of skin underneath the surface.

Once the top layer is pulled back, excess skin is removed. The incision is then closed, after approximately two-four hours under the knife. With any surgery, there are possible risks. You could be exposed to infection, have a reaction to the anesthesia, damage your nerves, experience tissue death, or develop a hematoma [1]. As you can see, a possible at-home solution would have people talking.

Facelifts are not as popular today as they used to be. That’s because there are so many new non-invasive procedures. These provide some of the same results as a facelift. However, they don’t involve the high cost and painful recovery. They also don’t carry the risks associated with an inpatient procedure.

New options include things like micro-needling, lifting facials, and micro-needling. There is also DermaWand’s thermal energy and radio frequency.

How Does the DermaWand Work? What Are Its Claims?

DermaWand claims to lift and tighten skin, providing a younger-looking complexion. It uses radio frequency energy to tighten areas in need. This is the same technology that is used by professionals, except the amplitude is much lower. This is what makes it ‘safe’ for at-home use.

DermaWand product line

Just as the bigger, professional machines do, DermaWand provides stimulation. This massaging effect, mixed with thermal energy and enriched oxygen, creates younger-looking skin. The thermal energy is produced through a gentle microcurrent. Stimulation occurs, which then improves circulation. This improved circulation brings fresh blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the surface.

Not only is circulation improved, but DermaWand emits enriched oxygen while you use it. This acts as a natural cleanser and reduces pore size. DermaWand is said to target the following areas and work because:

  1. Radio frequency and thermal energy: This massaging stimulation, makes skin more toned and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Due to increased levels of oxygen, pore-size is reduced, and skin glows.
  2. Stimulates sagging skin: The DermaWand provides 168,000 cycles per second. This is what gives you a more toned and lifted look.
  3. Plump lips: Lips become more plump, as fine lines are reduced.
  4. Puffy eyes are reduced: Saggy, puffy eyes are diminished.

How to Use the DermaWand?

How to Use the DermaWand?

You want to be very careful and use the DermaWand as instructed. Look at the DVD and written instructions before using. Here is what you should expect:

  • Thoroughly clean your face with your favorite cleanser and pat dry. Turn the DermaWand to its lowest setting level and gradually increase it as you go. Make sure you’re always at a level that feels comfortable. When it comes down to areas around the eyes, use the lowest settings.
  • Moisturize your face and then go back to using the DermWand for another 2-3 minutes. This time you may target specific areas like the neck, eyebrows, chin, or lips.
  • If you experience any type of side effect like excessive peeling, dryness, or redness, stop use immediately.
  • Do not use this device if you’re pregnant, have a skin condition, or have a pacemaker.

The DermaWand is supposed to make your skin feel smoother. Users share that this effect fades rather quickly and for the most part, they did not notice any significant improvements. While results vary from person to person, most of the reviews share that they are better off with a daily moisturizing skincare regimen. Does this mean it doesn’t work? We’ll cover that next.

Does DermaWand Work? What are People Saying?

This technology is nothing new. In fact, high-frequency beauty therapy has been used for years [2]. The electrical and thermal energy stimulates collagen and cells. This helps increase the elasticity and collagen production. The end result tends to be fuller, tighter skin.

Does DermaWand Work

Most consumers mentioned pore-size. After using the DermaWand, they instantly noticed a reduction in their pores. When used over a prolonged period, consumers also mentioned that fine lines decreased.

Overall, many consumers were happy with their results after extended use. In comparison to other at-home solutions, DermaWand treats the skin layers underneath. Whereas other at-home products only focus on the superficial layer. Due to this increased penetration, consumers experience a fuller face.

Our skin type varies from person-to-person. Therefore, not all results will be experienced equally. Just because your friend had great results, does not necessarily mean that you will. Not only do our genetics play a role, but the damage our skin has endured is also key (sun exposure for example).

The most positive results were seen from individuals that we over the age of 45. This makes sense. If you’re trying to use this product at age 25, your skin will already be fairly elastic. However, when someone who is 55 tries this product, they will notice their skin tightening much more rapidly. Reviews were mixed, as some people enjoyed this product, and others did not.

Dermawand facial device review

Are There Any Side-Effects or Dangers to Using DermaWand?

Before you buy a product, especially one like the DermaWand, it’s important to know if there are any possible negative effects. We already know the benefits, so what should consumers be concerned about?

Well, based on consumer reviews, DermaWand does not appear to be highly dangerous. However, some users have experienced redness, burning, and skin irritation. A few reviews have also claimed that their skin looks worse than before. There is also a scent produced that not many were fond of. This is supposed to be the scent of the ‘natural enriched oxygen.’

If you have sensitive skin, or you’re unsure of a product; it’s always beneficial to speak with your dermatologist. They can provide you with the answers you’re looking for regarding your skin type and your personal needs.

Where to buy DermaWand?

If you have researched DermaWand and like what it offers, then you can buy this product directly from the company website.

Right now, that’s the only place you can get your hands on an authentic set.

Alternatively, I would highly recommend that you check out this list of our top-rated anti-aging products that are highly effective too.

In Conclusion: DermaWand Review

I personally think that the DermaWand does have its good points, and they apply mostly to ladies that are seeing a decline in their skin as they age.

Many believe that the concentration of energy is too weak to provide the results they’re looking for, and I believe that this is coming mainly from the younger crowd.

Remember, you can prevent further wrinkles and fine lines by taking care of your skin. Protect yourself from UV rays, don’t smoke, and be conscious of your diet.



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