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LifeCell Anti-Aging Treatment Review: Worth the Money?

What if you could turn back the clock on your skin? Countless people struggle with stubborn lines and wrinkles and finding the right product for your skin can feel like a miracle.

LifeCell is one such brand that claims to offer real results. The company has received several celebrity endorsements over the years for its claims of anti-aging effects and nature-based formula. Using cutting-edge stem-cell technology modeled from a rare Swiss apple, this line of skin care products boasts impressive claims for skin rejuvenation.

If you’re interested in trying this product, read on for our full Life Cell review to learn everything you need to know before you buy.


About LifeCell

LifeCell is a skin treatment line created and sold by South Beach Skincare that claims all-in-one anti-aging power. It first gained widespread popularity in 2015 when the brand used photos of celebrities posing with the products to advertise the line. Life Cell offers multiple products from face creams to under-eye ointments and other treatments that can reverse the effects of aging to give the skin a youthful glow.

One of the main differences between LifeCell and other products on the market is its unique formulation, using plant-based stem cell technology. Specifically, LifeCell’s formula is inspired by a rare Swiss Apple called the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple. This tart apple may not seem unusual at first glance, but scientists realized that the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple had the power to remain fresh and preserved significantly longer than other apples and fruit. After conducting research and studies, scientists were able to understand how the stem cells in the fruit work and replicated the behavior in a powerful formula that LifeCell was able to harness and package for human skin.

top view of growing plants

As suggested by the product’s name, Life Cell is proud of its nature-based formula that combines organic power with the power of stem-cell technology. Also, the line distinguishes itself from others anti-aging creams on the market by branding itself for BOTH women and men. Many male celebrities have been pictured with this product, helping LifeCell to market their product for male skin.

Products and Claims

LifeCell claims to be an all-in-one skincare solution for mature skin. It is marketed for both men and women, and the line contains several products that are designed to treat various target areas, especially in the face, to leave it feeling and looking younger.

Some of the product claims for LifeCell according to South Beach, include:

  • All-in-one formula
  • Improve skin elasticity by 20%
  • Remove shadows from fine lines and wrinkles that give them a thicker, unpleasant appearance
  • Create tighter skin to reduce sagginess
  • Minimize dark spots
  • Reverse sun damage
  • Fast results
hands holding plant

Besides, the company claims to use only safe and natural products to achieve its powerful anti-aging effects.

Products Offered in the LifeCell Line

South Beach Skincare offers a whole range of LifeCell products to target and rejuvenate different areas of the face. Below we have outlined the most popular products sold by the brand to help you determine which ones might apply to your skincare needs.

South Beach all in one anti-aging treatment: This 2.54 oz cream is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is formulated with antioxidants to clear the pores while plumping and tightening the skin to decrease the appearance of shadows that create dark spots around fine lines.

LifeCell Cooling Under-Eye Treatment: Designed for nightly use, this product claims to reduce discoloration under the eyes. Other claims include smoothening the under eye area from wrinkles to minimize the look of fatigue. The cooling effect is also designed to reduce under eye inflammation to prevent the appearance of bags.

LifeCell pH Balance Cleanser: This product is a facial cleanser designed to remove impurities from the skin. With daily use, this treatment is supposed to unclog pores and remove toxins from the skin that could worsen wrinkles and other aging effects. Besides, this face cleanser is supposed to restore the natural pH balance of the skin every time you put it on.

Collagen Anti-Aging Supplement: Collagen supplements are designed to boost the body’s natural production of collagen to create plumper skin. This prevents the appearance of sagginess or discoloration.

LifeCell BB Cream: Worn the same way as a foundation this BB Cream can help moisturize the skin while preventing sun damage with an SPF of 30. It claims to offer buildable coverage that can reduce the appearance of blemishes and smooth fine lines.

smiling woman with beautiful hair

LifeCell Hair Restoration System: Life Cell offers two different hair restoration systems, one for men and one for women. Approved by the FDA, these topical treatments can help strengthen the skin to give it a shiny, youthful, texture.

These are some of the most popular products sold in the LifeCell line. Each product claims to offer powerful age-reversing effects through a nature-based formula.

Want to try LifeCell?  


What the Experts Say

Overall, LifeCell has received somewhat mixed reviews. Many professionals have supported the product, stating it combines state-of-the-art skincare technology with powerful ingredients to achieve its results. Some Dermatologists and other skincare experts have gone so far as to say that LifeCell offers better and safer results than facelifts or cosmetic injections. In fact, in 2016, a third party conducted a clinical trial to confirm that Life Cell can tighten the skin to prevent sagging. Many celebrities have also spoken out about the power of Life Cell to offer youthful, younger-looking skin.

Not everyone is a fan of this South Beach anti-aging treatment, however. Some reviews have claimed that the product is ineffective or not worth the price. Some have gone so far as to call it a scam, due to lack of results.

Final Verdict: Is LifeCell a Scam or is it Worth the Price?

pretty girls different heights

Because everyone’s skin is so different, it may be difficult to know if LifeCell is worth the price for you. Based on our review of the product, it is created using powerful anti-aging ingredients, and we appreciate that the formula is paraben free and inspired by nature. For those who have success with this product, the results can be significant and well worth the cost.

However, just like all skincare products, LifeCell may not be for everyone. There have been some negative reviews of the product, claiming that it is a scam and that it does not work. Based on our review of the product, we believe that whether or not it works for you depends on your skin type and your unique needs. It also doesn’t help that LifeCell is one of the more expensive products on the market. However, there is a free trial for those interested in trying the formula.

Our final verdict is that if this product works for your skin type, it can be well worth the money and offer powerful anti-aging effects in a convenient all-in-one formula. However, we do recognize that many other great products offer significant results for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re still unsure whether LifeCell is right for you, we’ve compared it to some of the best wrinkle creams on the market to give you even more options that could meet your needs.

Where to Get LifeCell

If you’re interested in trying LifeCell for yourself, there are a couple of different places you may have seen this product sold before. Top retailers like Walmart and Amazon often carry LifeCell products, and it is also available on the South Beach Skin Care website However, if you’re looking to get the best rate on LifeCell products, we recommend shopping from our reputable vendors. Each of these sellers has been hand-picked by us to offer the best prices and quality guarantee to our readers.

We understand the frustration of feeling young inside but struggling against the aged skin on the outside. If you’re ready to turn back the clock on your skin and give it back that radiant glow, we’ve reviewed some of the best anti-aging wrinkles creams, ointments, and cleansers, and other skin care products that can give you the best results!

Now that you’ve read our honest review of LifeCell feel free to browse some of our other wrinkle cream reviews to start your journey towards healthy, youthful, and smooth skin.

Best Wrinkle Cream: These Anti Aging Creams Really Work

It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that 2018 was the year that revolutionized anti-aging creams. You may already have used, or at least heard about, some of the products on our list of the best – advances were made so quickly that it seemed almost as if they were made daily!

There’s a wealth of material available on the benefits of anti-aging creams, so take a look at the information below, and then check out the links – you can use them to migrate to the areas you find most helpful.

Below, you’ll see links to the various sections of our page, and you can use them to head to the areas you find most interesting as they apply to you.

How do the best anti-aging creams compare?

First, here are the comparison criteria:

Moisture retention: How well does the product keep the deep skin layers moisturized?

Fine lines and wrinkles: How effectively does the product remove fine lines and wrinkles?

Ability to combat age spots: How well does the product reduce the appearance of existing age spots and remove new ones as they appear?

Price factor: How well does the product perform in relation to how much it costs?

RankProduct ImageProduct NameKey IngredientsOverall RatingBuy Now
1 ProSanguinaria Canadensis For Best Price
2 Smart Collagen Extracts For Best Price
3 and Fields Hyaluronic Acid on Amazon.com
4 Regenerist Acid on Olay.com
5 Ageless on InstantlyAgeless.com

Other Creams We Have Reviewed

Who Needs an Anti-Aging Cream?

YOU do. We can’t do much about aging – it happens to all of us. But more youthful-looking skin is something anyone can have, especially in this day and age – our mothers didn’t have access to the same technological advances we have. There are so many new treatments targeting so many different areas, every woman today can achieve remarkable results in these areas:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles usually appear first around the eyes. This is because the skin is thinner in that area. Also with age, skin thins and can become drier, also losing elasticity. As you age, three major issues begin to make themselves known.

New advances work a lot more quickly than your Mom’s wrinkle cream! New skin care products can be used in combination to give better, faster results than have previously been possible – in many cases, the look of wrinkles and fine lines can be removed instantly!

two arms with dead petals

Dry Skin

The same thinking that causes fine lines and wrinkles also result in skin that is moisture-deficient. The dermis (the layer of skin that controls moisture, elasticity, tone, and firmness) no longer holds moisture as deep as it once did. So you need to increase the moisture level to create a stronger dermis, resulting in a younger-looking appearance

Age Spots (aka “liver spots”)

Most of us know enough to limit exposure to the sun, but the sad truth is that no matter how much you stay indoors, and no matter how compulsive you are about applying sunscreen, sooner or later age spots will appear. They’re not harmful, but they can be embarrassing, especially when they show up on the face. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use products that can quickly reduce or remove the appearance of liver spots.

It’s important to keep an excellent anti-aging cream in your bag of tricks – you’ll need it to combat the problems identified above.

Are you wondering how these new, advanced creams work? Read on!

What Should My Anti-Aging Cream do for me?

An anti-aging cream that works the way modern researchers intend should do all of the following (and more!) for you:

1. Increase moisture in the dermis

An anti-aging cream mainly has to moisturize. Moisture is what helps the natural functions of the dermis to work on other age-related issues.

The most revolutionary ingredient in modern anti-aging creams is D3PA (Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid). It works by stimulating your body to produce nitric oxide in small quantities naturally. The nitrous oxide then, in turn, encourages a veritable torrent of more natural skin nutrients – simply stated, it’s the absolute best way to increase skin’s moisture content!

2. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

One method of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is Botox injections, which encourage the production of collagen and strengthen the muscles under the skin. Anti-aging creams can also work quickly to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There have also been advances in “brightening” products – as an example, LifeCell is a new product that reflects light, instantly reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. More products that use this exciting technology are on the horizon for later this year.

Woman hiding her face in a scarf

3. Combat the appearance of age spots

Most people know that it’s best to limit exposure to the sun, use sunscreen, etc. But no matter how compulsive you are, sooner or later age spots will appear. They’re the result of UVA exposure causing the skin to over-produce melanin, creating dark spots and sometimes skin irritation (particularly around the nose). Sometimes the irritated patches can even result in Melasma, which is more serious.

There have been remarkable advances in stem cell therapy that can help fight these conditions. There is a new type of apple in Switzerland that produces an extract which promotes new cell growth – this is still in its infancy, but it could become the treatment of choice for skin.

There are so many different anti-aging creams, all of which alleviate the previously described creams to some degree. Some products work better than others, and every day exciting advances are made that improve and revolutionize.

What do the most effective anti-aging creams do?

You can’t start taking care of your skin soon enough, so let’s not waste time. Here are the things your cream should and should not do.

Your anti-aging cream SHOULD:

  • Moisturize and replenish the dermis layer of your skin.
  • Almost instantly erase fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimize existing age spots and remove new ones as they appear (this can take a bit of time since you’re growing new).

Sounds simple enough, right? But watch for the following, because your anti-aging cream SHOULD NOT:

  • Irritate even sensitive skin
  • Take more than 24 hours to work (the best ones work in mere seconds to erase fine lines and wrinkles).
  • Cost too much.

If your skin is sensitive or if you have allergies, you should see your dermatologist before trying new products. Once you have his or her “seal of approval” then you should go with products that you know will give you the best, most consistent results every time you use them. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, be sure to consult your dermatologist before you try new products on your skin.

Woman beside bunches of flowers

The Decision is Yours

beauty skin care packagingWe feel that LifeCell performed the best under our intense scrutiny.

LifeCell cream uses revolutionary light-reflecting technology. This is a recent, cutting-edge method to reduce the signs of aging.

When you get to the point in your life, as we all do, where you need a little more help maintaining your youthful appearance, you can forge ahead boldly because anti-aging products are enormous right now, and getting better all the time. Right now we feel that LifeCell is the best of the current crop. Granted, with almost-daily advances in anti-aging technology, a new product could appear that would blow away the competition completely – but for now, our opinion is that LifeCell dramatically out-performs the rest. You may want to check it out!

Advanced Dermatology Review: Everything to Know Before Buying

There’s nothing worse than waking up one morning to realize your skin suddenly has wrinkles where it was once smooth. Aging is something many of us try to avoid, but none of us (unfortunately) can escape.

Luckily, thanks to the power of modern science, some powerful skincare products on the market can significantly improve the appearance of skin, not to mention, nourish it from within to give it a healthy glow.

For those looking for a solution to stubborn wrinkles, finding the perfect product can feel like a miracle. We’ve all seen the before and after photos online from various brands, but with so many skincare products for sale, it can be difficult to distinguish those that actually work from the countless online scams.

Advanced Dermatology is one of the many skincare brands currently on the market that you may have heard of. In recent years, this brand has gained some popularity for its exciting claims and impressive results. To help you determine if this brand is the right wrinkle solution for you, we’ve put the product to the test to offer all the info you need to know before buying.

While researching Advanced Dermatology, we also came across the skincare line from Meladerm — and loved it too! This all-natural skincare regimen offers a reliable solution to common challenges such as aging, fine lines, and blemishes. Explore our trusted reviews of their incredible selection of beauty products to learn more about its benefits.

About Advanced Dermatology

Advanced Dermatology is a relatively new skincare brand on the market that aims to combat the effects of aging by working beneath the skin to nourish from within.

lush green plants with water drops

Each product sold by Advanced Dermatology is specially formulated using plant-based ingredients, antioxidants, peptides, and bioengineered epidermal growth factors. Plus, the brand is proudly paraben-free.

Rather than just offering a handful of products and a one-size-fits-all approach, Advanced Dermatology sells products as part of a system. Each item in the kit is intended to be used together for the best results.

From cleansers to serums, lotions to creams, each type of product targets a different aging concern to leave the skin looking and feeling youthful and radiant.

Click here to see our highest rated reviews.

Products and Claims

As the name suggests, this brand aims to go above and beyond essential skincare, to offer an advanced system for rejuvenation. Advanced Dermatology has an impressive list of claims including:

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Even skin tone
  • Create plumper and firmer skin
  • Minimize dark under-eye circles and shadows

eye close up dark circle

  • Reduce under-eye puffiness
  • Strengthen skin to prevent droopiness
  • Paraben-free

In addition to the product claims, Advanced Dermatology offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

The Advanced Dermatology System Kit

As stated above, Advanced Dermatology offers a multitude of products that are intended to be used together as a skin care system. Below we have outlined each of the products in the kit to give you an understanding of their unique benefits.

Step 1: Daily Renew Cleanser

The first product in the Advanced Dermatology kit is the daily renew cleanser. This product is designed to thoroughly cleans the skin and remove any unwanted toxins, oils, and debris that can clog pores and cause skincare issues. The cleanser itself is very delicate on the skin and contains plant-based extracts like rosa rubiginosa seed oil, rose hip, and grapefruit seed oil which offer several dermatological benefits. This cleanser is also paraben-free.

Step 2: Super Youth Serum

The Super Youth Serum is designed to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the body, to give you more youthful and radiant skin. This product claims to “dramatically reduce” lines and wrinkles to fight the effects of aging through anti-oxidant protection.

smooth back of woman facing ocean

Collagen is naturally produced in the body to repair and replace skin cells. However, collagen production typically declines as we age. The Super Youth Serum aims to jump-start collagen production by using a synthetic tripeptide (tripeptide-5).

Those with oily skin may also appreciate this serum as it is formulated with a silicone base. This makes it easy to glide over the skin and sink into the pores. This item is also paraben-free.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this product with a proven anti-aging cream such as Meladerm for better results.

Step 3: Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment

Designed to be worn overnight, this Advanced Dermatology product allows you to get your beauty sleep truly. Before you go to bed, just apply a generous amount to your face and let it sink into the skin overnight. The ingredients in this formula work together to improve the firmness of skin to prevent sagging, reduce fine line and wrinkles, and lift facial zones.

One thing to keep in mind about this product is that it’s a gel, so it is somewhat sticky. Some appreciate this texture as it offers a hydrating and cooling effect that can be soothing for the skin. However, others prefer the cream formula of the other products. Just like the other products in this kit, the anti-wrinkle firming night treatment is also paraben free.

If you’re currently in the market for a new anti-aging cream, check out how this product compares to the best wrinkle creams we’ve tried.

Step 4: Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream

Similar to the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment, this product works overnight to regenerate the skin and correct signs of aging. The texture of this cream is slightly thick. However, it is easy to apply and sinks into the skin fully after a few hours. Compared to the to the other products in this kit, the Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream has received mixed reviews with some praising the product, while others prefer the night treatment on its own.

Hourglass titled on bed of rocks

Step 5: Complete Age Defense Day Cream

Once you wake up in the morning, the Complete Age Defense Day Cream can offer all-day long protection and nourishment for your skin. The cream can be worn underneath foundation to moisturize the skin and give it a youthful glow. One of the major benefits of this Advanced Dermatology cream is that it can help safeguard your skin from environmental pollutants that speed up aging. Also, the potent antioxidant properties can rid the skin of unwanted toxins.

Step 6: Youthful Boost Eye Cream

This is an optional step. If you struggle with dark under-eye circles or fatigued-looking bags under the eyes, the Youthful Boost Eye Cream could be the perfect product for you. This Advanced Dermatology item is a bonus in the kit and is considered optional by the advanced derm. Considered a ‘next-generation product’ by the company, this product can help minimize the effects of aging around the eyes to significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

Advanced Dermatology Reviews

From NYC to Colorado, Memphis, TN, to Phoenix, AZ, consumers across the nation have tried Advanced Dermatology with varying results. Based on reviews, many have found success with these products, comparing them to items sold by Paula’s Choice, Sephora, and Rodan and Fields (for a comparison of Advanced Dermatology vs. Rodan and Fields, click here). Some have even claimed that Advanced Dermatology produces one of the best anti-wrinkle creams on the market, especially when used consistently over time.

Based on our research, Advanced Dermatology is formulated with several ingredients that have been clinically proven to provide anti-aging benefits. A review of the kit reveals a comprehensive approach to skincare that works to reverse the effects of aging from the inside out by boosting collagen production and utilizing natural antioxidants to cleanse the skin.

Final Verdict: Does the Kit Work?

Depending on your unique skincare needs, the Advanced Dermatology product line may or may not be right for you. Many people have found success with Advanced Dermatology, boasting impressive before and after photos.

If you are looking for a product that is paraben-free, this line is possibly one of the best on the market. Rather than using harsh preservatives, the company uses lighter substitutes that are much gentler on the skin. In recent years consumers have become even more aware of the harmful effects of parabens, with many switching out older products for those that offer paraben-free formulas. For this reason, it is nice to see that Advanced Dermatology is on the cutting edge—an advantage dermatology products often lack.

While many have praised Advanced Dermatology for its many benefits and impressive results, this kit is not for everyone. We found that those with normal to oily skin tended to have better results using the system, while those with dry skin found some of the steps more useful than others.

One of the most significant advantages of this line is that it includes so many different types of products, making it easy to find one that works for your needs. For example, some people prefer to wear skin care products at night rather than under their foundation during the day. Others prefer to use anti-aging products first thing in the morning to moisturize their skin, but prefer to go to bed with a fresh face. Whatever your preference may be, Advanced Dermatology makes it easy to find a product that fits into your skincare routine easily.

Hands catching running water

We hope that after reading this review, you have a better understanding of how each of the products works to minimize the effects of aging. If you are interested in trying the brand, we recommend investing in the kit in order to get the best results. While the products can perform on their own, they are formulated to work even better together.

Where to Buy Advanced Dermatology

There are currently a couple of different places to purchase Advanced Dermatology. This is a relatively new brand, so it is not now being sold in major retail locations like Sephora or Ulta; however, you can purchase it online. The company offers the entire system on their website (not or advanceddermcom) and it can be found from a few other reputable sources as well.

Advanced Dermatology strongly encourages consumers to use the individual skincare products together as a system. However, sellers on Amazon and eBay do offer the products individually for those who wish to experiment with the brand before purchasing the whole kit.

If you are interested in buying Advanced Dermatology, we encourage you to browse products from our recommended sellers. These sellers are carefully selected for their reputations and competitive rates.

If you are looking for an alternative, Meladerm is an excellent option. Meladerm contains light-reflecting ingredients to make you look younger, almost immediately. Meladerm is formulated with the finest ingredients to make your wrinkles and fine lines virtually disappear. It is truly a breakthrough in the anti-aging category. Check out the details by visiting this link!