Civant Complete Regimen Kit Review: How Well Do These Products Work?

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Putting a skincare regimen together can be tricky. With so many products out there, how do you know which ones to pick? And should you go for a simple 3-step routine, a more in-depth 5-steps, or a full-blown K-beauty-inspired 10- or 15-step regime?

Answering those questions isn’t easy, especially if you’re a skincare newbie. Everything from your skin type and your age to the time of year and your lifestyle habits will dictate the needs of your skin.

Sounds complicated? It can be, which is why the Civant Complete Regimen Kit caught our eye. No matter the skin concerns you’re dealing with, this skincare set claims to provide the exact routine that your skin needs to look and feel its best. Does it hold true on those promises? Keep reading to learn what we found out!

What is the Civant Complete Regimen Kit?

Civant kit complete regimen

The Civant Complete Regimen Kit is a set that consists of all of the 10 skincare products produced by Civant. When combined, these products form a complete skincare routine that can be used to target a wide range of skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dullness, and puffy eyes.


Which Products are Included in the Complete Regimen Kit & What are Their Key Ingredients?

Let’s take a closer look at each of the 10 products included in this skincare kit:

Antioxidant Cleanser: Gives You a Bright & Rejuvenated Face

Civant Antioxidant Cleanser

Designed to be gentle yet effective enough for daily use on all skin types, the Antioxidant Cleanser forms the very first step of your skincare routine.

In addition to cleansing, this formula also contains several skin lightening compounds that enable it to brighten skin and balance out an uneven skin tone. From licorice root extract to emblica fruit extract to pomegranate and sea buckthorn, this thoughtful blend offers up everything that you would want to see in a cleanser.

Purifying Toner: Preps Your Skin for the Rest of Your Skin Care Routine

Civant Purifying Toner

Although toner isn’t an essential step in a skincare routine, it’s a very beneficial one. Give the Purifying Toner a try and you’ll quickly be convinced. Unlike many of the other toners out there, this one isn’t filled with drying alcohols and unnecessary fillers. Instead, it’s loaded with ingredients that reset the skin post-cleanse by balancing out its pH level, while also mildly exfoliating dead skin cells.

You’ll find both glycolic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid), and salicylic acid (a beta-hydroxy acid) in this blend, allowing it to dive deep into your pores on every level. These exfoliating superstars are joined by kojic acid and licorice acid, both of which are natural ingredients that lighten skin discoloration. Add to this some green tea, ginkgo, and ginger for their antioxidant properties and you have yourself a product that’s capable of so much more than your average toner [1].

Meladerm: A Hydroquinone-Free Skin Lightening Cream That Fades Hyperpigmentation

civant meladerm

Many skin lightening products contain hydroquinone, an ingredient that’s known for causing skin irritation. That’s where the Meladerm cream stands out. This hydroquinone-free skin lightening product brings together 10 natural extracts that have proven skin lightening effects. Alpha-arbutin, licorice root, bearberry extract, and vitamin C are just a few of the coveted ingredients in this moisturizer, all of which deliver their own set of antioxidant benefits too.

Can you use the Meladerm cream even if you don’t have hyperpigmentation? You most certainly can, which is exactly why we love it so much. Meladerm reviews show that, in addition to fading dark spots, this skin whitening cream also helps with general hydration and firming the skin. However, if anti-aging specifically is what you’re after, the Complete Regimen set includes another cream designed to tackle just that…

Firm & Renew: A Peptide-Based Treatment for Wrinkles

civant Firm & Renew

If skin aging is one of your main concerns, then you’ll love the Firm & Renew cream. This is a beautifully lightweight and silky cream – it doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily or heavy. However, what it does do is firm up the skin, which means that fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away.

What makes this treatment different from the many other anti-aging products out there is its one-of-a-kind formula. Boasting a peptide duo to smooth out expression lines and wrinkles, as well as alpha lipoic acid and multiple vitamins, this product’s anti-aging benefits, are huge. Even better, it contains a number of hydrating ingredients too, such as hyaluronic acid and argan oil, which plumps up skin cells to deliver a more youthful complexion.

Eye Complex: Tackles Dark Circles, Puffiness, and Age Spots

Civant Eye Complex

With the skin around the eyes being thinner and drier than other areas of the face, it’s susceptible to a fair amount of damage. Dark circles and shadows under the eyes, puffy eye bags, crow’s feet, and discoloration are just a few of the common complaints that people have about their eye area.

Civant’s Eye Complex resolves all of this and more. Not only does it contain peptides to smooth, tighten, and plump up the skin around the eyes, but it also boasts skin brightening properties thanks to a combination of vitamin C and niacinamide. Add to that some vitamin K to target dark circles and you have an amazing product for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Vitamin A Serum: A Retinol Solution to Treat Pigmentation, Acne Scars & Aging

Civant Vitamin A Serum

You’re probably familiar with retinol – it’s a form of vitamin A loved by the skincare world for how it smooths away wrinkles and brightens the skin. The downside is the irritation it can cause – those with sensitive skin often have to veer away from retinol and its many benefits.

That’s where Granactive Retinoid comes in – the innovative new form of vitamin A that you’ll find in Civant’s Vitamin A Serum. It offers the same potent anti-aging effects but without irritation. When infused into a silky serum with hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and vitamin E, the result is smoother, firmer, and softer skin.

Vitamin C Serum: Provides Pigment Correction Benefits + a Brighter Skin Tone

Civant Vitamin C Serum

The one skincare ingredient that dermatologists recommend to just about everyone is vitamin C, and serum is the best way to deliver this antioxidant to your skin cells. Civant’s Vitamin C Serum showcases two forms of vitamin C to treat your skin to a double dose of the ingredient’s many benefits.

You’ll also find a selection of other antioxidant-rich active ingredients in this serum, including sea buckthorn, grapefruit oil, and rosemary extract. Hyaluronic acid makes an appearance once again to quench thirsty skin with some hydration.

Civant AHA Exfoliating Serum: Encourages Cell Renewal

civant aha serum

It’s time to put away your trusty face scrub – the AHA Exfoliating Serum is set to be your new favorite exfoliator. Thanks to its cocktail of exfoliating acids, this serum sheds dead cells from both the surface of the skin as well as deeper within the pores to reveal a more radiant finish.

However, unlike many of the other acid-based exfoliants out there, this one treats the skin with kindness. Infused with humectants to keep the skin hydrated and protected, this one moisturizes the skin rather than drying it out.

SPF 50 Sunscreen: Protects the Skin From the Bad Effects of the Sun

Civant SPF 50 Sunscreen

Chances are that you already know all about the dangers of sun damage. Not only can sun exposure lead to skin cancer, but it causes dark spots and wrinkles too. Even worse, if you’re already suffering from either of those skin concerns, continued sun exposure will only make things worse. While there are several products in the Complete Regimen Kit that are capable of repairing sun damaged skin, your priority should be protecting your skin from further damage.

That’s where the SPF 50 Sunscreen is a game-changer. It coats the skin with a sheer layer of UV protection, with its SPF active ingredients being among the safest and gentlest available. It also contains vitamin E for its anti-inflammatory properties and safflower seed oil to keep the pores clear, with both ingredients also having a slight skin brightening effect.

A Microdermabrasion Cloth: Deeply Exfoliates the Skin

Civant Microdermabrasion Cloth

No matter how good hydroxy acids may be, it’s understandable if you sometimes crave the instant gratification provided by a physical exfoliant. The Microdermabrasion Cloth included in this skincare kit will give you that, without being too harsh on your skin.

This isn’t just any old face cloth. Instead, the microfibers in this cloth will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Use it up to three times a week for the best results!

What are the Benefits of Using the Complete Regimen Kit?

All of those products may seem overwhelming at first, so let’s quickly recap on the main benefits offered by this skincare kit:

  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
  • Lightens dark spots, melasma, acne scarring, and other forms of hyperpigmentation
  • Brightens overall skin tone
  • Smooths and firms the skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides more than enough sun protection


Can These Products Be Used on All Skin Types?

According to Civant, all of their products can be safely used on all skin types. In most cases, this is true – our research found that people of every skin type and color have used these products to great effect.

However, if you have sensitive skin, be wary. Some of the ingredients in these products could trigger skin sensitivity – it all depends on exactly how sensitive your skin is.

Three women of different race and skin types

Does Meladerm Really Work? Before and After Photos & Reviews From Real Customers

Meladerm tends to be the product that first draws people to Civant, but it’s the rest of the skincare line that persuades them to stick around. That’s because these formulas really do produce dramatic results.

In the reviews that we read and the before & after photos that we viewed, we could see a noticeable improvement in the overall appearance of the skin, particularly when it came to dark spots, acne scars, and wrinkles.

People love mixing and matching the different products in this kit to customize their routine, although they usually tend to end up using them all!

Are There Any Side Effects? Will These Products Cause Irritation & Areas of Redness?

As mentioned earlier, those with sensitive skin may find some of these products to be a little too potent.

However, other than that, unless you happen to be allergic to any ingredient in one of these formulas, side effects are pretty much unheard of. While these products make use of some of skincare’s biggest names (we’ve mentioned vitamins A and C a few times now!), they’ve chosen cutting-edge derivatives of those ingredients that provide all of the benefits without the side effects.

Plus, Civant doesn’t use mineral oil or artificial fragrance in their products either, which is always a bonus when it comes to keeping your skin happy!

Who is This Kit Best Suited For?

Let’s start off by making one thing clear; just about anyone would be able to put the products in this kit to good use.

However, if you’ve been battling with hyperpigmentation of any form or just a generally dull and uneven skin tone, this set will make a huge difference to your complexion. The same applies to those who are trying to turn back the hands of time – these products offer fantastic anti-aging results.

How to Use the Complete Regimen Kit

Happy woman doing her skincare routine in the morning

Once you have the ten products from this kit all laid out in front of you, where do you start?

It’s simple – the cleanser goes first, followed by the toner. What you do after that depends on whether you’re looking for a morning or an evening routine.


  • Vitamin C Serum
  • Meladerm cream
  • Firm & Renew
  • Eye Complex
  • Sunscreen


  • AHA Exfoliating Serum or Vitamin A Serum (use them on alternate days)
  • Meladerm
  • Firm & Renew
  • Eye Complex

Once you get into the habit of following this routine, it’ll soon become second nature!

Where to Buy the Complete Regimen Kit: Price & Purchase Information

Convinced that you need the Complete Regimen Kit in your life?

Fortunately, it’s sold by many retailers. However, through our research, we found that several retailers tend to bump the price up by quite a bit. If you’re looking for the best deals, head over to Civant’s official website and make your purchase there.



Q: How long does it take to see results with Meladerm?

It takes 3-4 weeks to see results after using Meladerm.

Q: How do you use Civant Meladerm?

The Meladerm cream is easy to use – just slather it onto your cleansed face twice a day.

Q: Is Civant safe?

Yes, Civant only uses safe ingredients in their skincare products.

Q: Are Meladerm results permanent?

In some cases, yes, but others find that their discoloration returns.

Q: Can I use Meladerm all over my face?

Yes, Meladerm can be used all over your face, just be careful that you don’t get it into your eyes.

Q: Is Meladerm worth the money?

If you have dark spots or discoloration, then we would definitely recommend that you buy Meladerm cream – it’s well worth the money.

Pretty woman with beautiful skin and body

Q: Is Civant cruelty free?

Yes, all Civant products are cruelty free.

Q: Who owns Civant skin care?

Graham Wiederin is the founder and owner of Civant Skin Care.

Q: What is Civant?

Civant is a skin care brand that produces products for treating hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Q: What is Meladerm?

Meladerm is a skin lightening cream that fades dark spots and evens out the skin tone.

Q: How long does a bottle of Meladerm last?

A bottle of Meladerm usually lasts for about one month if you use it twice a day.

Q: Can Meladerm be used with other products?

Yes, Meladerm can be used with other skincare products.

Q: Can I use moisturizer after Meladerm?

Meladerm acts as a moisturizer, so many find that they don’t need to use an additional moisturizer after Meladerm. However, if you have dry skin, then go ahead and apply another moisturizer over the top.

Q: What happens when you stop using Meladerm?

Once you stop using Meladerm, you may find that your discoloration reappears after a few months.

Q: Meladerm vs Murad – which works best?

Both are fantastic, but we prefer Meladerm for its fast-acting and safe formula.

Q: Is the whitening bleaching cream by Civant safe for black skin tones?

Yes, Civant products can be used on all skin colors.

Q: Do Amazon and Walmart sell the Meladerm moisturizer?

Yes, you can purchase Meladerm from Amazon and Walmart, although the official Civant website is where you’ll find the best prices.

Q: Will the Complete Regimen Kit help with pigment caused by melasma?

Yes, the Complete Regimen Kit has been designed to treat all types of pigmentation, including melasma.

Q: Can Meladerm be used on the body?

Yes! Meladerm is a great cream for both the face and the body.

Civant Complete Regimen Kit Review Conclusion: Is it Worth Buying?

We’ll be completely honest – if your main skin concerns are dryness and sensitivities, then we’d recommend looking for products that are richer and more hydrating. These will help, but they’re not really designed to treat ultra-sensitive and dry skin.

However, if discoloration, dullness, fine lines, or wrinkles are what you’re trying to tackle, then the Complete Regimen Kit will help you to do exactly that. Not only are these products super effective, but their formulas are safe, versatile, and multi-tasking. Use them consistently for a few weeks and your skin will start to look better than ever!

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