Crepe Erase Review: Not our Favorite Product, but Still an Okay Choice

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Often, it feels as if your body ages overnight. One day, you’re looking in the mirror and are impressed with how smooth and firm your skin is looking.

You convince yourself that you’ve found the perfect skincare regimen to keep yourself appearing young.

Until the next day

Then, you notice all of the fine lines spread across your body. Your skin doesn’t quite seem to fit as if it has become stretched out.

The person looking back at you in the mirror appears way more shriveled and old than you should.

Sound familiar?

When this happens, it might be tempting to run to the store and purchase every anti-aging product on the shelves.

However, as this review will demonstrate, not all skin cream kits are made equal, and the perfect one for you greatly depends on the causes of the issues you are facing, not just the problems themselves.

Not every anti-aging product line will work for everyone.

Crepe Erase is a reasonable choice if crepey skin is the only condition giving your age away or making you appear older than you are.

That said, if you also have wrinkles and age spots or are hoping for a budget option, there are better product lines available.

Our full review is below. Overall, Crepe Erase is not the best or most economical product on the market today. Nevertheless, it’s not the worst option we’ve seen and is a decent choice to combat crepey skin.

What Does it Do?

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To understand how it works, we must first look at the problem at hand. Crepey skin refers to skin that acts and feels like crepe paper.

It is dry, thin, and crinkly. Hence the name, Crepe Erase.

This system targets crepey skin all over the body.

Where other anti-aging products focus on the face, this one includes components with specialized formulas for the hands, neck, and even legs.

At its most basic level, Crepe Erase combines several moisturizers to repair skin and reverse the signs of aging. More often than not, complexions and bodies that look old have extremely dry and damaged skin.

In the case of crepey bodies, sun damage and years of dehydration tend to be the culprit.

The combination of antioxidants and moisturizing agents aim to solve the problems beginning from the inside and working their way out.

It works to reverse signs of aging while it tightens skin and prevents further damage from adding to the situation.


What’s Its Background?

Crepe Erase is produced and sold by the well-known California Guthy Renker Corporation, a company that has been developing and marketing products directly to customers since the 1980s.

They are particularly renowned for their television, magazine, and website advertising methods.

Guthy Renker has been around the skincare world since the 1990s. They are the parent company of Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, and Sheer Cover makeup.

So, when they decided to create an anti-aging line, they already knew the industry well.

Another marker of a Guthy Renker product is the use of celebrity endorsements. For Crepe Erase, Jane Seymour and Dorothy Hamel jumped on board sharing the benefits this product line brings.

They share that this product is the secret behind Jane’s perfect eyes and is their choice for maintaining their youthful appearances for the long term.

Crepe Erase Review: Not our Favorite Product, but Still an Okay Choice 1

A notable feature missing from the background of Crepe Erase’s development and marketing is research.

Even though the Guthy Renker company is known for creating effective, science-based products, they did not publish studies supporting the effectiveness of Crepe Erase.

There have been no studies – company sponsored or otherwise – on this product line.

While most of the included ingredients are known to benefit aging skin, all we have to support the claims are before and after pictures used in reviews and advertising.

How Does It Work?

As we began explaining above, most crepey skin is caused by sun damage. Sun exposure causes the skin to become dehydrated and dry out which results in a weathered, wrinkled, and brittle appearance.

The Crepe Erase system uses products to prevent further damage from the sun and to repair existing damage using powerful moisturizers and healing antioxidants.

Specifically, Crepe Erase uses a patented ingredient called the Trufirm Complex.

This combination of natural elements claims to help skin maintain elasticity, become smoother, and appear younger and more healthy. It includes:

  • Apple – an antioxidant that prevents the sun and environmental damage
  • Dill – an herb that helps keep skin elastic and firm
  • Sage – an herb and antioxidant that has been shown to eliminate skin damage from free radicals
Crepe Erase Review: Not our Favorite Product, but Still an Okay Choice 2

However, these ingredients have not been tested alone or in this combination to support these claims.

As we mentioned before, that is one of the major downsides to Crepe Erase – there are no independent or even company-sponsored tests to back up the effectiveness of the products.

We know that these healthy, natural ingredients are not harmful to you, but there’s no way to gauge how good they might be.

Other active ingredients in the product line have been tested and deemed effective by dermatologists or researchers.

Primarily they work as moisturizers and rehydrate skin that has become dried out through sun exposure and environmental factors. The individual elements that makeup Crepe Erase are:

  • Coconut Oil – a researched ingredient shown to hydrate and repair skin
  • Olive Oil – an antioxidant ideal for use after sun exposure
  • Cocoa Butter – a moisturizer derived from the cocoa bean
  • Shea Butter – a fat that includes Vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Beeswax – known to condition skin
  • Vitamin E – a natural ingredient that increases elasticity while also boasting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits
  • Olive Fruit Extract – a beneficial extract to condition and rehydrate skin
  • Cotton Thistle Extract – adds moisture to the skin and brings repairing qualities for healing sun damage
  • Hyaluronic Acid – increases collagen and elasticity and is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Lactic Acid – works to reduce wrinkles by smoothing skin

All of these ingredients combine to create powerful moisturizers and skin repair creams. Both of these are known to help reduce the existence of crepey skin.

By adding moisture back into extremely damaged skin while preventing further dehydration and damage from occurring, skin will begin to appear more smooth with fewer wrinkles and a more youthful quality.


What Are The Products Available?

Crepe Erase Review: Not our Favorite Product, but Still an Okay Choice 3

Crepe Erase is sold in two different packages – the essentials kit with two products or the five-piece system that targets a wider variety of problem areas.

There are also body part specific formulas available for purchase to supplement both kits. Whichever way you decide to use Crepe Erase, the process is extremely simple.

First, you’ll begin by using the Exfoliating Body Polish in the shower. This smoothing pretreatment exfoliates your face and body while dissolving away dead skin cells.

By removing the damaged layer of skin on top, you’re creating a clean slate for the rest of the treatment system.

The new skin exposed from underneath will be protected from damage from the beginning which means you’ll be left with more radiant, healthy skin.

Next, you’ll apply the line’s signature product to your clean, dry, exfoliated skin – the Crepe Erase Advanced Body Treatment.

This intensive skin cream includes the patented Trufirm Complex along with other powerful moisturizers. It works to protect the newly exposed healthy skin from becoming crepey and damaged from the start.

After that, all that remains in the Crepe Erase system are the targeted, body part specific formulas. Each of these target problem areas that show signs of aging more than others and are particularly prone to crepey skin.

For your face, there are eye, lip, and skin products. The Facial Polish, Refining Facial Scrub, and Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment supplement the work of the two main parts of the system.

For extremely damaged skin, these extra efforts are sometimes necessary to repair and reset the surface before it becomes irreparable.

Crepe Erase Intensive Body Treatment Set Auto-Delivery on QVC

If your eyes show your age before the rest of your body, there’s the Flaw Fix Eye Cream and the Four-in-One Eye Renewal Capsules.

The eye cream acts like most others and can be applied to crepey areas around the eyes twice daily. The Capsules come filled with a serum that reduces the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles.

Many other anti-aging products completely ignore the lip and mouth area. However, fine lines and dry skin here is frequent and often severe.

The Flaw Fix Crepey Lip specifically works to improve the dry, damaged skin around and on your mouth.

Crepey skin is not limited to the face. Therefore Crepe Erase formulated an Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment.

This hand cream includes extra moisturizers and healing agents to keep your skin elastic and appearing fresh and smooth.

Overall, the Crepe Erase system is not unnecessarily complicated or cumbersome.

It doesn’t add a lot of time or steps to your skincare routine. In some cases, it might even reduce the time you spend taking care of your face.


Does It Live Up To Its Hype?

Even after reading all of that, you’re probably still wondering, “Does it really work?” For us, the jury is still out.

We aren’t convinced that Crepe Erase will provide the impressive results it claims.

Crepe Erase Review: Not our Favorite Product, but Still an Okay Choice 4

Online, most of the reviews you’ll find are negative. You’ll see complaint after complaint that the Crepe Erase marketing was misleading and the products don’t work.

From angry video reviews on YouTube tp loads of one-star Amazon reviews, it doesn’t appear that an investment in this anti-aging system was the right choice for most people.

Plus, there’s not even research to back up the product!

That said, Crepe Erase is full of healthy, effective ingredients that check all of the boxes for a solid anti-aging skin care regimen. Furthermore, around 40% of the reviews you find online are not only positive but also raving.

It seems that with Crepe Erase, you either love it and your life is forever changed, or it clogged your pores and was a waste of money. There’s not much in-between.

If crepey, sun-damaged skin is your only problem, then Crepe Erase might be the right choice for you. It is a strong, capable, healing moisturizing system.

But if you also have wrinkles, age spots, or fine lines as well, we recommend checking out our comprehensive list of the best anti-aging products around.

Where Can You Find It?

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Crepe Erase, like all Guthy Renker products, primarily is sold through television infomercials on the QVC network.

However, the manufacturer also sells Crepe Erase products on the QVC website,, and

The biggest catch to purchasing through these official methods is that you cannot obtain one kit or product.

You must purchase a subscription that, reviewers say, is next to impossible to cancel.

Some former customers go so far as to call it a scam. There’s no way to try to see if it’s right for you without a monthly payment for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Luckily, Crepe Erase is now available for purchase from other cosmetic suppliers.

Buying either online or in-person from third-party retailers protects you from the subscription requirements of purchasing Crepe Erase directly from QVC or Guthy Renker.

Online, you can find these kits through Amazon or eBay. If you choose this route, be sure you are purchasing from a reputable seller. You always run the risk of fake or contaminated ingredients

In person, you can purchase Crepe Erase products wherever you usually buy beauty products. Ulta Beauty, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens all carry the kits and individual products.

Finding them in a store brings quality assurance that you might not find online.

If crepey skin is holding you back from feeling as if you’ve got your best face forward, then we suggest trying Crepe Erase to see if it works for you.

However, for most people, we recommend more comprehensive and tested anti-aging products.

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