April Skin Review: Is Their “Clean” Skincare Really Clean?

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These days, more and more people want to know exactly what it is that they’re putting onto their skin. This is fair enough – the frightening studies out there confirming that toxic chemicals applied topically are able to enter into the bloodstream, and therefore the body, are increasing in quantity [1].

As a result, the demand for clean skincare has been growing. Nobody wants to waste their time scrutinizing every unpronounceable ingredient on an excruciatingly long list. Life is much easier when you use simpler products instead, with just a short list of ingredients that have not only been proven to work, but are also guaranteed to not irritate the skin.

Sadly, even though there may now be more clean skincare brands than ever to choose from, not all of them are as “clean” as they claim to be. So, when we heard about April Skin and their commitment to science-backed, low-irritation formulas, we decided to find out more.

Who is April Skin?

april skin magic stone soap

April Skin is a natural cosmetic brand founded in 2014. This K-beauty brand cleverly harnessed the power of social media to gain a loyal following in South Korea, and this soon spread worldwide.

The brand started off with just one product – the April Skin Magic Stone Soap. It didn’t take long for this unique soap to go viral, which then allowed the brand to expand into other products.

The brand’s focus is on simple yet highly effective skincare products. Not only have each of their formulas been clinically tested to ensure their efficacy, but they’ve also been through low-irritation tests, confirming that they’re safe for all skin types.

The Best-Selling April Skin Products

Although it was the Magic Stone Soap that placed April Skin in the dermatology limelight, the brand surprisingly doesn’t sell this product anymore. Instead, they now focus on two key natural ingredients; calendula and carrot. They’ve used these to formulate a selection of products containing only natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at some of their best-sellers:


The Calendula Peel Off Mask: Goodbye, Dead Skin Cells

calendula peel off mask

Peel-off masks are great for treating a variety of skin concerns. They can help with fine lines, rough skin texture, clogged pores, and more. Of course, a peel-off mask is also helpful for removing dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin beneath, leaving you with a visibly brighter complexion.

The April Skin Real Calendula Peel Off Mask, which comes with a special silicone brush, promises to gently peel away rough skin and any skin impurities. Compared to other peel-off masks, this one features a much smaller molecular size.

This means that it can be absorbed deeper into the pores. Although aimed towards those with dry skin, reviews show that people with oily skin found that the mask helped calm breakouts and inflammation.

In addition to real calendula (you can see the actual flower pieces visibly suspended in this pale yellow, thin gel), this potent peel-off mask also contains chamomile extract, orange peel oil, and tea tree oil to refine skin tone and soothe skin. For maximum benefits, April Skin recommends that customers mask regularly twice a week.

Use the supplied silicone brush to apply the peel-off face mask. Once it has completely dried, you can then peel off the mask, starting at its outer edges, to reveal a healthy complexion beneath. If any residue is left behind, use a damp cloth to clean this away.


The Carrot Blemish Serum: Targets Dark Spots

The Carrot Blemish Serum

The glass skin trend started in South Korea but quickly made its way around the world. To help people achieve this surreally clear and glossy complexion, brands started focusing on formulas that could effectively lighten and brighten darker areas on the skin.

That’s exactly what the April Skin Carrot Serum promises to do. This real carrot serum contains carrot seed oil for its high levels of beta-carotene – ie. vitamin A in its natural form. Research shows that carrot seed oil is packed with antioxidants [2]. It also has the ability to help with sun protection, making it a very worthy brightening ingredient.


The 40% Collagen Peptide Plumping Serum: An Anti-Aging Blend

april skin peptide serum

Peptides are a must in any anti-aging skincare routine. They strengthen the skin barrier and assist in protein production, leaving the skin feeling and looking smoother, firmer, and tighter.

However, finding a product that contains enough peptides to actually make a difference isn’t easy. This makes the peptide serum from April Skin very appealing. It’s a water-based formula that contains 40% collagen peptides, meaning more peptides than water!

This cruelty-free formula is also brimming with vitamins, fruit extracts, and multiple humectants. Clinical studies found that wrinkles appeared smoother and skin felt firmer with regular use after four weeks.


The Artemisia Rice Toner: Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Artemisia Rice Toner

Most toners are quite drying and commonly cause skin irritation, so the fact that this April Skin toner is suitable for sensitive skin is already a bonus. 80% of this formula consists of artemisia water – an ingredient with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties [3].

With four forms of hyaluronic acid, this toner is also incredibly hydrating and soothing. It has a skin-identical pH level, making it great for calming tretinoin-treated skin. It also has a pleasant herbal fragrance that customers love, with reviews showing that their skin felt fresh after each application.

Unlike many of the other toners out there, this one is alcohol-free, meaning that every skin type can benefit from it. You can either use this toner after cleansing or put some into a spray bottle and use it as a facial mist whenever your skin feels thirsty.


Carrotene Clarifying Vita Pads: Pre-Soaked Toner Pads

Carrotene Clarifying Vita Pads

If fighting acne is your aim, then these clarifying pads are what you need. They’ve been soaked in a mixture of carrot extracts and salicylic acid, making it great for breaking the acne cycle. PHAs feature in this formula too, enabling it to gently exfoliate and renew skin cells.

The fact that these pads are so convenient to use is another plus – use one side to exfoliate and then the other to hydrate and nourish.

Unlike other exfoliating products, this one is gentle enough to be used twice a day. This is a game-changer for those dealing with frequent breakouts, as it enables you to keep your pores consistently clear.


The Magic Snow Cream: Brightens & Refines Skin Tone

The Magic Snow Cream

This quick-absorbing lightweight cream has the word “magic” in its name for a reason. This formula contains a special patented blend of skin-lightening vegetable extracts. You’ll also find glacier water, niacinamide, and cranberry extract in this April Skin cruelty-free formula, all of which are great for soothing redness, brightening dark patches, and rejuvenating dull skin.

This is a great cream for keeping the barrier of the skin intact and strengthened. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that reviewers found that their skin appeared softer, smoother, and noticeably lighter after regular use.


The Deep Cleansing Marble Soap Bar

The Deep Cleansing Marble Soap Bar

Although you can’t purchase the famous Magic Stone Soap anymore, the Deep Cleansing Marble Soap Bar is just as effective. Dermatologists don’t usually recommend bar soaps, due to their drying effect. However, this one is different. It’s made from a mix of charcoal powder and botanical oils.

This allows it to effectively cleanse dirt and excess oil, without stripping away the skin’s protective barrier.

The soap is designed to be used in two different ways. Either apply it directly on your skin, just like a normal bar of soap, or use it to lather up a microfiber brush, which you can then massage onto your skin for a deeper and more thorough cleanse.


Do April Skin Products Have Any Side Effects?

Since all of the ingredients used in April Skin formulas are natural, side effects are very rare. This seems to be a clean beauty brand that really does offer truly clean skincare.


woman with natural beauty and simple make up

Is April Skin good for sensitive skin?

Definitely! April Skin formulas are created to be safely used on all skin types.

Is April Skin good for acne?

Yes, so long as you pick the products designed for oily and combination skin, rather than for dry skin.

Does April Skin Calendula work?

Reviews show that the April Skin Calendula Peel Off Pack works very well, especially when combined with the Carrot Blemish Serum.

Is April Skin Worth Buying?

The skincare products from April Skin are definitely intriguing. The fact that they’re based on natural extracts is a good selling point, and some of their formulas are very unique.

That said, certain products are clearly more worthy than others. The brand’s peel-off mask is one of these, and their serums also produce fantastic results.

On the other hand, they don’t offer a wide selection of moisturizers. While the creams from April Skin do seem to work, there are better options out there. If a full anti-aging routine is what you’re after, consider combining the April Skin peel-off mask with a clinically proven face cream, such as XYZ Smart Collagen.

It’s packed with peptides and organic active ingredients, with results showing huge improvements in wrinkles, texture, and firmness after 12 weeks of regular use.

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