What is the Best Lip Lightening Cream for Dark & Pigmented Lips?

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Have you noticed that your lips have been looking darker than they usually are? You may have thought that you were imagining things at first, but, let us tell you, pigmented lips are a very real, and common, problem.

There are several factors that contribute to darkened lips; sun damage, smoking, caffeine, dehydration…the list goes on. While it’s important to address the root cause of your hyperpigmentation to prevent your lips from getting even darker, what do you do about all of that pigmentation that’s currently giving your lips an uneven and patchy look?

That’s where lip lightening creams come in. The best lip lightening creams on the market will not only work to restore your natural lip color, but they’ll also infuse your lips with moisture and skin-enhancing compounds to leave your lips supple, smooth, and kissably soft.

Where do you begin in your search for the best lip lightening creams? Right here! We’ve gathered together seven of the best formulas available:

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Omorfee 100% Organic Lip Lightening Balm: Targets Discoloration & Hydrates Dry, Chapped Lips

omorfee organic lip lightening balm

Let’s start with one of the simpler formulas on this list; the Omorfee 100% Organic Lip Lightening Balm. We love this balm because of how it repairs damaged lip skin, which is exactly what you need if your pigmentation has been caused by the sun’s UVB rays.

By healing damaged tissue, this balm restores natural lip color while also working as a protective lip balm against environmental stressors.

Key Ingredients: Cocoa Butter & Carrot Seed Oil

While many lip lightening creams and balms are packed with a long list of ingredients, this one is the opposite; it contains just four.

First on the list is cocoa butter, an emollient that can hydrate and protect dry, chapped lips, while also delivering a dose of antioxidants.

Next up is carrot seed oil. It’s enriched with a number of vitamins and antioxidants that enable this formula to act as an effective lip brightening balm. This botanical also encourages cell regeneration, which will help to fade lip pigmentation faster.

Also in this formula are sweet almond oil, for its hydrating properties, and pineapple extract, which gives the balm a juicy, exotic scent.


  • Doesn’t contain any petroleum-based ingredients
  • Will lighten lips while also having a moisturizing and softening effect
  • Comes in a small tin that’s easy to carry around
  • For every product that the brand sells, Omorfee will plant a tree to help the environment


  • If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to first warm the balm up in your hands to soften it before using it


Omorfee 100% Organic Lip Lightening Stick: A Balm That’s Easy To Use While On-the-Go

Omorfee 100% Organic Lip Lightening Stick

The Omorfee 100% Organic Lip Lightening Stick is very similar to the Omorfee lip balm that we featured above, with the main difference being that this one is in stick-form, rather than being packaged in a tin. This enables you to apply the product without having to use your fingers, which is advantageous for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s not quite so messy – you won’t need to deal with sticky fingers once you’re done treating your lips. Secondly, it also keeps the lip balm cleaner since you won’t be transferring bacteria into it from your fingers each time you use the balm.

Key Ingredients: Cocoa Butter & Sweet Almond Oil

The ingredient blend in this balm is identical to the Omorfee balm that we’ve already featured. Its four components (organic cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, carrot seed oil, and pineapple extract) come together to moisturize tender and chapped lips while also making the skin lighter.

All of the ingredients used in this formula are 100% organic, natural, and vegan, making this a product that has a wide appeal.


  • Comes in stick form for easy application
  • Contains natural and organic ingredients
  • Makes lips supple and lightens lip stains


  • A couple of reviews stated that the lightening effect didn’t work for them, but it still left them with intensely moisturized lips


South Beach Skin Lightening for Lips and Nipples: Reviews Show That This Vegan Beauty Product Provides an Instant Pinking Effect

South Beach Skin Lightening for Lips and Nipples

There aren’t many lip lightening creams out there that produce instant results, which is why SB for Lips & Nipples has such a loyal following. As soon as this product is applied to the lips, it produces a subtle pink glow. While it’s not going to give you a pure pink lip, it definitely brightens dark lips a noticeable amount.

Key Ingredients: Geranium Oil, Apple Fruit Extract, Green Tea, & Vitamin C

We’ll be honest – this product’s ingredient list left us impressed. There are so many ingredients that we would love to feature, but that would take too long. Instead, we’ll look at what ties them together…

This product is packed with plant-derived compounds, many of which can lighten dark or black lips. From geranium, apple, green tea, and vitamin C to cowslip, mallow, rosemary, and licorice, this formula not only offers instantly light lips but also helps to balance out pigmented lips in the long run too.


  • Filled with a long list of brightening and lightening plant extracts
  • Lightens lip stains while also plumping up the lips
  • Roller ball packaging makes applying this product easy
  • Can be used with lipstick and other lip products


  • You’ll need to be very consistent about using the product if you want to see long-term results – 2-3 times a day is recommended


Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Balm Scrub: A Fast-Acting Exfoliator Formula for Darkness Removal & Evening Out Skin Tone

Nicolips natural lip scrub

Ok, so the Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Balm Scrub isn’t actually cream or a balm, but we had to feature it because it’s one of the best formulas available for countering lip darkening. The NicoLips lip balm product is actually a lip scrub. This means that it will exfoliate your pout, removing dead skin cells to reveal luscious, plump lips. Exfoliation is key to battling hyperpigmentation – it speeds up natural cell turnover, which brightens dark lips at a much faster rate, making this scrub a must-have in your lip lightening arsenal.

Key Ingredients: Walnut, Beetroot & Shea Butter

There are a few ingredients in this scrub that intrigued us, mainly because they’re not usually seen in lip lightening creams. The first is walnut, which is what gives this scrub its exfoliating properties. In addition to its gentle abrasive effects, walnut is also packed with antioxidants that lighten lips and fade lip lines.

This NicoLips lip balm product also contains beetroot extract. This is another ingredient that offers exfoliating effects, but its primary purpose is to impart a pink tint that will give you bright and rosy lips.

Shea butter makes up the base of this scrub, which is always a joy to see. Shea butter acts as an incredibly soothing moisturizer. It will leave your lips and your mouth gently restored while evening out your lip tone.


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Exfoliates the lips to bring them back to their natural shade
  • This moisture-enriched formula ensures that your lips remain soft


  • If you have severely tender and chapped lips, you may find this exfoliating scrub too harsh


SWOSH Organic Lip Cream for Lightening & Brightening Dark Lips: Best Lip Lightener for Smokers With Pigmentation

SWOSH Organic Lip Cream for Lightening Dark Lips

If you’re a regular smoker, it won’t be long before you notice your lips taking on a darker color. Flaky and cracked lips are also common among smokers. While the best way to ensure bright and soft lips forever is to find the willpower to kick the habit, the SWOSH Organic Lip Cream is your next best bet. This is one of the best lip lightening creams out there because of how it lightens pigmentation caused by smoking. At the same time, it also deeply moisturizes lips. The result? Luscious, plump lips that you’ll love.

Key Ingredients: Essential Oils (Lemon, Orange, and Almond) & Shea Butter

This lip bleaching cream contains a few different skin lightening compounds, which is how it’s able to minimize lip stains and can also help with lip scar fixes. Two key players in this blend are lemon and orange essential oils. Both ingredients are popular when it comes to treating lip darkening because of how they’re brimming with citric acid, an exfoliant that also has bleaching properties.

You’ll also find almond essential oil in this formula, a nourishing ingredient that helps encourage reconditioning lips.

Shea butter plays an important role in this cream too. It will protect dry, chapped lips and ensures that the lips remain soft.


  • 100% natural and doesn’t contain any harmful or irritating ingredients
  • Works as an effective lip bleaching cream but also moisturizes lips


  • Those with sensitive skin might find the essentials oils a little irritating


Pineapple Lightening Lip Treatment for Dark Lips: Before and After Results Show Whitening & Lip Plumping Effects

Pineapple Lightening Lip Treatment for Dark Lips

The Pineapple Lightening Lip Treatment for Dark Lips is a lip balm that works to both soften and lighten lips. It lightens lip stains to the point where they’re almost non-existent while also working as a soothing moisturizer, giving you rosy lips after each and every use. What sets this product apart from the other best lip lightening creams is that it’s loaded with ultra-nourishing ingredients, making it more like a lip mask balm.

Key Ingredients: Alpha-Arbutin, Pineapple Fruit Extract, and Vitamin B3

If you’ve looked into skin lightening products, then you’ll be familiar with alpha-arbutin. This natural antioxidant works as a de-pigmenting agent [1], enabling it to reverse lip darkening. There aren’t many lip lighting creams that contain this antioxidant, making this formula extra-special.

You’ll also find pineapple fruit extract in this product, an ingredient that has natural exfoliating enzymes. Together with vitamin B3, this lip balm restores natural lip color while also hydrating and smoothing out cracked lips.


  • Can be easily layered under a lipstick or a lip gloss
  • Contains powerful ingredients that make lips supple and lip skin lighter
  • Comes in a compact jar that makes it easy to carry around


  • Some reviews state that the jar is too small, meaning that they have to frequently purchase more


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer With Sunscreen: Provides Moisture, Bleaching Properties, and SPF Protection

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer With Sunscreen

The sun is bad news for your lips. The sun’s UVB rays are likely responsible for those dark or black lips that you’re currently dealing with, making a sun-protective lip balm vital if you really want to achieve a pure pink lip. That’s exactly what makes the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer With Sunscreen such a great lip balm. Not only will it prevent UV rays from triggering that lip darkening effect, but this lip gloss cream will also moisturize and brighten your pout.

Key Ingredients: SPF, Castor Oil & Beeswax

This formula contains two chemical sunscreen ingredients that will effectively protect your lips from UV damage with an SPF of 15. That said, if your skin usually isn’t tolerant of chemical sunscreens, then you may want to look for a different product that makes use of a mineral sunscreen blend instead.

While the SPF is arguably the most important component of this lip gloss cream, there are also a couple of additional compounds that have a moisturizing and softening effect, including castor oil, beeswax, and corn oil.


  • Protects the lips from sun damage
  • Hydrates and moisturizes lips


  • Contains a few ingredients that are known irritants
  • Can feel a little heavy and greasy when applied



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Q: Which cream is best for dark lips?

Look for a lip bleaching cream that contains lightening ingredients, such as fruit extracts and alpha-arbutin.

Q: How can I lighten my dark lips fast?

Lighten dark or black lips fast by regularly exfoliating them and applying powerful lip lighting creams.

Q: Does lightening cream work on lips?

Lightening creams for the face may be too strong for your delicate lip skin, so opt for dedicated lip lightening creams instead.

Q: How can I remove my dark lips fast?

Exfoliating and moisturizing your lips will help to lighten them.

Q: How can I make my lips naturally red?

Use a lip treatment that can target pigmentation and brightens dark lips.

Q: Which lip balm is best for black lips?

Lip balms that contain bleaching agents are best for black lips.

Q: Which cream is best for lips?

Moisturizing creams that offer SPF protection are best for the lips.

Q: Do you have an Omorfee Lip Lightening Salve review?

The Lip Lightening Salve from Omorfee is the same as the Lip Lightening Balm – you’ll find our review of that product above.

Q: What are some lip lightening products that work?

Whether you’re looking for a gloss, a balm, or a scrub, you’ll find the best lip lightening creams featured above.

Q: Is it safe to buy a dark lips treatment from Amazon?

There are several lip lightening cream products available on Amazon. Just make sure that the one you purchase contains ingredients that are safe for your lips.

Q: What skincare treatment will a dermatologist prescribe for a dark upper lip?

If over-the-counter products haven’t worked for you, your dermatologist may prescribe prescription-strength formulas to target the hyperpigmentation on your dark upper lip.

Which is the Best Lip Lightening Cream For You?

As you can see, there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to lightening darkened lips. Whether you’d prefer a lip rejuvenating scrub or a nourishing cream, invest in a few of the above products and it won’t be long before your lips start looking soft, even, and beautifully pink once again.


[1] https://doi.org/10.3390/antiox10071129

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