Best Korean Anti-Aging Products: 10 Innovative & Effective Formulas

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With the Korean beauty industry being accredited for inventing everything from BB creams to essences, it only makes sense that so many of us turn to K-beauty when we want to elevate a skincare routine with something new and exciting.

However, the sheer array of Korean skincare products out there can seem overwhelming. Not to mention, dodgy product description translations and ingredients unheard of in the Western world can make it difficult to find the very best Korean skincare products.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re here to help with! Below, you’ll find 10 of the best Korean anti-aging products in a variety of forms. Whether you’re looking for a serum, an essence, a face mask, or a cream, these K-beauty products are worthy of your attention.

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Best Korean Anti-Aging Moisturizer to Give Your Complexion a Soft, Dewy Glow: Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin

Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin2

Never heard of cream skin? It’s a huge K-beauty trend that arrived after glass skin had made its mark. Cream skin is skin that is softly dewy, rather than blindingly glossy like glass skin, and is achieved through the use of a featherlight lotion, just like the Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin. It has a milky consistency that sits somewhere between a toner and a moisturizer, enabling it to delve deep into the skin to provide intense hydration.

Key Ingredients: Glycerin and Avocado, Almond & Jojoba Oils

When compared to other moisture-binding humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin has been proven to be far more effective [1]. It’s an ingredient that you’ll find in many Korean skin care products, but this moisturizer takes things further by also treating your skin to polyglycerin-3, a form of glycerin that provides longer-lasting moisture.

While the humectants in this formula hydrate skin, the antioxidant-rich plant oils bring anti-aging benefits with them. They fight free radicals, improve skin elasticity, and give the skin a youthful glow.


  • A deeply hydrating formula that’s ideal for dry skin
  • Has quite a minimal ingredient list, which is good for people who experience allergic reactions from certain cosmetic ingredients


  • Some of the oils in this formula are partially comedogenic, which could trigger breakouts in oily skin types


Best Korean Skincare for Mature Skin With Dryness, Fine Lines & Hyperpigmentation: Beigic Regenerating Oil

Beigic Regenerating Oil

As your skin ages, it usually has a fair bit to deal with. Dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots all become commonplace, but the Beigic Regenerating Oil will help you to tackle all of that and more. Unlike many of the other facial oils out there that leave the skin feeling weighed down and greasy, this one boasts a water-like texture that sinks quickly and weightlessly into the skin, where it then helps to improve skin tone, texture, and firmness.

Key Ingredients: Green Coffee Bean, Rosehip, Grape Seed, and Argan Oils

This facial oil brings together some of the very best compounds from nature. Each of the anti-aging ingredients used in this product is loaded with nutrients, and the fact that no harmful preservatives are used makes them even more effective.

In this formula, you’ll find green coffee bean oil for its ability to improve wrinkles, skin texture, and skin firmness [2], rosehip oil to tackle discoloration [3], and grape seed oil for its skin preservation properties. It also crams in argan oil, apricot oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil – all of these are incredibly hydrating ingredients that also help to reverse aging-related skin concerns.


  • Filled with natural anti-aging ingredients and doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives or fragrances
  • This formula will hydrate skin while also providing powerful anti-aging properties
  • Doesn’t feel sticky or greasy like other facial oils


  • Although it has a very lightweight texture, this facial oil may still clog pores if you have oily, acne-prone skin


Best Korean Anti-Aging Essence for Boosting Elasticity & Collagen Production: Su:m37 LosecSumma Elixir Essence Secréta

Sum37 LosecSumma Elixir Essence Secréta

Essences play a key role in Korean skincare routines – give the Su:m37 LosecSumma Elixir Essence Secréta a try and you’ll see why. Designed to boost collagen production and fortify the skin barrier, this essence will leave you with beautifully dewy skin that will feel firmer, smoother, and stronger than ever.

Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, Peptides, and Botanical Antioxidants

Some Korean anti-aging skin care products focus on just one or two ingredients, but this one has the longest ingredient list that we’ve ever seen on a cosmetic product! That said, this isn’t a bad thing, especially when the majority of those ingredients are skin-loving botanical extracts and oils.

Niacinamide is one of the classics in this formula. It’s used to restore natural skin barrier function, while peptides enhance protein production and keep the skin hydrated. When it comes to the antioxidant-rich botanical extracts in this formula, there are too many to share! Green tea extracts, blueberry, clove, Korean red ginseng, fennel, parsley, turmeric, and licorice are just a few – each one offers up numerous benefits for aging skin, helping to repair cell damage, reduce wrinkles, and keep the skin hydrated.


  • Contains more natural ingredients than most other anti-aging products
  • Packed with nutrients that help to treat and prevent skin aging
  • A very lightweight formula that instantly gives the skin radiance and luminosity


  • The very long ingredient list could pose a problem for those who are prone to allergic reactions from skincare products


Best Korean Night Cream Mask to Tackle Signs of Aging: Hanyul Moonlight Citron Sleeping Pack

Hanyul Moonlight Citron Sleeping Pack

Night creams are a must in any anti-aging skin care routine, but if you’d like to give your skin an extra-special treat while you snooze, then the Hanyul Moonlight Citron Sleeping Pack is what you need. Apply this creamy overnight mask to your face before heading to bed in the evening, and then rinse it off come morning to reveal smooth skin that looks deeply replenished and refreshed.

Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, Yuzu, and Carrot Root Extract

This nourishing night cream mask hinges on the anti-aging properties of yuzu, a tangy citrus fruit that’s very popular in Asia. Both yuzu peel oil and yuzu peel extract are used in this mask, allowing you to double up on the fruit’s ability to delay skin aging and brighten an uneven skin tone [4].

Niacinamide, otherwise known as vitamin B3, accompanies the yuzu in this formula. It’s a superstar at helping with everything from hyperpigmentation to elasticity [5], making it a popular ingredient in Korean skin care products. Carrot root extract is in this blend too – it contains anti-inflammatory carotenoids that boost collagen production.


  • Contains both classic and innovative anti-aging ingredients
  • Functions as an overnight mask, making it richer than the average night cream
  • Offers both skin lightening and anti-aging benefits


  • Some people find that the mask causes a tingling sensation when used around the eyes, so keep it away from this area


Best Korean Anti-Aging Skin Care Serum for Acne Scars & Dark Spots: MediCube Red Erasing Camu Camu Serum

MediCube Red Erasing Camu Camu Serum

If sun damage has left you with dark spots or teenage acne has peppered your face with scars, then turn to the MediCube Red Erasing Camu Camu Serum. Designed to boost cell turnover and decrease excess melanin production, this fruity serum is a huge success when it comes to fading dark marks and acne scars.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C-Rich Camu Camu Fruit Extract, Centella Asiatica, and Tranexamic Acid

The camu camu fruit is known for being one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C available, which is why it’s the star ingredient in this serum. Not only does 83% camu camu water form the base of this serum, but the fruit extract is used too, resulting in a highly potent vitamin C serum.

Also in this silky solution is Centella Asiatica, a botanical that has been proven to quench dehydrated skin while strengthening the skin barrier [6]. It’s accompanied by tranexamic acid, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that decreases melanin production [7].


  • Erases dark spots, acne marks, and acne scars
  • Contains a high concentration of vitamin C, thanks to its camu camu content
  • Has a soothing effect on the skin


  • The only negative to this product is that it can take a few weeks to produce results, but this could be said of any brightening serum


Best Korean Skincare for 40s: Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drops

Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drops

The Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drops is a product that’s ideal for people in their 40s. Not only will this exquisite serum give your face instant radiance, but it will also speed up your slowing cell turnover to maintain your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Key Ingredients: Dual Peptide Complex and Blueberry Extract

If you’re trying to build an effective anti-aging skin care routine, then peptides are a must, and this serum contains two of them. Together, they help the skin naturally produce more collagen and elastin fibers, while also improving skin moisture levels.

Blueberry extract is the other key component of this anti-aging formula. Blueberries are brimming with potent antioxidants known as anthocyanins. These help to reverse the skin aging process, ensuring that mature skin looks as youthful as possible.


  • A great formula for renewing firmness and elasticity
  • Immediately gives the skin tone a bright and luminous finish
  • This 10-ingredient serum doesn’t contain any irritants, making it safe for use on all skin types, including sensitive skin


  • People with oily/ combination skin don’t seem to benefit as much from this serum as those with dry skin


Best Korean Skincare for 50s: AmorePacific Vintage Single Extract Essence

AmorePacific Vintage Single Extract Essence

While some Korean anti-aging skin care products try to shower the skin with every natural ingredient available under the sun, others, such as the AmorePacific Vintage Single Extract Essence, take the opposite approach and hone in on just one key ingredient. This doesn’t make it any less effective – in fact, thanks to its highly concentrated formula, this essence is extremely successful at diminishing the signs of aging skin while protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Key Ingredients: Exclusive Fermented Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is at the center of this formula, but this isn’t anything like the regular green tea extract found in other cosmetic products. Instead, these green tea leaves have been hand-picked from the brand’s exclusive garden on Jeju Island. They then undergo a 100 day fermentation process followed by a 24-hour extraction, resulting in maximum potency.

Thanks to this, the green tea extract in this essence is able to increase the skin’s antioxidant levels by 5.9 times. This not only slows down, and even reverses, the aging process, but also means that everything from UV rays to pollution doesn’t destroy your skin’s precious protein fibers.


  • A minimalist formula that contains one highly concentrated active ingredient
  • Puts a stop to the skin aging process while protecting the skin from any further environmental damage
  • Has a water-like, lightweight formula that absorbs quickly, making it perfect for a morning skincare routine


  • This essence comes in a frosted glass bottle, meaning that you’ll need to store it somewhere dark in order to prevent the ingredients within from degrading


Best K-Beauty Sheet Mask to Add to Your Routine for Lightening & Brightening Benefits: The Art: Cell Aurora Pearl Mask

The ArtCell Aurora Pearl Mask

K-beauty sheet masks are legendary, and The Art: Cell Aurora Pearl Mask is definitely no exception. This is a mask that many people swear by before special events since it gives the face an instant brightness and glow that lasts for the entire day.

Key Ingredients: Pearl Extract, Glutathione, Niacinamide, and Edelweiss Extract

This cellulose sheet mask boasts a high fiber content, giving it a higher absorbency than non-woven masks. It has been soaked in a potent solution of 5% pearl powder, which not only immediately adds a rejuvenated luminosity to the skin, but also contains more than 20 amino acids that boost the health of aging skin.

This sheet mask also delivers a dose of glutathione, an antioxidant revered for its skin lightening effects. It’s a must-try if you’re battling hyperpigmentation. Combine this with some niacinamide and edelweiss extract, both of which also address dark marks on the skin, and you have a high-performance brightening blend that offers both instant and long-term results.


  • Contains a number of ingredients proven to lighten and brighten skin tone
  • Provides an instant glow while also helping to fade hyperpigmentation in the long run
  • An easy-to-use, mess-free sheet mask that feels soothing when applied


  • Focuses solely on skin tone, rather than also addressing other aging-related skin issues

Best Korean Skincare for 60s: Private Doctor Minus Serum

Private Doctor Minus Serum

The Private Doctor Minus Serum attracted significant attention when it was first launched. Why? Because it was the first formula to make use of some very revolutionary ingredients, enabling it to really transform how bright, bouncy, and tight the skin looks. If youthful, healthy skin is your aim, then this formula will no doubt help you to achieve just that.

Key Ingredients: Micro-Tingling Spicules, a Patented Sodium Deoxycholate Complex, and Turmeric Root Extract

The innovation that this product is hailed for comes from its patented sodium deoxycholate complex. Up until now, this ingredient was used as an injectable to dissolve fat cells. This serum takes that same concept and combines the ingredient with spicules that penetrate deeply (and safely) into the skin, resulting in a topical way to sculpt the face from within.

This formula also encompasses a few botanicals that are loved for their anti-aging effects. Turmeric root, linseed, cocoa seed, and several others make an appearance in this blend, all contributing to how this Korean anti-aging skin care product is able to bring about a more youthful complexion.


  • Offers anti-aging results that are comparable to injectables
  • An innovative formula that contains patented components that you won’t find elsewhere
  • Tightens, tones, and firms the skin


  • Contains fragrance and alcohols, meaning that it will most likely irritate sensitive skin


Best Korean Anti-Aging Cream to Use Around the Eyes: Belif Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream

No K-beauty-inspired skincare routine would be complete without a couple of eye care products. When it comes to the best Korean anti-aging eye cream, our top pick would be the Belif Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream, mainly because of how it effectively brightens dark circles and shadows while softening and plumping the delicate skin around the eyes.

Key Ingredients: Peat Extract, Shea Butter, Glycerin, and Licorice Extract

Peat extract isn’t an ingredient that you’ll find in many other Korean anti aging skin care products, let alone in products from other countries, but there’s a reason for it being the main active in this eye cream. When used topically, peat extract contains antibacterial and photo-protective properties, enabling it to soothe and protect delicate skin.

Shea butter has been added to this eye cream for its softening properties, while glycerin is a humectant that will deeply hydrate skin. Licorice extract gives this eye cream its brightening properties, while also helping to add a new radiance to dull skin.


  • Quickly melts into the skin without leaving a heavy residue behind
  • This eye cream is ideal for mature skin with dark circles and crow’s feet


  • Although peat extract offers up some unique anti-aging benefits, it’s not considered to be an environmentally sustainable ingredient



happy asian lady with face cream

Q: What do Koreans use for anti-aging?

Korean anti-aging skin care routines consist of several different steps – cleansers, toners, essences, ampoules, serums, creams, facial oils, and more!

Q: What is the best anti-aging cream in Korea?

There are several Korean anti-aging skin creams that are very effective, but the Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin is one of our favorites.

Q: Which Korean serum is best for anti-aging?

You’ll find some of the best Korean anti-aging serums featured on this page. Don’t forget to consider essences too – they’re lighter in texture than a serum, which is ideal for oily skin, yet can be used in the same way.

Q: Which Korean product is best for skin care?

The 10 products featured on this page are considered to be the best Korean anti-aging skin care formulas. The secret is to mix and match different products that are tailored to your skin type, as this is what will give you the best results.

Q: Which Korean anti-aging products and cleanser formulas do dermatologists recommend?

There are several K-beauty products that dermatologists would recommend – how effective they are comes down to the ingredients within. Look for vitamins and antioxidant-rich botanicals to reduce wrinkles, niacinamide to minimize enlarged pores, and glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. Double cleansing is a popular K-beauty technique, so give this a try in your skincare routine.

Q: Which ampoule ingredient is best for aging skin; retinol, hyaluronic acid, or snail secretion filtrate?

All of those ingredients are fantastic for mature skin when used in an ampoule. Hyaluronic acid hydrates dehydrated and dry skin, retinol leaves the skin feeling smoother and tighter, while snail secretion filtrate naturally contains glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid to plump and brighten the skin. Use all three for the best results!

Q: What is the best Korean wrinkle cream?

In our opinion, one of the best Korean anti-aging wrinkle creams available is the Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin. It’s lightweight yet hydrating and is suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.


When it comes to K-beauty products, we’re a little obsessed. Thanks to their innovative ingredients and one-of-a-kind formulas, they offer so much promise when it comes to treating various skin concerns, including anything aging-related. Whether you’re a K-beauty junkie looking to expand your stash or this is your first foray into the intriguing world of Korean skin care, it’s easy to see why the 10 products we’ve featured above are currently some of the most popular K-beauty bestsellers.

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