Clarisonic Mia 2 Review: A Soothing Device for Gently Removing Skin Impurities

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Many reviews of Clarisonic have talked about the effectiveness and ease of use of the Clarisonic formula for cleansing skin impurities for quite a long time.

Considered to be an extremely gentle and easy to apply gel that will cleanse the skin, reduce imperfections, improve texture, diminish excessive shine and increase the skin’s ability to remain hydrated and vitalized, Clarisonic is a great product for daily use, bringing lasting results in numerous cases of dry, oily or congested skin.

Keep reading our Clarisonic Mia 2 Review to learn more about all the benefits of this skincare product and find out how you can get it.

Clarisonic – A pH-Balanced Gentle Gel Cleanser

As both official product descriptions and Clarisonic review pages tend to show, the product was primarily designed as a pH-balanced, refreshing formula that acts as a foaming gel to protect and relieve your skin, reducing the negative effects of a number of skin related problems.

It is meant to be used mainly on normal and oily skin, and can normally be found at an overall affordable cost, unlike many similar skin care products.

Clarisonic is advertised to be able to get rid of flakes quite easily.

As well as to manage dry skin, make the user’s skin much smoother and more manageable, and soothe the skin even in the event of conditions such as facial eczema.

Additionally, some Clarisonic review sites also promote it as an efficient alternative to beautifying creams, acne treatments and even aging cream formulas.

The Ingredients, Use and Benefits of the Formula

clarisonic mia 2 review

The main benefits of the Clarisonic formula, as stated by both testimonials and expert reviewers interested in providing an objective analysis of how the skin care product works, have to do mostly with the ingredients used in its fabrication.

The gel uses a number of different natural ingredients to promote healthier, more revitalized skin and maintain it in the long run:

  • Bearberry extract is used to make the user’s skin brighter and promote a more even, balanced skin tone.
  • The formula also integrates the use of CoQ10 and grape seed extract – two major compounds responsible for its purifying and soothing capabilities.
  • B12 and B5 are used as natural coloring agents, as well as skin hydration.
  • Commended by many posts about Clarisonic, the addition of 1% willow bark extract adds anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to the formula, making it capable of dealing with a number of mild skin conditions.
  • The gel also contains white and green tea, as well as a compound known as beta-hydroxy acid. The latter was added for the purpose of inducing cell turnover.

Unlike many similar gels, oils and skin care products, Clarisonic is quite easy to apply and use.

Basically, the user needs to apply it on a patch of moist skin (or dampen the cleaning brush included with the product and add the gel to the brush), then gently massage the skin in a circular motion.

According to most of the experts who have evaluated the product, it’s important to rinse it quite, so that the gel can enter the skin more easily, producing lasting and noticeable effects.

The only contraindication is that you should not allow it to come in contact with your eyes.

What Reviewers Have to Say

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Many reviews talk a lot about the product’s effectiveness, particularly when it comes to being gentle on the skin and leaving it feeling clean and smooth.

Many also promote its pleasant odor, considering Clarisonic to be a much better choice in this regard when comparing it to other gels.

Some reviewers place great emphasis on the gel’s ability to improve skin texture and tone, especially when used daily for periods of about 1-2 weeks or more.

Others claim that a number of their friends and family members have used Clarisonic effectively on all types of skin, and the best results were obtained on oily and sensitive skin.

Very few negative effects have ever been noted by those using the product, a small number of buyers have complained that its effectiveness was somewhat limited in their cases, and some claim its hydrating abilities were not up to par with their expectations.

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review Conclusion

clariconic mia 2 review of the product

Clarisonic works to relieve dry skin, improve oily skin, enhance texture and make oily skin feel much more natural and pleasant.

According to reviews posted by actual buyers, it was deemed effective in well over 80% of cases, obtaining an uncommonly high positive rating for these types of skin products.

Not only have Clarisonic Mia 2 review posts backed up the product’s effectiveness – even a number of experts recommend it as a balanced and well-designed formula for oily and congested skin.

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